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14 Militants Assassinated In Idlib During Last 48 Hours

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14 Militants Assassinated In Idlib During Last 48 Hours

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On May 25, a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a headquarter of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in the village of al-Dana in the northeastern Idlib countryside, according to Syrian opposition sources. Reportedly, the explosion killed at least four fighters of HTS. No group claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

Few hours earlier, unknown gunmen attacked and killed four fighters of HTS on the road between the city of Idlib and the town of Maarrat Misrin in the northeastern Idlib countryside.

This new wave of assassinations didn’t target HTS only. On May 24, unknown gunmen killed six fighters of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) group – Faylaq al-Sham – in the village of al-Zakah in the northern Hama countryside. Opposition sources said that the gunmen had also stolen the weapons of Faylaq al-Sham fighters.

According to a recent report of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), more than one hundred fighters and commanders of the FSA and HTS were assassinated since the beginning of May. HTS officially accused ISIS and the Syrian intelligence of standing behind these assassinations. However, many observers believe that Turkey could be also responsible for some of these attacks.

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You can call me Al

This is wonderful to hear about. The more the merrier.


If it’s a suicide explosion, then, it’s logically a sunni group who did that because no others organization are stupid enough to blow themselfs for a packet of cigs.


A packet of cigarettes?

AM Hants

Run out of Virgins in heaven, so next best thing will do.

Dr. Pro Liv

Nothing but the good news !
Who cares if it is ISIS, or Turkey or somebody else even though Turkey has the biggest motive of all.
Just keep killing each other!

Concrete Mike

Turkey is a wild card indeed. Is this how Turkey is helping syria/russia/iran quietly?

Dr. Pro Liv

Turkey is always helping only Turkey!
And they do not care if that harms or helps interests of their “friends”.
They have no true friends.
They definitely doing this for their own objective to take total control of the Idlib..


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Can you pluralize that for me please. Any effort I made it lost something.

Is it getting to the point that there are more trolls around here than non. You must have got the attention of someone so congratulations South Front. The trolls seem to demonize both sides and call for violence as the only solution, this is there mantra.

Back to the article. Does it strike anyone else that if a group are Wahhabi jihadists, and another group are Wahhabi jihadist, and they go out of their way to blow each other up, than some conclusions can be made?

1) They solve all problems with the same solution. Killing.

2) If they form your local government you should come to the town hall meetings prepared to die, actually just always be prepared.

3) If you support them, they at some point will turn on you. (US note to self opportunity)

4) An AA type program for “rebels” to fight this addiction would probably be popular until they all got killed.

I tried to make this funny but somehow it’s not.


Keep infiltrating them with Death Squads SAA! Works Great…. let them get Paranoid Headchoppers… in the End they will even Kill their own inbreds….Mo’ Cars & Explosives for VBIEDs…


Wrong statement…lt must say “14 terrorists were eliminated….”


Joseph Stalin once said: “Murder solves all problems. No man, no problem.”


Merika cleaning up the ‘paper’ trail so as when the SAA and Russia get these cunts they wont spill the beans about their merikan isisraeli handlers.

Tudor Miron

GRU know their hockey. Nice job.

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