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16 Militants Killed In Another Ammunition Depot Explosion In Syria’s Greater Idlib (Video)

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Late on October 16, a large ammunition depot and factory of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) blew up in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

Opposition sources said HTS was manufacturing and storing shells and ammunition in the facility, which was located inside a cement factory in the center of Salqin town near the border with Turkey.

The Step News Agency revealed that the facility was located next to a school hosting refugees, a local market and a number of civilian houses.

According to the Sputnik network, 16 militants of HTS were killed as a result of the explosion. At least six civilians were also injured.

This was the second ammunition depot of HTS to explode of unknown reasons this month. Last week, a depot in the town of Maarrat al-Ikhwan in northern Idlib blew up. Back then, a number of sources reported that the depot was struck by missiles launched by the Syrian Arab Army, or Russian forces.

HTS, which controls most of Greater Idlib, locates most of its ammunition production and storage facilities within urban areas. Many of these facilities are stationed right next to refugee camps on the border with Turkey.


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Peter Jennings

One cannot make an omelette without breaking any eggs, and since terrorists insist on making their omelettes near/in civilian areas they and the locals around them need to realise that they are inviting disaster.
Such tactics hasn’t stopped US/nato forces in the past and won’t stop Russian or Syrian forces in the present or future.

In relative terms, the terrorists in Idlib are currently experiencing the calm before the storm.


Would be smarter to move locations than use one visible object all the time. Applies to both sides.

Vox Populi

This conflict has run its course and needs to end.


Yes, but TFSA-HTS are like a corpse whom Turkey is moving in order to keep the war going on. Could you imagin the Persian resources pipelined to the mediterran through Iran-Iraq-Syria? that’s the nighmare of the Turkish gas entrepenourship, this war can’t finnish for them


the jews of course


the jews killing destroying their own allies ? come on dude show some comon sense

cechas vodobenikov

turkeys are losing everywhere—Libya, Syria, Armenia

Icarus Tanović

Great work, no civilian casualties, only Wahhabi pigs blasted.

Icarus Tanović

Stria should indeed sever some of the roads that conects Idlib, Aleppo, Raqqa with Turkey. First of them all start with Idlib, burn forests, destroy roads and communications. This will stop them for a while. And message would be clear.
There are big battles for Idlib that are upcoming. Send them all back to Turkey, so Turkey can send them back to their home in Europe.


refugees? Green bus scumbags. So no problem to carpet bomb the damned place

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