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16 Spetsnaz vs. 300 Militants

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16 Spetsnaz vs. 300 Militants

Original by Aleksandr Kots published by Komsomolskaya Pravda; translation by J.Hawk

The Heroes of Our Time

The four young officers wearing parade uniforms on the Frunze Embankment of the Moscow river did not attract much attention. On the Victory Day, the capital usually teems with people in uniforms bedecked with decorations. The cleanly shaven faces, direct gazes, a spring in their step…They walked up to the monument to the heroes of the film “Officers” in front of the National Defense Center, laid down flowers, and saluted, rendering military greetings to the bronze images of the heroes of the past. A youth group finally got its turn at the monument, and enthusiastically wrapped itself around it to take commemorative photos. Had they known that two steps from the statues are the very real heroes of our time, they would not have left without a selfie or two. It is about people like these two lieutenant colonels and two captains that Vladimir Putin uttered these words at the Victory Parade:

“We feel a deep blood tie to the generation of heroes and victors. And when speaking to them, I will say this: you will never feel shame because of us. A Russian, a Russian soldier is as ready today as at any time in history to demonstrate bravery and heroism to accomplish whatever must be done. Such soldiers are present today in the parade formations on Moscow’s Red Square. The Country is proud of you!”


16 Spetsnaz vs. 300 Militants

On the Defense Minister’s memorandum on granting the officers high state awards, the Commander-in-Chief wrote: “I will decorate them personally.”

Unfortunately, one cannot always give the full names of these heroes. They would have also likely refused a selfie. Daniil, Evgeniy, Roman, and Vyacheslav are officers of the Special Operations Forces (SSO), an elite of Russia’s Armed Forces. The President recently signed a decree on awarding the officers high state honors. As the group’s commander, Lieutenant Colonel Daniil was given the title Hero of Russia.

16 Spetsnaz vs. 300 Militants

The four young officers wearing parade uniforms on the Frunze Embankment of the Moscow river did not attract much attention.

I am always struck by the modesty with which true heroes speak of their feats. No big deal, just work.

“We did a good day’s work”

–It was a normal day, nothing but routine, -Daniil shrugs his shoulders.

–We received information that an-Nusra fighters have grown more active attackign government positions in a part of Aleppo Province, -Lieutenant Colonel Evgeniy reminisces. -We got the mission to go to the area to conduct recon and localize concentrations of terrorists and equipment to guide our aircraft. We took up positions and went to work.

A 16-strong Spetsnaz team close to the front lines identified buildings occupied by the enemy, its defensive positions, armored vehicles, munitions dumps, travel routes. This information was instantly sent up the chain, then guided the aircraft in. With the help of air, three tanks and one MRL battery were destroyed, plus several improvised launchers and two storage dumps.

-We did a good day’s work, -Evgeniy smiles. -But one beautiful morning things sharply escalated. Our positions came under massed fire. Using Grads, mortars, artillery, even tanks.


16 Spetsnaz vs. 300 Militants

16 Russian spetsnaz repelled an assault by 300 militants for an entire day.

Four attacks repelled. One had to do a bit of running

Syrian forces withdrew due to the c

ommand and control problems among the various subunits. Daniil decides to stay on the front lines.

-A drone detected a shakhid-mobile (a vehicular IED, with a suicide driver) moving toward us. But our experienced ATGM gunners reacted in time. The vehicle exploded far from our positions.

The ATGM gunners specialize in using anti-tank guided missiles. Their commander, Captain Roman, explains the peculiarities of working in Syria.

-Just to make this clear, the shakhid-mobile was led by a bulldozer covered by 3-4 layers of steel plates, with sand between them. The shakhid-mobile followed. As a rule it’s a BMP-1. We took up a position on the right flank, the Kornet operator hit the BMP with the

first shot. The explosion was such that it took out the bulldozer too. Then we had to change positions. The enemy has many ATGMs, mostly of foreign manufacture. We’d get a missile on our positions within 30-40 seconds of our shot. One had to do a bit of running. Within the next 90 minutes we destroyed a tank which fired on our group from a neighboring hilltop. One has to give them their due, they aren’t totally clueless. We had to sweat to take out that tank. Toward the evening we also took out a truck-mounted ZU-23. Much respect to the Kornet ATGM which once again excelled.

In a single day, the small team of spetsnaz repelled four attacks. By the most modest estimates, there were about 300 of them.

-And they were highly trained, -Daniil assures us. -Afterwards, when inspecting the damage, we realized the terrorists were very well equipped. Imported uniforms, go-pro cameras on their heads, expensive field medical kits. Some dark-skinned mercenaries among them. Local Syrians don’t have the money for stuff like that. Moreover, they displayed serious training on the battlefield. Their weapons are not only Soviet and Chinese but also US and Israeli.

When the night came, the commander decided to mine the approaches to own positions. Using thermal vision devices, combat engineers moved out to 500m from own positions under the cover of snipers. Captain Vyacheslav’s group laid a barrier of command-detonated AT and AP mines. And not for naught.

“There was no other way”

-When it got a bit lighter, the attacks resumed, a second, then third wave, -Vyacheslav says matter-of-factly. -We detonated one mine after another, destroyed some armor  and killed personnel.

It was impossible to count enemy casualties. According to our spetsnaz, the militants always try to carry out their dead during the night. But in the immediate vicinity of their positions, spetsnaz troops found about 30 corpses. They had out for more than a day, until government forces arrived. Then the terrorists lost the will to attack. The Russians relinquished their positions to Syrian forces and returned to their original positions without losses.

-You made a conscious choice to accept battle or was it spontaneous? -I ask the group commander.

-We know their psychology, we know they can’t sustain the attack for long, -Daniil says. -We were sure of ourselves, we knew the terrain made defense possible. Attacking there was much more difficult, so they were in a losing situation.

-And if you had retreated?

-Then the militants would have taken commanding heights which would have required a week to recover. And Syrian losses would have been that much greater.

-This was the only possible decision, -Evgeniy exudes certitude. -There was no other way.

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Tudor Miron

Good work. Your fathers are proud of you guys.

martin aguilar

Great Russians !! Hope you can soon fight against yanks and NATO puppets, specially BB British Bastards ! They are cowards and just hide behind jihadists ! They are afraid of Russians !! They can only hit you by the back as they did in deir ez zoor to the SAA . Heil Russia !!!

Solomon Krupacek

shut up, idiot!

martin aguilar

Solomon you must be an Israeli, yank or british scum, you are being defeated in Siria and that makes you angry…..fuck you bastard !! ha ha ha go and kill inocents somewhere else !!!

Solomon Krupacek

yeah, sure, cause you told this. you are simply idiot. why soholud fight russians for another natiuons? why should die for anothers?

IF you are so BIG warrior, go and die you for Russia!

Tudor Miron

You would not understand why. Thats because part of you as a nation is accepting talmud teachings – enslaving other nations (anothers/goys) in the name of Jahve.
You probably can’t comprehend that other nation considers sacrificing own life for others as honourable act. Nation that considers itself as part of “us” – human beings.

Solomon Krupacek

moron, i am NOT jew

Real Anti-Racist Action

No one said you were, what we all agree on is that you are a Zionist-Supremacist-bigot.
Nothing more, and yet, nothing less.

Solomon Krupacek

i hate israel

Free man

Why do you feel that you have to respond to this pathetic racist?
If you do not agree with him, he will call you Jew / Zionist / Supremacist / bigot. . .

John Whitehot


Real Anti-Racist Action

This war is not only for Russia, it is for all peoples of all nations!
We all have one common enemy, the UK and its pillars of support ie(Norway, Israel, USSA, France)
The world is sick and tired of all UK crap, see us all uniting into hundreds of resistance fronts?
The next big war will be fought this time inside of the UK-Empire and Norway and France.
The world is declaring independence from these Zionist-bastards.

John Whitehot

except that alliances based on “common enemies” always end up in shit.
That’s the american way of doing business.

Like allying with scumbags ragheads mujahadeens because they wanna fight the soviets.
The yanks (and with them all the west) gave up all their founding values and ideals because of “the common enemy”, because the knew it perfectly that those who they were supporting were jihadists and criminals.

Would Benjamin Franklin or Abraham Lincoln befriend islamic fundamentalists in general?

That’s how freedom and democracy have become nothing but two words in the US.

Besides this – there aren’t many posters who talk like a jew like you.


we’ll practice on you first for a warm up

John Whitehot

you really stink of west ukraine.

Maksim Tshaika



you dont F$$K with SPETNAZ period!!

Solomon Krupacek

what is this? something like menstruation period?


when you get that SAUDI C$$k out of your A$$e give me a call, always looking for a fresh fling

Solomon Krupacek

shut up, slave!


i know you are really busy next few days getting your a$$e pounded by a couple of mossad agents, maybe next week we could hook up on tinder?


NATO forces would be like butter against such troops.

Solomon Krupacek

until comes seal6


Crashing helicopters is all they are good for, and doing pretend raids on compounds in the arizona desert

Solomon Krupacek



Or for taking out Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan?

Gregory Louis

Big whoop Taliban and Al-qaeda and ISIS are still around and thriving even more without him lol

Solomon Krupacek

special commandos are not reponsible to defeat army corps ;)


Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha, and you believe that B.S. By your writing, I can deduct that you get your brainwashing from the FAKE NEWS MSM MEDIA.


So what is your argument?
That seal team 3 did the operation and MSM labels all ops as team 6?
These are covert ops, they like their ID to remain unknown (just like Spetsnaz)


OBL was a spent force, an irrelevance, long before he was killed. It is therefore hard to imagine his compatriots that night were vigilant or effective.


Osama was the CIAs boy – whos this with him in Afghanistan? Al Qaida is the name of the CIAs computer database oof its fighters.comment image


Sorry PZ but OBL is not a good example. We need to remember that there is no proof whatsoever that he lived in that compound. There are scores of intelligence professionals who do not believe the official story. In any case it was completely irrational and counter productive to kill him. Imagine the wealth of information he had about AQ operations. Or, as some pros believe, he never even led AQ and was a misinformation patsy set up by the CIA. Despite “killing” him there wasn’t even a body for us to see. It was all buried at sea. In the end they could have done anything. I think they just buried a myth. One lie dies by another. Kind of poetic.


Yes, and pointing out that shit happens is all you have proven to be good for. Maybe you can watch a tape or two of Russian Spetz gassing an opera house of hostages to death? Or we could post a link to the video of that paper weight SU24 the Turks gave to the Russians. Maybe we could watch Russia’s high tech navy vessels be sunk by cargo ships in the Bosporus? Hell it barely had room to sink as there was a Russian plane under it as well. Or would it be that when shit happens it only happens to those you have a bias for?

Tudor Miron

Good evening hater :) Stinks a bit Ukrainian but OK. Keep trying to spread those lies about our guys gassing to death their own relatives? Here no one buys this sh$t. What we know is that terrorists came from Chechnia funded by your masters. They were executed on the spot. Those were dark years when country was defeated (from inside) and your masters were trying hard to destroy whats left. Didn’t work to well for them but they keep trying and you keep dreaming :)

Solomon Krupacek

I think allowing 70 ISUS to relocate was a good deal.
It prevented further damage to the Tabqa dam area.
Though I really doubt that they had the ability to “blow it” (very thick concrete).
They also had to agree to dismantle their IED’s in the area.
So now SDF has a road connection across the dam, next target: Baath dam.

Solomon Krupacek

i do not citisize kurds. my comment was sarcastic. if for saa is legitim to allow removements of jihadists, then for all others.

Daniel Castro

If you want to destroy a dam you don’t need to blow it, it is a selfdestructive object in itself, within the reservoir there is stored potential energy equivalent to several nukes, if you cause enough damage to the generators and the exausting system it will destroy itself. There were some reports that the dam had already suffered some damage and had been on the verge of colapse, the fact not even isis are insane enough to want to destroy the dam.


There where reports that the water supply to Lake Assad was reduced upriver (including Turkish dams). If the water level is not high, the dam will not fail.
Hope to see the spillways operating soon though.

Daniel Castro

It will not fail now, however if enough damage is made to its systems it may take too long to fix them, or to avoid a catastrophic colapse it may be necessary further breaking them (to let the water flow) and then it may be too costly to fix it later, like making a new dam. We can only hold the water flow for some time, and in the event of some unpredicted flood all dams upriver will be forced to open their gates for security measures, they’re already holding more water than they should, this could flood Tabqa dam really fast. These things are the foundations of a nation, you just can’t risk them, the people of Syria has suffered enough already.

Jonathan Cohen

Al Nusra is one of the names for AQ, right? Not FSA. And if right, then they are a mutual enemy and there is no reason to be railing at the west over it.


“Moreover, they displayed serious training on the battlefield. Their weapons are not only Soviet and Chinese but also US and Israeli”…TRANSLATION…The U.S/ISRAEL ARE ARMING, TRAINING and supporting INTERNATIONAL TERRORISMS.

Solomon Krupacek

and also soviets, russians and chinese???


Right now the U.S generals are coordinating with the Israelis(ZIONIST) military to INVADE SYRIA and install a ZIONIST CENTRAL BANKING PUPPET and expand Israel territory, the Israelites never learn, their avarice and genocidal led to the lost of the Arc of the Covenant and the double destruction of the Solomon Temple, but this time, ONLY 144000 will survive.

John Mason

Those weapons from the Soviet and Chinses are smuggled in from the Balkans and Bulgaria manufactures them also.

Solomon Krupacek

and most of western weapons, too. and remeber, the iraqi army also let to isis lot of american weapons


good god stop making sense! you will ruin the day.


Exactly. Here is a great text about new serbian machineguns supplied to jihadists in Syria via Saudi Arabia and Turkey: http://www.balkaninsight.com/en/article/the-coyote-s-trail-a-machine-gun-s-path-from-serbia-to-syria-05-08-2017

John Mason

Thanks, good link.

Cedric Cedricpa



Impressive. Those guys aren’t making a fuss about their fight. They are professional soldiers – period. Professionals in the best meaning of the word. Taking risks and dealing with them is part of their job. They do that with confidence in their capabilities. They did their action also because their side needed that hill. It shows solidarity on the field. They took serious risks to avoid deaths of the brothers-in-arms. Very impressive.
They are good, well trained and with good weaponry they know how to use. The CO of the group also shows he has a brain. I won’t bet the others are stupid unless I want to lose money.

John Mason

300 Spartans at Thermopylae! Except this time it is 16 at Aleppo Province.

Walther White

fucking based russians smoking some kosher kebab…great work dudes !


Why mention that some of the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers were “dark skinned”?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Because truth is always truth, just tell it as it is, and never cover up any information.
Only Lucifer covers up information, and only his followers wish to hide truth.


Because Syrians are not dark skinned, ergo they are not fighting Syrians but rather a foreign armed force.


“…US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers were “dark skinned”?…”

Many US African Americans, “Blacks” converted to Islam, some were known to be present in Aleppo prior to its fall. Some may be part of IS Islamic State in common with many British IS Terrorists of Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, etc origin.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Such a shame the spetsnaz performed so poorly in August 2012 vs the NATO SAS on the Norwegian/Russian border. The Russians lost over 20 Spetsnaz that day.
And everyone knows the SAS are the real ISIS, they train terrorist around the world for their satanic aims of global control with their Rothschild-masters to bring about the Mark of the Beast.
Also, SAS use to blow up a lot of civilians inside of Ireland and UK to blame it on the legitimate Irish struggle for ethnic freedom from their UK-masters.
SAS literately murder children in the name of free collage tuition or money.
Nothing is more Lucifer like then the SAS, nothing.


What happened on the Norwegian border? I havent heard of this is there a source?

John Whitehot

It’s a fabrication this user brings up from time to time to give the impression that the NATO militaries are always capable of beating Russia, no matter if they’re Spetsnaz.

Tudor Miron

Here in Russia we never heard of anything that happened on Norway boarder. Many different stories but nothing about Norway boarder.

John Whitehot

neither it was heard elsewhere. But people having watched a lot of James Bond movies would find it easier to believe that.

The internet makes people believe things they would not normally believe; I think it’s a sort of psychological trick where, as the individual thinks he (or she) is responsible for finding some information, that information has a higher chance of being true.

People could not be more wrong though – the entire west, with some maybe partial exception, is under a state of rigorous censorship, especially the internet. The laughable attempt some mostly “zionist” entities, like some Soros paid NGOs, to “take ownership of enemy propaganda” shows how much these people have fallen into the illusion that they can create and maintain an entire virtual reality with some money and some intellectual prostitutes willing to sacrifice honesty and work ethics to the lowest bends of their beings.


John Whitehot
“…NATO militaries are always capable of beating Russia,…”

Sometimes you come across as the Brain of Britain (if you’re not British, it was a TV Quiz Show in the UK, its not a compliment, its the opposite LoL:)))).

Whilst this is a good article, there is nothing to substantiate if its a true and genuine factual reporting on Spetsnatz in Syria.

Please remind everyone on the below, it is numbered so you pick all or any to reply on.

1. The Russian Military talk a lot but do the minimum in Syria, just keeping it ticking over whilst terrorists roam all over Syria.

2. In fact Mr Putin and Mr Lavrov whilst getting a jackboot up the rear, call the US, Israel, Turkey, etc., “Our Partners”.

3. Turks can shoot down an SU24 Russian jet and kill one of its pilots, etc. Russian Military response is zero.

2. Israel can bomb and fire missiles regularly in Syria, Palmyra, Damascus, etc, Russian Military response is zero.

3. US can fire 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase which has many Russian Air Group jets and Helicopters, Russian Military Personnel, etc, Russian Military response is zero.

4. Both the Russian Military and the Syrian Military failed in intelligence gathering of the terrorists, their assets and movements and allowed approx 4,500 terrorists to capture Palmyra v2 by driving unhindered across the desert from Mosul, in December 2016.

BTW, anyone watching BBC TV News or Sky News was regularly informed that IS were planning to flee out of Mosul into Syria.

5. The 4,500 convoy of terrorists would have used approx 450 vehicles, “Pickup Trucks”, 10 terrorists per truck.

6. Not one single “Pickup Truck” was targeted whatsoever.by the Russian Air Group as it drove across 200+ Km of highway with no checkpoints whatsoever from the Syrian Military.

7. IS – Islamic State is still in place after 24,000+++ Air Bombing Sorties by the Russian Air Group in Syria.

8. The Russian Military is allowing terrorists to control certain areas and regions in Syria.

John Whitehot

1st of all, I don’t really understand the “brain of britain” line – and I’m not british by any mean.

Secondly, all the other points are clearly indicative of a personality that does not have many clues about how geopolitical and military issues are conducted.

1- Define “talk a lot”. US military talked much more and accomplished much less after 16 years of “war on terror”, quadrillions of dollars spent and millions of lives destroyed and displaced, the Talibans are still in place and advancing, and ISIS was created in Irak.

2- Hilarious – does not even deserve a reply if not a pointer to your personal dislikes. The jackboot has been hitting turkish and israeli asses much more as they HAD to come to terms that their islamist friends in Syria CAN’T win since Russia intervened.

3- The US launched 59 tomahawks worth several millions dollars to destroy a canteen and some already damaged fighters. 12 hors later the base was operational. Of course in your opinion and most fervent prayers you’d hope that Russia would start WW3 over such “devastating blow” to the syrian regime. Besides, you don’t even actually know what happened, you don’t know how many missiles were really launched, you can’t account for those who got lost on their way. If I took a drunk from a western ukrainian bar and asked him an opinion on the matter he’d say the same.

4- That’s your opinion, always in absence of any meaningful data. Russia hasn’t taken the oath to perform ALL the function of the SAA in ALL the country. And although from a propaganda angle the loss of Palmyra was not positive, ISIS overextended and lost hundreds of men and vehicles just to perform that operation. It basically lost all the reinforcements that were coming from Irak under the push of “the coallition” (Which at the time was in a furious debate as yanks wanted to let ISIS flee to Syria while Irakis wanted to encircle and destroy)

5- See above – hundreds got destroyed by airstrikes. If that force was still around it would be a grave concern, Also you forget to mention that Palmyra has been liberated again basically without losses on Syrian side.

6- Neither did the US, the UK and all the other “coalition” countries. This gives measure of their intention about ISIS: hundreds of vehicles and thousands of men pushing in the desert and not a single US airstrike on them.

7- Islamic state has started to die since Russia intervened in Syria. The time it takes is less important – what is important is that Israel, Turkey and the US got caught with their pants down in trying to overthrow Syrian government by using ISIS to justify support for “democratic islamists” and “Moderate rebels”.

8- You don’t need to be 90 years old to understand that we are not talking about the eastern front in WW2 or the battle of the Somme. The Russians show restrain and apply the least military force needed. This way civilians deaths and collateral damage are kept to a minimum while of course your side wishes “All-out war” in order to blame Russia, rave about warcrimes and the evil of the Assad regime.

In the end, you people are going to bitch a lot about Russia not leveling the entire country with thermobarics because you have already seen how this is detrimental to the causes of Israel, US, Saudia, Ukraine and all the criminals who constitute the globalist, perverted scum you’re so keen to verbally defend

Tudor Miron

Hey John, something fishy is going on with comments here. If you look above there are 2 of your replys that “changed places”. I say so because I remember exactly reading them and I upvoted your posts. You replied to Free man (known ukro troll) – “you really stink of west ukraine.” and now this reply is moved and aimed to another person. And your reply to that person (martin aguilar) “exactly”(c) inserted in place of your reply to “Free man”. Have you noticed that?

John Whitehot

thanks, I really don’t remember.
Actually I noticed something fishy in the comments, but it’s a different thing. Not feel like commenting about though, at least for now.

John Whitehot

strange, my reply has disappeared.
Anyway, even if it would resurface, I checked, and can confirm that my original comment was in reply to user “martin aguilar”.
In regards to user “free man” being a known ukrop troll, I can’t say – as far as i know there are several of them over this site, although it’s just one or two real persons.

Tudor Miron

Give us some hard facts about SAS combat operations in real combat. Most can find a lot about real combat history of Russian special forces – no problem with that.


Tudor Miron
“…Give us some hard facts about SAS combat operations…”

There are regular reality TV shows in the UK on the SAS in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

However any SAS UK person positively identified in Syria will result in war crimes and criminal legal proceedings against the UK Government.

There are lawyers waiting to do this.

Tudor Miron

What? You offer reality TV show’s as hard facts? Lol! thanks mate, you really made my day :)
Criminal proceedings? Do you even know about lowsuits filed against UK servicemans (crimes commited in Iraq and other places) and the outcome? Lawyers… Khasars will sue themselfs for war crimes?


Tudor Miron
“…What? You offer reality TV show’s as hard facts?…”

These are factual shows of the British Military, however they do not show war crimes just operations, etc as they are present lawfully in Afghanistan and other places.

“…Criminal proceedings?…”

The Khazars do not control the British Military or the UK Judicial system, the Khazars control the UK Attorney General and UK politicians who control the UK Government and the British Military.

If any SAS person is conclusively proved to have entered unlawfully into Syria, then he / she will face prosecution in the UK.

Yes many criminal prosecutions have taken place in the UK for crimes committed by the British Military in Afghanistan and Iraq.

There are also outstanding war crimes prosecutions pending in the UK against Israeli war criminals, many of whom do not come to the UK

Free man

A L E R T : Made-up bullshit.


Free man

Remind everyone why ISIS are still in Syria?

After 70,000++ sorties by the US, UK, France, NATO, Turks, Arabs, etc., with precision guided missiles, ISIS are still in place, trained, armed and logistics supplied by the “Terror Axis”

The “Terror Axis” is led by the USA, UK, France, NATO, Turkey, Saudi, Qatar, etc, who are unlawful facilitators of Terrorism in Syria and other countries by unlawfully financing, arming and training terrorists as well as unlawful oil and weapons trafficking and unlawful trading with terrorists.

Free man

More there are several flaws in your argument:
1. The US support the Iraqi army and actively fight in Mosul against ISIS.
2. The US supports and are fighting alongside the most effective force fighting ISIS in Syria . The one that in the past was the only one to fight ISIS in Syria.
3. The US spend billions of dollars to fund the air campaign against ISIS.
And all that because they support ISIS?

4. The countries you have specified. Officially support rebel groups that sometimes fight each other. So they are not one Axis.

In my opinion, reality is not black and white. Except for Al Qaeda and ISIS, which are defined by all as terrorists, all the other groups are called by one side terrorists and by the other freedom fighters. For example, Hizballah and YPG, which the Syrian government defines in one way, the SU will define differently and Turkey will define differently from The US or the Syrian government .


Free man

Law in the Sovereign Country of Syria:
All and any type of Armed Group, Insurrection, Terrorism, etc is Unlawful, Criminal and Treason.

1. 2. 3.
ISIS is still in place after 6 years in both Syria and Iraq because they are financed, armed and supplied by the US led “Terror Axis”

“…And all that because they support ISIS?…”

Yes the US and its Allies, the “Terror Axis” supports ISIS.

All the names of different groups you mentioned are Islamic Terror Groups, they are one “Terror Axis”

Trump will visit USA ally next week, Saudi Arabia which is the biggest financier of Islamic Terror in the world.

Saudi itself has spent over US$80+++ Billion around the world for Mosques, Schools, etc., where Jihadists, Wahhabi and Salafis are groomed to become part of the “Terror Axis”.

Saudi and Qatar have spent over US$20+++ on Terror in Syria.

“…by the other freedom fighters…”

Law in the Sovereign Country of Syria:
All and any type of Armed Group, Insurrection, Terrorism, etc is Unlawful, Criminal and Treason.

Free man

“Saudi itself has spent over US$80+++ Billion around the world for Mosques, Schools, etc., where Jihadists, Wahhabi and Salafis are groomed” I agree with you on this issue. What used to be an esoteric sect in Sunni Islam became a central force which sometimes seen by others as the face of Islam.

paolo duchateau

Not like u-s…to much Hollywood, to much confort, no conviction of real duty. U-s attack when they R 8 against 1 otherwise they feared casualties. American Boots on ground? SDF make the work,

Rakean Jaya

This is a real elite unit, not like US Rambo, salute for spetnatz


Fantastic! According to a Syrian SF guy Nusra fighters are the most highly trained of the opposition, so this is a real feat, and not a soft target.


I just cannot see anything extraordinary here, US troops could defend themself as well 300 U.S against 16 ISIS….lol

Free man

That’s what happens when high-quality soldiers meet radical Islamists. Apparently the “Allahu Akbar” crying didn’t help.

Hisham Saber

‘Allah Akbar’ sure worked for Hezbollah before they shredded the Israeli ground forces in 2006.

It was beautiful. Still tickles me to death.

Free man

I hope they don’t try again. It seems that neither they nor Israel are interested in war. In addition they are very useful for Syria now.
But after all jihadists are jihadists.

Hisham Saber

It seems Israel is interested in war and conflict. They

Hisham Saber


Free man

I think you’re biased. Neither side is interested in war because there are smart people on both sides.
Yet Iran / Hezbollah and Israel are threatening each other all the time,
I think because they do not really understand each other and misinterpret each other.
I also think that no one should underestimate the other side (Israel is not like anything you see in Syria).


Free man
Israel’s agenda for war mongering is to crush any nation they consider as a threat. If Israel’s target nation is far away, Israel calls it an existential threat.

Israelis are war mongering is caused by a lingering Neanderthal admixture in the DNA of the Khazarim who are the majority of its population.

The May 6, 2010 issue of Science, Journal of the American Academy of Sciences, has finally confirmed that modern human populations have significant Neanderthal genetic admixture.

This study by the Max Planck Institute of Leipzig under the overall leadership of Dr. Svante Paabo also included some researchers from the Harvard University School of Medicine.

The Khazar propensity of aggression, war mongering, creating conflicts, mendacious, avaricious, manipulative and conniving behavior is explained by one of their own, Michael Bradley.

“Chosen People From the Caucasus” by Michael Bradley.

Bradley writes of his research and controversy that erupted when many media outlets which had previously hailed his writing on the topic of the Neanderthals came to realize that his work pointed toward Neanderthal origins of the Khazars.

Free man

Wikipedia :” …Proposals of Khazar origins have been made regarding the Slavic Judaising Subbotniks, the Bukharan Jews, the Muslim Kumyks, Kazakhs, the Cossacks of the Don region, the Turkic-speaking Krymchaks and their Crimean neighbours the Karaites to the Moldavian Csángós, the Mountain Jews and others.[21][22][23] In the late 19th century, a theory emerged that the core of today’s Ashkenazi Jews are genetically descended from a hypothetical Khazarian Jewish….”
1. See what Wikipedia says about the origin of the Khazars. The Slavs do not look like the Neanderthal (-;
2. Most Israelis are from Islamic countries, not Ashkenazi Jews .
3. The explanation for Israel is not racist. It’s psychological. After the Holocaust the Israelis do not ignore any threat, real or not.

Hisham Saber

Why is it that Jews make such a big fuss whenever someone does research and writes a book about the origin of the vast majority of todays Jews being of Khazar ancestry?

You should read a vastly researched, with all its information backed-up, called the 13th Tribe. There is no dispute about the forgone Kingdom of Khazaria. Nor is there any dispute that the overwhelming majority of the so called Jews of Israel and the west are descendant from Khazarian DNA.

Ashkenazi population worldwide rose significantly during and after World War 2. What holocaust? You mean the holohoax? Nothing more than a big malicious lie.

John 8:44 New International Version (NIV)
44- You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Interesting how now the Housing Minister of Israel(Palestine) and other Jews and the western Jew controlled media are propagating the same lie only this time its not Germans but Syria/Bashar that are putting people in ovens.

The world is waking up to Jewish designs and sooner rather than later Humanity will bring down a huge indictment against these nefarious trouble-makers.

Hisham Saber

So true, and lets not forget that when you take a Khazar and add the Talmud, you have an explosive mixture. Together, this diabolical mixture poses the most pressing (by leaps and bounds) eminent , clear and present danger to humanity and all us full homo-sapiens.

There are also some esoteric angles to these nefarious Khazars. From the ancient black magics, summoning demonic Jinn rituals, human ritual sacrifices(usually virgin boys or girls of full homo-sapien blood, but never their own), the secret rites of the Kabala all tell me personally that they have an alliance/pact with Lucifer/Satan/Shaitan.

These Khazars were phallus worshippers, turned Talmudic Jews(overnight) and now pose as Jews when most are actually atheist.

Their goal is world subjugation and the genocide of the rest of us. Just look what they did to Russia, her people and church in the 20th century.

90% of Israeli’s are of Khazar DNA, and the overwhelming majority of western Jews are too.


John Whitehot

this article really got in the heads of the trolling, syphilis brigade i see.

Not pro Israel

Real men = US Special Forces and Spetz.


Not pro Israel
“….US Special Forces…”

US Special Forces are part of the “Terror Axis” which is controlled by Israel.

After 70,000++ sorties by the US, UK, France, NATO, Turks, Arabs, etc., with precision guided missiles, ISIS are still in place, trained, armed and logistics supplied by the “Terror Axis”

The “Terror Axis”, controlled by Israel is led by the USA, UK, France, NATO, Turkey, Saudi, Qatar, etc, who are unlawful facilitators of Terrorism in Syria and other countries by unlawfully financing, arming and training terrorists as well as unlawful oil and weapons trafficking and unlawful trading with terrorists.


Please Vladimir Vladimirovch send 500 spetsnaz to free all Syria from “moderate” and “un-moderate”….


“…Please Vladimir Vladimirovch send 500 spetsnaz to free all Syria…”

Mr Putin is not interested in freeing Syria, if he really was then the Terrorists would have been destroyed by now.

The reality is Russia is allowing terrorism all over Syria.


it was just metaphor….


Just like a real star-spangled war story. Only with a red star.

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