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14.06.2015 Military Report of Novorossia


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Ukrainian forces have been shelling settlements Maryinka, Trudovoe, Jilploshadka and Belaya Kamenka by battle-tansk and self-propelled artillery guns. The main sources of fire are positions Kiev militants at Krasnogorovka, route ‘Pervomaika’, state farm Shevchenko.

According to reports from Novorossian warriors, the situation is tense at the whole contact line with Ukrainian forces. Pro-Kiev militants have been using so-called ‘ceasefire’ to examine the defense of People’s Republics. 3 Novorossian warriors have been killed and 15 have been injured for last 24 hours. Kiev’s side has lost 7 militants killed, 10 injured, 1 destroyed battle-tank and 3 armored personnel carriers in attempts to advance at positions of People’s Republics warriors.

Rotue Bahmutka, Dokuchaevsk and Shirokino are hot points of the frontline too. Kiev forces have been shelling the settlements. Yesterday around Shirokino the sniper of pro-Kiev militants from battalion ‘Donbass’ Pobedinskiy Vladimir, call sign ‘Krot’, was killed by DPR warrior. Firefights are continuing there.

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14.06.2015 Military Report of Novorossia   14.06.2015 Military Report of Novorossia   14.06.2015 Military Report of Novorossia   14.06.2015 Military Report of Novorossia   14.06.2015 Military Report of Novorossia



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