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16.06.2015 Military Report Of Novorossia


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Yesterday, on May 15, Kiev’s forces blocked the road on Mariupol at check points in the sector of Maryinka and Georgievka. Also, Ukrainian militants took control of neutral zone of Verhnetoreckoe.

DPR inteligence reports that two Ukrainian self-propelled artillery guns 2S5 ‘Geocint’ are based in settlement ‘Artemovsk’. 7 units of Ukrainian self-propelled artillery guns are, also, observed in the sector of settlement Novoalekvseevka. 4 units of military rocket launchers ‘Grad’ of Kiev military are based in the sector of settlement Nadejdinka.

The clashes has been going in the sector of the route ‘Bahmutka’ in LPR. On account of advance of Ukrainian militants in the setor Novorossian military have lost 17 warriors wounded and 2 mortars. Pro-Kiev forces have lost 4 militants dead, 14 militants wounded, 1 battle tank.

New flash point of the cotact line is the sector of Stannica Luganskaya and shore front of river Severskiy Donetsk. Firefights were there last night. Furthermore, Kiev’s side has been using a hard artillery there. There is no information about casualities.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces has shelled the settlements of Kirovsk, Sokkolniki, Donetskoe, Smeloe, Jelobok and check point 31 of LPR Armed Forces.

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16.06.2015 Military Report Of Novorossia   16.06.2015 Military Report Of Novorossia   16.06.2015 Military Report Of Novorossia   16.06.2015 Military Report Of Novorossia   16.06.2015 Military Report Of Novorossia



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