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JUNE 2023

15.03.2016 Crisis News

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Written and produced by SF Team: Lorenzo Nacci, Daniel Deiss

Two pilots from the UAE were killed on Mar.13 after their fighter jet crashed while taking part in Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Yemen. The Mirage 2000 jet came down near the southern city of Aden.

On Mar.14, 5 towns in the Hama province jointed to the ceasefire agreement in Syria. Thus, total number of towns, which had joined the ceasefire agreements are 44.

Negotiations are ongoing in the provinces of Damascus and al-Quneitra.

Some 2000 of refugees from a camp in northern Greece managed to get around a border fence and cross into Macedonia on Mar.14. According to reports, at least three Afghan refugees drown a river near the border.

An agreement between Brussels and Ankara to curb the influx of refugees into the European Union is unacceptable, Acting Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said Monday. Earlier in March, Ankara and Brussels agreed to fast-track negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the European Union in exchange for a new migration plan.

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Macedonia is a part of Greece. FYROM is legal term for this country.

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