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11 Officers Shot, 5 Dead in Dallas – Black Lives Matter Protest


11 Officers Shot, 5 Dead in Dallas - Black Lives Matter Protest

People rally in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday, July 7, 2016 to protest the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile © Laura Buckman / AFP

UPDATE 9 CET: The Dallas police said that 5 officers were killed and 5 injured.

At least four officers have been killed and eleven wounded as protests against the killing of two unarmed black men by police forces in Minnesota and Louisiana turned to extreme violence in downtown Dallas.

Two snipers shot 4 Dallas Area Regional Transit police and 11 Dallas police officers from a 7th floor perch. A total 15 of officers have been shot.

Dallas police say that there may be several bombs planted throughout the city by the culprits.

Shooting at Dallas:

UPD: Dallas Police Chief reports that both of the suspected snipers have been apprehended alive. This is no longer an active shooter situation.

Meanwhile, iIn Washington, about a thousand people gathered to protest.  The protesters reportedly broke through the fence around the building of the US Congress.



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  • Joe Dirt

    Inside job. These were hired guns, not random angree shooters.

    • Mustache Ride

      They was BLM people. They caught one and questioned him before he died. He said he wanted to kill as many white people as he could.

      • Giuseppe Platania

        Tell who? The police?

  • Alexandra

    Were they trying for a Murican Maidan?

  • Lord Humongous

    So, they want a race war do they? Be careful what you wish for, because many of us are quite ready, thank you very much.