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14 People From One Family Were Killed In US-led Airstrikes On Euphrates Valley


14 People From One Family Were Killed In US-led Airstrikes On Euphrates Valley


On November 25, US-led coalition warplanes killed 14 civilians from one family in a new series of airstrikes on the ISIS-held town of al-Shaafah in the middle Euphrates River Valley, according to the terrorist group news agency, Amaq.

The Syrian news outlet Horrya confirmed ISIS’ claims. Furthermore, local sources told the pro-opposition outlet that six children were among the victims of the US-led coalition airstrikes on al-Shaafah.

A day earlier, the remaining ISIS fighters in the Euphrates Valley launched a large “hit and run” attack on positions of the US-backed Syrian Democratic (SDF), which are besieging the region. As a result, dozens of SDF fighters were killed and captured.

The US-led coalition recent airstrikes on the ISIS-held pocket in the Euphrates Valley were likely a response to the terrorist group attack. Dozens of civilians have been killed in similar retaliation airstrikes since the beginning of this month. The coalition usually ignores reports on these crimes.

The United Nations (UN) and international humanitarian organizations are yet to call for an investigation into the US-led coalition actions in the Euphrates Valley.

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  • Truth

    So then who will speak up for those innocent?
    May this be remembered.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The US is getting desperate, the aircraft carriers arrived but will it make a difference, it has to replace 60 odd thousand Kurdish SDF fighters who are no longer fighting, will it be up to the task, NO WAY. It can’t replace 60,000 fighters on the ground. Get ready for a lot more civilian casualties.
    Military drills my arse, pure panic is more like it.

  • Rob

    These Washington butchers are there in Syria to create chaos. If Washington butchers have not created chaos in Syria then how they can stay there. Common sense.