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15 million Syrian and Iraqi refugees

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The number of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, according to the UN, is up to 15 million. People are forced to flee their homes, while ISIS is capturing new territories.

This issue was discussed at the World Economic Forum conference in the Jordanian capital. Says UN refugee chief Antonio Guterres: «It seems to me that the world does not give itself a full report on the extent of the drama that is unfolding before us. The number of refugees from Syria has reached 4 million, but the total number of displaced people in Syria and Iraq – it is almost 15 million. And many of these people now live in absolute poverty».15 million Syrian and Iraqi refugees

85,000 Syrian refugees live in Zaatari camp in Jordan. Many of them stay here for four years. Living conditions in the camp are very heavy.

«The main problems we have – shortages of water and electricity – said that the Syrian refugee. – Thank God we are allowed something, but here was no electricity for five or six months. Some people get asthma due to the fact that it is very dusty here, there are real dust storms. People’s lives are under threat».

Guterres said the international community should provide more assistance to these people. He also called on European countries to accept some of the refugees.

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