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150 terrorists entered into Syria from Turkey

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The group of terrorists crossed through Turkish Army checkpoints in order to enter Syria through the Northeastern part of the Lattakia province.

150 terrorists entered into Syria from Turkey

It is reported that more than 150 terrorists have crossed the border from Turkey to Syria to join the terrorists groups’ front in Lattakia province.

According to the Russian Coordination Center at the Hmaymim Military Airbase in Lattakia, it tracked and monitored the group of terrorists when they were crossed through Turkish Army checkpoints in order to enter Syria through the Northeastern part of the coastal province.

Russian military and several battlefield sources in Syria’s Lattakia province reported on Tuesday that the Turkish Army shelled Syrian Army forces in Lattakia province near the Turkish border.

“Once again, Syrian territory came under shelling attack by the Turkish Armed Forces. Between 8:30 a.m. and 9:20 a.m. on April 10, 2016, Turkish artillery shelled Syrian government positions in the Lattakia province from the town of Metisli in Turkey,” the Russian Command Center in Syria said in a daily bulletin posted on the Russian Defense Ministry’s website.

A truce agreement was negotiated by Russia and the United States regarding Syrian conflict although many analysts suggested that the Washington had been supporting terrorists fighting against the Syrian government forces.

Nevertheless, the Arab country is currently observing an agreement for the cessation of hostilities which entered into force on February 27. The agreement stipulates the cessation of all military hostilities in Syria, except for the operations against ISIS terrorist group and al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front militants. From the middle of the March, Russia has been partially withdrawing troops and warplanes from Syria to make an end to the Syrian crisis.

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Those fucking Turk’s and Erdogan. These maniacs have no control and are part of NATO which shows you how genuine NATO is. I’m glad Europe is reaping the rewards of kissing US’s ass.

Tomko Kubianca

Yes…it’s easy to understand why Kerry orchestrated the ceasefire…re-arm, lock, and load.

Turkey NEVER should have been admitted into NATO in the first place. It was just a con job to get the US airbase in Incirlik. Nobody predicted a leader as stupid as Erdogan.

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