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1,411 Syrian Communities Liberated From ISIS Since Start Of Russian Military Operation In Country


1,411 Syrian Communities Liberated From ISIS Since Start Of Russian Military Operation In Country

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1,411 residential areas in Syria were freed from ISIS terrorists during the period of Russia’s direct participation in the conflict, Head of the Russian National Defense Management Center Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev said on December 11.

“In total, 1,411 settlements were liberated during the operation with Syrian government troops and militia having retaken more than 96.5% of the country’s territory,” Mizintsev said during a joint meeting of the interdepartmental coordination of the Russian and Syrian headquarters for the return of refugees.

[SF: It remains unclear how Mizintsev reached this 96.5%. Most likely, 3.5% is the Idlib de-escalation zone area and the Hajin area in the Euphrates Valley. However, even in this case, it’s complicated to declare 96.5% of Syria “liberated”. A notable part of northwestern Syria is occupied by Turkey and its proxies, the northeastern part of Syria is in the hands of the US-led coalition and its proxies, ISIS cells are still operating in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert and on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.]

He noted that the Russian Armed Forces successfully completed its operation of mopping up terror groups in Syria, including thousands of ISIS fighters. According to Mizintsev, only a few ragtag US-backed groups survived in the Trans-Euphrates region and near Al-Tanf. The remaining members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Jabhat al-Nusra) were blocked in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

“In accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution 2254, which calls for a political settlement in Syria, a constitutional committee with the participation of the opposition and representatives of Syria’s entire multinational civil society is being shaped,” Mizintsev stressed.

The colonel general also commented on the situation in the US-occupied area of at-Tanf where, he said, 6,000 militants are staying.

“Perhaps, only our American partners do not want to see up to date how much has been done to revive peaceful life in Syria. They are holding with incomprehensible stubbornness the occupied 55 km area around al-Tanf where 6,000 armed militants are on the loose and are preventing the disbanding of the Rukban refugee camp,” he said.

“I would like to emphasize once again that Rukban is the territory illegally occupied by the United States and that is why the entire responsibility for the conditions of the life of Syrian citizens is borne solely by the United States.”

He described thea area as a stronghold of evil, injustice and horror for ordinary Syrian citizens set up by the US on the territory of the country. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Igor Tsarikov said that the US-held area is the source of destabilization in this part of the country.



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  • ColinNZ

    This is of course great news, however in my opinion the steady expansion
    and reinforcing of US & proxy terrorists in north & east Syria that is cementing the current partition of Syrian territory is extremely worrying.
    I think it is now so militarised by US & proxies that removing it will take decades, assuming removing it
    will be possible at all (ie. if the US decide to reinforce it with CENTCOM). Whilst I fully recognise the enormous effort and sacrifice of the SAA & allies in their incredible achievements to date, together with acknowledging the powerful but relatively small Russian task force operating in Syria, it appears to me that a strategic underestimating of US ‘doubling-down’ may be being made with
    regard to ensuring the integrity of Syria’s pre-war borders.

    • R Trojson

      Do you believe the 35 million Kurds spread across Syria-Turkey-Iraq and Iran deserve their own Kurdistan?

      Why do you think all the terrorists relocated to North Syria are Sunni?

      Do you believe Erdogan will ever withdraw? Ditto Iran?

      Is it possible Russia already has an agreement allowing Turkey to take over the rest of Syria?

      • Concrete Mike

        Thats a stupid rational.

        Its like saying break the usa up, the native americans will take about a third, the other third for mexicans…ect ect

        Too bad that snow storm didnt last longer…it was nic and quiet monday

        • R Trojson

          Humans have fundamental rights in the US. Kurds in Syria only have the right to die.

    • Jens Holm

      Mainly far out. Even hard for me to see the private property of the Baathists has lost anything at all.

      The spendable there has. Assads from Hafez systematicly had. Thats the reason to the uprises and npot Your bablings. Those only say, You support a country can and shall exclude the poor in it in urban towns as well as the dry land.

      You cant even see the colonial made structures right now is very visible and Syria hardly is the northern provinces of Aleppo and Raqqa as well for choosing only own cake by no needed reforms to include great parts of the population.

      None of them choose to be one country by You. None. And You were not an own country since 1258 even You declare it. You were Ottomans as everybody else by Turks and before that parts were in the Greek Konstantinople Yourself.

      Ypu not even liberated Yourself. Well, some can say You came from an Ottoman Dominion into a Brittish/French one.

      So the main sinn is, You not even try to correct those colonial structures and if not, not even try to make structures which cover all corners, but remain having a smalle Emirate structure or a despote one. Its well known all over the world. Saudis are nepotists in exact same way even they name it familyand prinsess. But as You they also have hardly any pricesses as well.

    • jorge

      To have a strategy we need soldiers and an air force, so who will be the yankee soldiers in Syria, the PKK? And the yankee air force will be free, in the near futur, to fly over Syria?

  • R Trojson

    Why is Russian propaganda so intent one painting the picture of victory over ISIS. Could it be the absolute reality of failure underscored by the debacle at al Safa. Suspect it is even worse involving Russian active support for ISIS.

  • Jens Holm

    Rapporting from Kursk.

    • PZIVJ

      What are you trying to say, And can you also interpret what Spit is posting on this thread ?

      • Jens Holm

        You cant rely on Generals as some good source representing things. You say the same thing for fx USA parlament members visiting the SDF zone.

        Most of them are free to speak, but only few has hands to do anything. And we did see very high ranked Admiralks and generals talling they heard sounds and much more about about it.

        They at that time not even knew where it was. Later on it was seen, they had Kursk in mission with no test and things was not even finished in it.

        That my “Kursk”. A source mainly has to be ignored, if its frim the behind of the elephant. Well some sources like that do think well and can inspire to improvements, but they mainly are less then un-officals messages.

        • PZIVJ

          So if I translate from Danish to English correctly:
          The sub was lost due to using experimental torpedoes.
          But many Elephants, Tigers, and Panthers where lost in great Russian victory at Kursk 1943, and Germany had to retreat. Is this correct? :D

          • Jens Holm

            It was about the lost Russian submarine and the admirals were not to rely on at all even having fine medals and like.

            I would kind of rely on a political official telling it like Putin and manybee lavrov teling it for Putin.

            It was not about Kursk 1 and Kursk 2 in WW2.

  • bigcrawfish

    Don’t attack al Tanf or the Kurds!! Or we’ll kick your ass again. The Kurds defeated ISIS when the Syrians and Russia’s Spetsnaz were getting slaughtered by ISIS in northern Syria. Real defeats, huge casualties. You can thank the Kurds that all of Syria not held by ISIS.

    • Concrete Mike

      Bwahahaha in your dreams, your MBS bitches just like isis.

      You kurds did not even take on PMU+ Iraqi army last year.

      We will defeat you without firing a shot.

      • bigcrawfish

        Ok, send your best stuff and attack al Tanf !! There’s five NATO countries with troops at al Tanf. None of them will let their troops get slaughtered. When all of those countries open up on your ass, you’ll be an army of coffins going home. Don’t attack al Tanf or the Kurds.

        • Concrete Mike

          Ok look at a map dipshit. At tanf is surrounded. You can open up if you want…until you run out of ammo. At tanf is just an isis depot with a human shield in front.

          A mere annoyance.

          I told you, we have already won! The kurds will be defeated without firing a shot just like in Iraq.

          Instead of polluting here go burn down the southern poverty law center and do us all a favor.
          Basketball sucks
          Go buckeyes
          And go fuckyourself you ignorant shit sandwich.

    • You can call me Al

      Do you actually know where Syria is ?, let’s try with letting us know where the Middle East is hey ?, before you spout your zio-yank typically boring exceptional shyte as the rest of you muppets do.

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      LOL your government has just been conducting polls all through the middle east to find out how well they’re liked, the Saudis and the UAE had the highest approval rating, high 70% range, and countries like Syria and Iraq were under the 10% range, but what I found nearly unbelievable was this, the Kurds only had a 11% approval rating for the US, even lower than Turkey and Iran, who were both much higher, isn’t funny how people think they know what’s really going on but don’t.

      The Kurds haven’t been fighting Isis for more than 2 months now, they’ve been on a strike whilst trying to negotiate better terms with Trump, but no one seems to know. I’ve been trying to tell everyone on SF for nearly 2 months now, but my messages keep falling on deaf ears. No one seems to believe me, and most even think my claims of a Kurdish strike are just nonsense, but I think that’s only because they’re not looking very carefully, what do you think, have they been fighting Isis lately?
      Pssst, don’t tell anybody this because it’s a secret, some of the Kurds have already put on SAA uniforms and joined the SAA in Idlib, just a few more days and we’ll get to see them in action again.
      I hope you like the Kurds as much when they start fighting for Assad.

      • Concrete Mike

        Interesting speculations. The kurdish position in syria is untenable.

        Kurds tneed to purge leadership of elements that are allied to usa/saudi first.

        I hope your correct.

  • Spit

    ” It remains unclear how Mizintsev reached this 96.5%”
    We faught hard as Nails. Thats how.
    We faught hard. together.

    • You can call me Al

      What are you talking about ?.

      • PZIVJ

        Perhaps Jens can interpret his ramblings.
        Wait a second, I’ll go ask him below! :)

        • Bobby Twoshoes

          If his grasp on maths is as bad as his grasp on reality or communication he’ll know for sure :)

    • Bobby Twoshoes

      The point is that there is a long way to go before 96.5% of the territory is back in rightful hands. I presume you are Syrian so if that’s the case then yes you have fought hard as nails but there is more fighting to do yet…

  • gustavo

    Obviously is wrong and pro Turkey. First, 1/3 of Syria land is on Kurds (USA-puppets) hand. About 1/8 of the remain land is on the hands of terrorists at Al-Tanf area (safe heaven for terrorists), another 1/10 is on the hands of Turkey (Afriin area), and another 1/8 is on the hands of terrorists and Turkey too (safe heaven) in Idlib area. There is not way to make peace with anybody, if Syria really wants to recover its territory. Get rid of all terrorists (including Turkey and USA) and peace will come naturally.

    • jorge

      The Mizintsev´s 96.5% are about irregular terrorists, not illegal occupier foreigner states and their regular proxies. We can read like this: only 3,5% of syria are in the hand of forces that don’t want any political settlement or reconciliation and say it.