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17 ISIS Militants Killed, 7 Police Servicemen Killed And Injured In Clashes Near Kirkuk And Mosul

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17 ISIS Militants Killed, 7 Police Servicemen Killed And Injured In Clashes Near Kirkuk And Mosul

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Iraqi security forces have carried out operation against ISIS checkpoints established near the city of Mosul.

According to Iraqi sources, at least 17 ISIS members were killed on the road linking between Hatra and Mosul. ISIS had used these checkpoints to to abduct civilians and kill Iraqi security personnel. The terrorists had used fake identities posing as police officers.

Separately, 7 police servicemen have been killed and injured in clashes with ISIS terrorists southwest of the city of Kirkuk.

Clashes took place in near the village of Helwati and pro-government sources claim that some ISIS members were also killed. However, no details were provided.

On July 29, the Iraqi government said that it had put to death 12 people convicted of terrorism.

“Based on the orders of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, executions were carried out on Thursday of 12 convicted terrorists who have received final verdicts,” a statement released by a government spokesman said.

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And STILL Daesh keep coming!!!! Admit it Iraq, you CANNOT defeat these guys and you never will!!

ابوعبدالله العراقي

The only path for all American and other occupying forces is to leave our country and for an independent, Islamic state government to take root. Our Jihad began for this exact purpose and in conjunction to our armed Jihad, we have kept the doors of understanding and negotiations open to reach this objective but they preferred the military solution.

You can call me Al

The only path for ISIS is to be burnt at a stake or buried 6ft down. Now little one – may I meet you ?, you need decapitating.


Well that’s not really true is it?

The only path for you is your inevitable extinction.

You can call me Al

This is Russian Propaganda, the MSM is telling me it is a wonderful place now thanks to US intervention.

PS Yes satire.

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