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Over 143,000 People Evacuated From Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta – Russian Military


Over 143,000 People Evacuated From Damascus' Eastern Ghouta - Russian Military

Photograph: STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images

Over 143,000 people have been evacauted from the Damascus subrub of Eastern Ghouta since the introduction of daily humanitarian pause in the region, the Russian military said in a statement on March 30.

“A total of more than 143,000 people have left Eastern Ghouta with the Russian Center’s support since the start of humanitarian pauses,” the statement says.

The military also pointed out that 28,495 people have been evacuated from the area of Douma.

Currently, Douma is controlled by Jaish al-Islam and remains the only militant stronghold in Eastern Ghouta. On March 30, the Russian military said that an evacuation agreement had been reached with militants and they will withdraw from the area “soon”. However, this statement was denounced by Jaish al-Islam representatives.

On March 29, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted that an evacaution operation in Eastern Ghotua had been accompanied by a pro-militant media campaign.

“Fake media reports were used as tools about hunger as a result of the siege, about indiscriminate bombings, which allegedly included the use of prohibited arms,” Lavrov said. “Exaggerated reports on allegations of Syrian state troops’ use of chemical weapons were once again in action, despite the absurdity of such allegations even from the military and tactical point of view.”



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