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17.09.2015 Crisis News

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President Poroshenko has distracted the Western media from its important role as a cheerleader for his government. On Wednesday, he introduced sanctions against hundreds of individuals and legal entities. The list includes 41 international journalists and bloggers, among them employees of the BBC, El Pais, Die Zeit and RT’s Ruptly. Banning BBC journalists was a big mistake for the chocolate king. Now, the Western media should to explain the important things. Why Chocolate Boy banned journalists who were wholeheartedly supporting the pro-US/NATO administration in Kiev and ignoring its sins.

Russias Emergencies Ministry has dispatched the 38th humanitarian aid convoy to Donbas. The convoy consists of more than 100 trucks that will deliver over 1,200 tons of humanitarian aid, including foodstuffs, medications and textbooks for the students of Donbass. The convoy was planned for September 24 and 30.

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Hungarian police used brutal tactics, like tear gas and water cannons, against migrants at the border with Serbia. Clashes on the border continued on Wednesday after desperate asylum seekers stormed the gate at the barbed-wire fence that now separates the European Unions eastern frontier and Serbia. Three children were injured in the clashes with riot police, who used tear gas against mostly Syrian families. Then, Hungary closed the Roszke-Horgos border crossing will be closed for the next 30 days. 29 asylum seekers including identified terrorist were detained in the border clash. Germany blamed Hungary for these actions. Bit it hadnt stopped German authorities from imposing border checks on the border with Austria last Sunday.

NBC News reported that the Pentagon confirmed the US officially started a ground operation in Syria to help fight ISIS. Of course, it isnt aimed to demolish the Syrian government and isnt the pretext for an imminent escalation with Russia. Then, the staff of Gen. Lloyd Austin, the head of U.S. Central Command issued a press release denying that implied elite American troops were fighting in Syria. However, nobody believed.

The US Defense Department spent over $41 million to train and equip a small group of about 60 earlier this year, a senior military official said Wednesday. After months of training by U.S. Special Forces at bases in Turkey, the so-called New Syrian Army fighters were sent back into Syria in July. Within days, they had been almost completely wiped out after being attacked by al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front forces, who captured, killed, or scattered most of the U.S.-backed terrorists. The $500 million train and equip program was sold to Congress in late 2014 and aimed to produce about 5,400 Syrian fighters by the end of this year. Instead of this, only about four or five U.S.-trained Syrian rebels still remain on the battlefield to take on the Islamic State. $100 million per a rebel is a great news for US taxpayers.

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