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15 Russian Private Military Contractors Died In Weapons Depot Explosion – MSM

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The media hysteria over the alleged mass casualties among alleged Russian private military contractors in Syria (MORE HERE) is developing further.

On February 14, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) released a report claiming that “23 of the Russian security companies and members of al-Baqir Brigade [a pro-government militia]” had been killed in an explosion of the booby-trapped weapons depot at Tabiya Jazira in the province of Deir Ezzor.

The SOHR argued that pro-government forces were in the area “to advance” on “the oil and gas fields on the eastern banks of Euphrates River”, i.e. the area controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

Then, the SOHR’s head Rami Abdel Rahman told Agence France-Presse that 15 of the 23 allegedly killed persons were Russians.

“Fifteen Russians working for a Russian private security company were killed in an explosion at a weapons depot of the company in Tabiya Jazira in Deir Ezzor province,” he said.

The SOHR suggested pro-government fighters had been trying to get weapons from the depot when it exploded. However, the media outlet provided no photos or videos to confirm its claims.

A major part of the circulating reports concerning the alleged Russian casualties in Syria is a part of the ongoing propaganda campaign against the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance.

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MD Ranix

sdf/ameritard/illegal occupiers’ days are numbered – direct express ticket to hell


The dumb Yankers insane U$Asylum Empire conjuring a victory out of thin air via their Bankster/Corporate owned MSSM (MainSlimeStreamMedia)?

They manufacture their money the same way – out of thin air. Since the Fed abortion was delivered, Christmas 1913, the fiat $US has been so over-printed that its value is now less than 5 cents. When Gaddafi & Saddam Hussein tried to get away from this monopoly money currency, Libya & Iraq were bombed to f*ck. Millions died to protect the sacred and almost completely worthless $US Petrodollar.

The sooner China & Russia set up their own oil & gold based currency, the better.

John Doran.

Wahid Algiers

You realized it, bravo.


It was a terrorist attack planed by US and Zionists. US operation in Syria and Iraq is a state terrorism.

From this terrorist attack Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian army should learn a lesson that how to kick out enemies from their countries. Since 1900 US and Zionists are using IEDs to create threat in the whole world. Palestinians, Syrians and Iraqis army should have to be vigilant and they should also retaliate with the same way by IEDs. Start gorilla war, don’t waist time. —————————————————————————————————————————–

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

It’s called an act of aggression not terrorist attack as per Article 2 paragraph 1 of the UN Charter.


US and Israel are the only terrorists in the world that have thermonuclear and bio-chemical weapons, ICBMs and aircrafts by which they gives threat to the world communities but one day they can destroy whole humanity or at least de-stabilize the whole world. They need to be de-weaponized. World needs equality not violence against other countries to take land and natural resources from them.

Tony B.

Gold based currency is worse than stupid.


Reason why?


Conventional economists will tell you gold backed currency is a restraint – because it requires finding and adding more gold to treasury reserves to allow for any significant expansion of money in the financial system. They claim this is a leash on economic expansion and development – because there is restriction on adding money into the circular flow. Instead they favor the FIAT model – which is really a system of user faith in the stated value of the money, less any actual intrinsic value of the money against a scarce resource like gold or silver. However the dominant current conventional economic view is actually not that old – the US only went off the post 1945 Bretton Woods gold standard agreement in 1972, although in practice the US had been operating without a fully gold backed currency for some time.


In Syria are 2x more russians then yanks, but die 20x more. Russians do something wrong …


I thinks its time to block you


Yes, I sent him to join Jens, Dutch, mountains, serious, wilson, solomon and the rest on my block list. I figure they can comment to each other, I tired of their games


That’s a damn good list zman.

John Whitehot

you can block them all you want, they’ll come back under another name.

hope someone takes a dump on their computers.


They can come back with another name to be blocked all the same. The thing is disqus enable us easy block easy unblock so it’s unnecessary to pay attention to troll if not for their bordering into crazy silly mumbling which is funny.

Gregory Louis

I need to start blocking too, i used to but i like when people look like dumbasses spitting rhetoric they can’t even understand and than they’re hypocrisy its funny to me tbh


At times they don’t even realized it’s ISIS they cheered on.


Agreed. They are the SF equivalent of a herpes infection…. you just need to deal with the annoying symptoms.


Biggest banana for you, you’ve deserved it.


Vitamine bomb.

Toni Liu

Is there anything better for you to write in here, rather than put your shit post, otherwise keep your shit out from this site

Boris Kazlov

How many paid CIA trolls, there is nothing wrong to show largesse and let pro-Zionist USAIPAC pot their shit.


Better you become russian general and make better your poor army.


Be silent, extinct dinosaur…


Stupid. .. believe fake news made by Israelis to make up for their disasters to feel good as usual for their people.


This indicates Assad is going for the gas fields seriously.

This will ensure survival of Syria as US will not pay for all the damages but Assad has to pay.

AM Hants

SOHR – stopped reading, when noticing where the source comes from.

You can call me Al

You got to see this – they have a new web site or upgraded one at least….


Remember they are non-political – whahahahaha


I notice that whenever I see ‘ Democracy Freedom Justice Equality’ in the same text, I’m looking at ‘western’ propaganda using grand words to fool the innocent and ignorant as to their true intent which is exactly the opposite of what’s penned.

You can call me Al

Same, same. Oh vey, we have been sussed.

Srini Rao

See the pattern. Why US media is desperate to show Russian casualties now- as if any body dies is a Russian, just like any thing happens in US is Russian meddling. I think this FAKE news is intended to influence the Russian voters who will vote for presidential elections in March. They know Russian voters don’t like Russians killed in the war. As usual they will try and Putin is NO Stupid. Russian voters suffered so much after 90’s are not stupid either. See how war got escalated as if there is no tomorrow. – Turkey invaded Afrin . US don’t care still wants to – Turkey sending its convoys to the Idlib. It was not clear that Putin approved this or not. So there will be a clash between SAA and Turkey in Idlib region. – Israel got its payback from Syria in the F-16 currency. It can only bark, can’t bite – US killed 20-500 soldiers in Dier-Ezor. Mostly it is in 20’s. Now Syrians are saying they will knock down the US planes too. There is no surprise, Pentagon hawks may even do that. If that happens we are talking about WWR III. Putin is a honest person and willn’t leave the Syria. So he will fight to the end even if meant he losing election. But , Israel and US has to be stupid to go to all out WAR with Russia, given that a decades old S-200 can shot down 13 missiles out of 17 missiles. So I doubt they go for all out WAR. They will bark saying ‘Chemical Weapons’, ‘Barrel weapons’, cry like ‘Putin Did it’ and wishfully hope Putin won’t be reelected.

Turkey’s invasion of Idlib is interesting. Clash between Turkey and SAA is inevitable in Idlib. Why the heck Erdogan needs war in 3 fronts – Afrin. Manbij and Idlib. I think he is looking for oppurtunity to pick what ever he can pick up before March election for better bargaining position.

One good thing, Putin is still the ONLY boss on the Planet, who can calm down the Netanyahu and set the limits. One can bet on Putin pulling some thing from his sleeves to control these bullies – Pentagon, Bibi and Sultan. This is a very dangerous game and some how Putin was managing very well- Better than any known leader we have ever known.

Tudor Miron

This is simply a part of huge media compaign – Olympics, this and many other things. Their problem is that Russian population is not as dumb as they hope.

John Whitehot

Because the anglo-american-zionist perception of anything that is not anglo-american-zionist is totally screwed, the only thing they have done to brainwash their own populations was to terrorize them brainless throwing airliners into skyscrapers.

On this site we have a few worthy examples of that kind, those that tell us how Russia has betrayed Syria, has sent its people to that quagmire and that shit, after having murdered 3000 US civilians, 5000 US servicemen in the “war on terror” and some hundreds of thousands of innocents in all the places they fought for their holy cause.

These beings are the shame of the human race as a whole, possibly the lowest point ever reached.


Yes, there are a number of sick cunts lurking here, puking their hate. it’s our job to troll these zionazi pro-terror bastards and show no mercy.

Tudor Miron

Anglo-zio empire is playing its old tricks (Gebbels way) – now they try hard to influence public opinion in Russia regarding so we demand that Russia stops fighting terrorism (US/Israel proxy army) in Syria. Zio trolls are jumping all over but they are helpless. Most funny is when they say that they care about us Russians :)

You can call me Al

Agreed, they seem to be becoming more aggressive and banging their head against a brick wall (gee, wonder where they got that idea from!!). We know the truth so they are irrelevant.


Tudor Miron

btw, yesterday you mentioned “Another Russia” saying that they confirm one of their members killed in Syria. I answered that to me it’s not credible and I don’t know what is “Another Russia”. Today I checked out – and I was loughing. That’s a party led by gay weirdo Limonov. A faggot dressing as a macho patriot. Clown would be a kind and modest way to describe that talking ass.


Russian 5th columnists are a laughing stock. Their handlers actually think these fucking clowns are going to gain any traction with the voting Russian public?

Yanki/HATOstani self-delusions of the nth degree…

You can call me Al

Yep, they will do very well in the election whahahaha.

They’ll probably come to the UK soon claiming asylum. Freaks.

David Pryce

Roman wall

You can call me Al

Don’t say that please…..I am crossing that on Thursday for the rugby in Jockland. ……..


The amount of nonsense is unbelievable. Don’t you know Russia is allied with Israel.

So your entire narrative is nothing more then fiction


Russians are friends of Israel is true but not allied. That is a big difference.

Russians will turn a blind eye if Israel is to strike Hez or Syrians . That’s why Iranians are very angry at the Russians when their commander were killed last time.

Anyway lately , Iranians and Syrians have taken steps and hence the air defence system can now take on Israelis . Before they depended on Russia alone . Now they are on their own and doing nicely.

Now Israel only dare to shoot their missiles in Lebanon.


Improvements in the Syrian air defense systems is due to Russian expertise in modernised upgrades for old systems (S-125, S-200) as well as new packages like Buk-2M and Pantsir.

Ziostani warplanes can no longer enter Syrian airspace with impunity, and their stand-off cruise missiles now have a very high chance of being intercepted (~80% of IAF missiles have been shot down in recent Ziostani agressions).

Its good to see the Ziostani filth seethe and hyperventilate….


If Russia is allied with Israel then why Russia crushing Israeli buddies. SAA have found Israeli weapons with al-qaeda and ISIS and this is a great lose of Israeli money.


Allied is far too strong a term. Putin seeks to accommodate Israel in that he seeks to accommodate all nations in the region, as its their policy to seek relations with all nations, even those that are at loggerheads (KSA-Iran, Israel-Iran, Syria-Turkey). Russia remains aloof however and doesn’t allow itself to 100% support any one nation, ie none of this absurd “no difference between our policies” like the US-Ziostan enslavery model.

I doubt your adult enough to understand that however.


You know what’s funny ? US military placed there don’t like it very much that they’re not given a clear target and was placed on the defensive with Russians, Syrians, Iranians, now even Turks and possibly Iraqis as their counterparts. And they have to works with and train the most treacherous of people called ISIS which is very ideologically driven that can stab them in the back at a moment notice and conduct a suicidal attacks on them. Their first choice of deployment is Afghanistan because they have Ally there at numbers and they can join the offensive.


Russian elections are near, this hysterical, insane propaganda campaign by western fake news media (all western MSM are 100% propagandists) and paid traitors from Russia itself are even going to be intensified.


Göbbels (or Goebbels), not Gebbels. Be more honestly to nazis, when your best friend is Florian Geyer!



Pretty surprised the guy in U.K. pumping out SOHR propaganda is still above ground.


Lets be honest Assad axis have survived but somehow lost this war. They lost the economical section in syria which is the eastern side of the river and plus the Tabqa dam and also fertile land for farming.

The only fertile land the government have is part of Latakia.

Poverty will likely hit the Government held areas for the forseeable future. Where as SDF controlled areas will flourish and where as Rebel held territory in Idlib, afrin and Al-Bab area will be self-sustaining due to fertile land of farming.

The Government held area will experience poverty and people will start to migrate to the other parts of Syria or just leave the country as they have been doing.

So My prediction is that most migrants will come from government held area in the next 5 years and it’s not because of war but poverty

Toni Liu

Ah another jihadi troll again, seems jihadi supporter start to pour some flame to this site again


What? It seems you can’t take facts then you shouldn’t come here

Gregory Louis

What facts did you just show do you have statistics for that….no also you didn’t take into account how those are not predomoniatly Kurdish areas and are Arab the Kurds psuhed too deep into Syrian territory now they’re the miniority in the areas they control…bad move….

Boris Kazlov

You stupid murikans and Zionists will lose your Kurdish protectorate with Arab ethnic cleansing will fall, boxed in by Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, nowhere to go except under.


Facts? Like what? You think the desert area East of the Euphrates is Syrias economic heartland????

hehehe… doG, but you are a propagandist idiot… Your predictions? You think anyone cares what a pro-terror Yankistani troll thinks or says?…

John Whitehot

“Lets be honest”

Don’t talk about things that you can’t possibly comprehend


It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Are you the fat lady? Don’t think so.


They could be a fat lady… its a mixed up crazy LGBTJDKLLDHKJFWASGHLPO infected world these day..


Let’s be honest about it ….. US has no chance to keep that piece of land.

If they can then the entire Assad, Iranians and Russians are worse then the Houthis that fought and stood against the might of US supplied planes …..

Is that possible … HONESTLY ?…PERIOD.

Only morons think so


“Lets be honest Assad axis have survived but somehow lost this war.” Wrong! Assad survived = American/Israeli/Saudi fail. Their strategic objective was to overthrow the government, like in Libya, yet they failed. This is just their desperate, reserve plan… But they failed to achieve their main objective therefore – they lost.

Joe Doe

Looks like Kremlin is in full swing to cover up Russia killed in Syria and Putin weaknesses and luck any responce


Russia will respond when it chooses and how it chooses. ie Asymmetrically like Tying turkey into its gas distribution system or working with Chinese to take up a significant stake in Saudi Aramco and have Russian drillers getting a foothold in KSA…

Only fools react to Murican provocations in the way the Muricans intend. Smart people strike their assailants where they are weak and where the damage can be compounded over time to deal out some real hurt…


Russia has been granted access to the Oil and gas in syria and imo what I believe Russia was fighting for all along.

A Russia company have the rights to drill Oil and Gas in Syria. The Russians signed this deal with Assad aka meaning he granted them this access.

Now here comes the truth and why I have always understood the REBELS to be the only entity with pride in this war.

The Rebels view the Red-zone of Syria as Russian occupied territory which is actully true. They don’t have sun-glasses on and they are simple people who see things simple as it is.

The Rebels have managed to maintain their sovereignty in all of this madness against powers much stronger them and against nations while they are nothing more then civilians but still they managed to hold themselves against this onslaught. What the Rebels have showchased in Syria is that you can display nobility despite having even the world go against you and if you are being sincere to you they will not make you vanish.

It was a classical tale of standing against all the odds and not even caring about it. This is nobility and steadfastness


British special forces take out another bunch of Russian citizens working for the LEGAL government of Syria- and this is just as I predicted here weeks ago. MI6 etc closely monitors Syria looking for ‘cracks’ in the Russian situation, just as they did years back during Russia’s time in Afghanistan. When they find a crack they design an operation to sabotage and murder as many Russians as possible.

As Russians get closer to American bases in Syria, the operation of the British becomes bolder and more effective. British agents dress and talk as locals- something America NEVER achieves (the USA recruits locals to do their dirty work, and these locals are frequently compomised or are double agents).

It is the pride of Britain that a Russian in Syria never knows if the local he wants to trust is not really a brit in disguise. And this allows British Intelligence to covertly strike against Russian interests any time at any place outside of the limited ruthlessly secure Russian military zones of total control.

The overt mass murder of Russian irregulars that the entire press of the USA is currently GLOATING about makes it open season on Russians now, and not just in Syria. The demonisation of all things Russian in the West is at a level beyond anything ever witnessed during the Cold War- yet most on our side just don’t get it- think the Deep State is just “whistling Dixie”.

Even today “nazi” is a by-word for a person you can just murder without remourse, at any time, for any reason. Want a protaganist in a game, book or film you can present as suitable for murder without thought- you choose “nazis”. Now the Deep State is working to give all things Russian that same societal status. The jewish controlled mass media floods every outlet with profound anti-Russian content.

The worst of it? Putin has the power to WIN over the Deep State (without a world war) easily. But Putin’s absolute loyalty to the zionists and their blood brothers, the wahhabis, means the LAST thing on Putin’s mind is ending the plans of the Deep State.


Rest assured the British unit would be liquidated by the Russian units…. they would not last long …most who took on Russians never did.

Art Best

You’re so right! Thanks for sharing.


“But Putin’s absolute loyalty to the zionists and their blood brothers, the wahhabis”


This is the same Putin who fought and defeated the Wahhabi incursion into Chechnya and Dagestan? Who declared war on ISIS?

Loyalty to Zionists? Unlike the US, Russia doesn’t hand over weapons for free, give billions in cash, use its UNSC veto to protect Zionstani crimes and agression, doesn’t adopt lock-step policies… Russia conducts responsible and effective diplomacy, and that means not actively seeking conflict, like they do with Turkey & KSA even though both are trying regime chnage in Syria which Russia implacably opposes.

I suggest you try to understand how real-life geopolitics is played. but then again, it is a game for adults.

Art Best

As usual,

Putin the zionist does NOTHING and instead tries to sweep it under the carpet.

Russians, wake up.

Putin = Trump = Netanyahu


Yeah, cuz childish slogans are the way to understand a complicated geopolitical situation with multiple players all having different agendas….

Sit down and be quiet while the adults discuss things…

Eskandar Black

nah, americans took them out in that botched 3 hour strike a few days ago and now the russians are saving face and covering it up so they don’t have to kill people over it.

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