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JUNE 2021

16,557 Militants Settled Their Status In Rastan Area, 66,717 People Returned To Eastern Ghouta: Russian Military

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16,557 Militants Settled Their Status In Rastan Area, 66,717 People Returned To Eastern Ghouta: Russian Military

Illustrative image: AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

16,557 people have settled their legal status and have surrendered 4,017 weapons in the recently liberated area of Rastan in northern Homs, the Russian Centre for Reconciliation said on May 27.

The area of Rastan was fully liberated by the Syrian Army and its allies on May 16 after a radical part of militants and their families had evacuated from the area under a surrender agreement with the Syrian government.

The Russian Center added in the same statement that 66,717 people had returned their homes in the Eastern Ghouta subrub of Damascus due to improving humanitarian situation.

The Eastern Ghouta region was fully liberated on April 14 after the Syrian Army had crushed the militants’ defense there and forced the vestiges of militant groups to accept a reconciliation or to withdraw.

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Don’t look like there is a lot to return to, another stupid war brought on by greed that destroys everything.

You can call me Al

But this is when people unite and rebuild together (I hope).

Hard Hawk

people in a war destoryed country very rarely united and build together especially as in the case of Syria where one was fighting the toher too much blood between them.

You can call me Al

Sorry but I disagree,

Hard Hawk

its ok we disagree my friend. Otherwise will be like a copy of each other. Time will show us both whose right and whose wrong. In Syria there is not one identical population but various tribes and various religions that had problems between them even before the war and those problems have been magnified now.

They are also many outsiders who will never cease to influense and manipulate what is happening in Syria. not for many years to come any way. So I dont see this ending well, for the Syrians not do I see ever Syria to be intact again. Unless is somethgin I am missing.

You can call me Al


I will state that on my original comment – I should have said “Good people” …. I hope all the others get killed.

Yes, I also agree with you that it doe take many years to move on from any war, but it does come……… my Grandparents + Uncles etc. (that generation), hated the Krauts and Japs until the day they popped off.

Catch you next time.

Hard Hawk

not greed but domination.

Only mass population judge everythign based on money as they never have them and always dream of having them, due to the brain wasing and conditioning, is done to them from when they are born. The ones who have the printing machines they print their monopoly money in order to control the earth population know the pieces of paper they circulate around are worthless pieces of toilet paper.

Get your facts straight dont judge, beased on your personal limitations.


For the sake of creating chaos, death, and destruction. Syria is now enslaved by the world government and bank (through Russia).




A wiser choice would be to hot themselves on their stupid brains.


Thanks to these traitors to their country (helping Israel to destroy Syria), their children will sleep now on the dust.

Joe Dirt

The aftermath of Syria and Russia bombing Syria, great plan, where are these people going to sleep? Who is going to clean up the mess? Who is going to rebuild Syria? If Assad was really for the people he should of stepped down 7 years ago. Goes to show how crazy Assad, he is willing to bomb and kill his own people just to stay in power.

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