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15 police officers and 24 citizens injured in clashes in Podgorica

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During protests of the Democratic Front in Podgorica, there were 15 police officers injured, one of them seriously, and 24 citizen, said Montenegrin Interior Minister Andrija Raško Konjević.- lead Mandić.- Government of Montenegro on the official Twitter account announced that “the demonstrators brutally attacked by the police”.

15 police officers and 24 citizens injured in clashes in Podgorica

Photo: PTC

Originally appeared at Politika.rs, translated by Igor exclusively for SouthFront

PODGORICA – He said police officers were attacked with stones, Molotov cocktails, then there was a break down of the protective fence. In the past hour and a half demonstrators at several locations offered active resistance to the police “, said Konjevic.

The minister confirmed that they the detained leader NOVA Andrija Mandic.

Protests of the opposition in Podgorica, led by the Democratic Front, after a few hours have turned into clashes with police, who used tear gas and stun grenades disperse demonstrators.

Last night, about 23 hours on the streets of Podgorica and outside the parliament only the highly armed police force was present.

The protest began about 19 hours with a request to the government of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic’s resignation and that the interim government preparing for new parliamentary elections.

The protest was initially held at the Republic Square – the centre of the city, then “moved” to the plateau in front of the parliament.

Opposition leaders were in the front row’s face to face with the police cordon in front of the Assembly, and protesters have repeatedly tried to break through police lines, throwing firecrackers, bottles and stones.

At one point, shots were heard that reporters who were at centre stage in front by the Parliament were not able to determine where they came from, and they could of been made by shock-bombs the police fired.

Ten minutes after that, the police fired tear gas and dispersed the protesters.

The Government of Montenegro on the official Twitter account announced that “the demonstrators brutally attacked the police” and that “the demonstrators were prevented from further attacks on the police.”

An official of the DF Predrag Bulatovic stated previously, addressing the participants of the protest in Podgorica, there is a possibility that the MPs of the opposition received Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic, to take on that occasion, he claimed Bulatovic, said he was pulling out of the ruling coalition.

Krivokapic then denied he is in talks with the leaders of the Democratic Front was no mention of the transitional government.

He told Podgorica Radio Antena M said it was one of the leaders of DF Andrija Mandic who said that it is possible that the deputies of DF to enter the parliment in the same manner in which the Assembly enters it.

As quoted RTCG, Krivokapic said that “there shoul be no breaking of barriers.”

Nebojsa Medojevic from DF and Andrija Mandic, president of the New Serbian Democracy, they said before the meeting that Montenegro tonight has a democratic maturity test.

This protest was joined by the most influential leader of the opposition parliamentary parties SNP Srdjan Milic.

Detained Andrija Mandic

PODGORICA – Montenegrin police detained the leader of the New Serbian Democracy, Andrija Mandic, a leader of the demonstration, which the police broke up tonight after it was attacked by demonstrators.

The capturing of Mandic was aired on state-Television of Montenegro, as well as other Podgorica media.

Montenegrin police dispersed the demonstrators early this evening, throwing tear gas, the opposition demonstration in the centre of Podgorica, as demonstrators threw fireworks and hard objects at police deployed in front of the Parliament of Montenegro.

Podgorica Civic Alliance said that during the protest there were 20 police officers and 10 citizens injured.

A chant from the crowd: Were going in to government

PODGORICA – At the protest rally organized by the opposition – Democratic Front (DF), in front of the Parliament of Montenegro, some speakers have asked for resignation of the Government of Montenegro. Milutin Djukanovic of the DF called on Chief of the Podgorica Security Centre Jovica Recevic to file resignation and for him not to have any business with the mafia.

Milan Knezevic has given Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic to “45 minutes” meet the demands of the protest.

Knezevic has called on other opposition leaders, Miodrag Lekic, Zarko Rakčević and Alex Bečića to join the protest rally, but they did not show up.

The president of the opposition Socialist People’s Party Srdjan Milic said that “people lit a torch of freedom.”

While the speakers addressed the crowd, from the crowd there were cries “Let’s go to the government,” the agency Beta said.

The Government building is near the Assembly.

Opposition rally should be completed by Sunday at six o’clock in the morning, according to the agreement with the police.

Bulatovic: Krivokapic might be coming out of the governing coalition

PODGORICA – A high official of the Democratic Front, Predrag Bulatovic said tonight, addressing the participants of the protest in Podgorica, there is a possibility that the MPs of the opposition are received by Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic, who would in that occasion, according to Bulatovic, say that he was pulling out of the ruling coalition.

Krivokapic who is the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Montenegro (SDP), a smaller member of the ruling coalition, said earlier that the current government has only technical and that his party would support the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) only in terms of European integration, while Montenegro does not receive a NATO invitation.

President of the New Serbian Democracy and the Democratic Front official Andrija Mandic has called previously to rally opposition MPs of the opposition to enter the parliament building, which provides a double cordon by police.

After his call, several delegates jumped the fence to the parliament building, wanting to enter the main entrance, and were “eye to eye” with two police cordons.

DF leaders urged tonight, in an address to the citizens gathered in protest outside the parliament building, for the police to throw their shields and weapons and stand on their side.

DF leaders are invited them to join them, and the presidents of other opposition parties, including the former leader of the DF Miodrag Lekic, who now leads the DEMOS, but he had not accepted the invitation to join them on stage.

An official from DF and the leader of the Movement for Changes Nebojsa Medoević said that “although it is evening now, morning light is over Montenegro.”

He gathered citizens said that “this is the largest gathering ever in Montenegro”.

Quoting Njegoš who said, “Blessed is that who ever lived …”, Vice-President of the Parliament and an official of DF Branko Radulovic stressed for the people to create a free Montenegro.

Sending a message to set DF entering its final stage, an official DF Predrag Bulatovic, said that seeking “only fair and democratic elections,” noting that “no retreat and surrender.”

SNP leader Srdjan Milic said that it is better “light a candle than to curse the darkness his whole life, and you people of Montenegro tonight lit a torch of freedom.”

Independent MP Mladen Bojanic said the citizens complain about “peace and perseverance.”

“My people across history was the victim because the processes and the state led by people who were not with the people. This country will never be the kind of regime we have had for 20 years. People need the truth justice and freedom, “said the president of the Bosniak Democratic Community Hazbija Kalac.

Marko Milacic from the Movement for neutrality is said that this has nothing to do with political parties.

“This has turned into a spark nationwide resistance,” said Milacic.

The parliament building preserves a double cordon of police, they carry gas masks and firecrackers were heard.

Albania condemned the stoning of its embassy in Podgorica

PODGORICA / TIRANA – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania Ditmir Bušati condemned the stoning of the country’s embassy in Podgorica, participants of protest organized by the opposition Democratic Front.

Bushati on his Twitter account said that Albania remains committed to Euro-Atlantic values.

“We will not budge and hooligans will not stop us whose ideas threaten our region,” said Bushati.

The rift in the coalition, the Montenegrin government has already fallen?

PODGORICA – The Montenegrin government, which is faced with the protests of the opposition, there are problems in the coalition, since the Social Democratic Party (SDP) wants early elections.

SDP Presidency stated, at yesterday’s meeting, that the current government has the status of a technical government in which the SDP shared goal of Euro-Atlantic fulfilling obligations in line, while for all other decisions SDP retain the right of individual determinations.

A pledge for a split in the ruling coalition consisting of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Milo Djukanovic and SDP Ranko Krivokapic, is that the DPS refused to dismiss from office Vujica Lazovic and Ivana Brajovic, former officials of the SDP.

The coalition “European Montenegro”, consisting of DPS and SDP logged at different forms of existence since the parliamentary elections of 1998.

The presidency of the SDP, as stated in the announcement, supports all efforts by his representatives in parliament and the government invested in the preservation of democratic dialogue and calls on all political actors to respect European values ​​and to achieve a broad consensus on the preparation, implementation of fair and free elections.

On the occasion of the current political challenges and the announced protests, SDP considers this necessary to boycott organizers and the public authorities to show maximum level of responsibility and ensure that the constitutional and democratic right to freedom of assembly to be accomplished within the law.

“The peaceful and democratic protests demonstrated the democratic maturity of Montenegro, while any possible different scenario led the divisions and violation of civil peace,” a statement from the SDP.

SDP reiterates that after getting the invitation for NATO membership, a key national priority to organize fair and free elections as a basic condition for further democratization, promotion of Montenegro in the EU integration process and the finalization of the process of joining the NATO alliance.

“Proceeding from the fact that the election undermines a trust violation of elementary democratic standards and anti-European practice locally, and recently at the state level, SDP expressed full readiness to be a reliable partner in this process will be open to all constructive suggestions and ideas on improving political dialogue with the aim of ensuring the full and unequivocal confidence in the electoral process, “reads the statement.

DPS believes that the protests will be peaceful

PODGORICA – The ruling Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) believe that tonight’s protest of the opposition proceed peacefully, but says that those who ignore the laws of Montenegro will be sanctioned and emphasized that the current government is legitimate.

“We believe that today’s protests, as announced by the organizers to be calm and without incident. If incidents happen the organizers will be punished, “said a member of the Main Board of the DPS and member of the Parliament of Montenegro Obrad Miso Stanisic.

Stanisic said that if any of the protesters tried to disturb public order and endanger the peace and constitutional order of Montenegro, the authorities are ready to defend the country and its constitutional order.

Asked what will happen tomorrow, the day after the protest, and whether the DPS is to meet the demands of protesters, he said that the government continues to work.

According to him, the government has the full confidence of the citizens, as well as credibility will continue to work in accordance with what was promised.

“We’re going towards our important national goal, first of all the first foreign policy priority, namely the Euro-Atlantic integration. We expect that we will in December this year to receive an invitation for full membership in NATO, “Stanisic said.

He said that this government is open to dialogue with everyone, and that it showed the previous day but that no talks when it violates the law and threatens the constitutional order.

Regarding the statement of the Presidency of coalition partner the Social Democratic Party (SDP) that the current government has only technical, Stanisic says that this government is not technical and that it has full capacity to do executive choices in its mandate.

In the centre of Podgorica tonight, at 19 o’clock, the Democratic Front organizes protests against the Government of Montenegro, demanding the resignation of the government.

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Nenad Jovanovic

Here is what happened. We, literally, have mafia boss in power for 25 years. Yes, it is true, people are protesting against government’s wish to join NATO. But, most of all, they are without job and hungry. Elite that is in power made billions of dollars by cocaine, tobacco, arms, smuggling and sale. West knows that, but it is OK, because it is puppet government that will do what they are told to do. Protest was peaceful till the moment when government paid people come with masks, bats, rocks, flares, etc. There is a video of them leaving ruling party HQ and starting to attack police. That was the excuse for police to attack, until then, peaceful opposition protest. Then the hunt started. There was 200 prisoners from local prison in police uniforms, paid and with promised benefits, hunting people all over the center of the city. Video with 30 of them beating one man, (hand, knee, hip broken) was made public. 140 people was beaten in that way. So, we have fascist, mafia, regime here, backed by West, that will do everything to survive.

Nenad Jovanovic
Doom Sternz

The mafia bosses are all through Europe, massive censorship in the West is why the truth is not getting told.

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