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JULY 2022

131 Daesh Terrorist Killed in Clashes with Afghan Security Forces

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131 Daesh Terrorist Killed in Clashes with Afghan Security Forces

Afghan security forces run for the site of Afghan Justice Ministry following an attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009. (AP Photo/Musadeq Sadeq)

At least 131 Daesh fighters were killed in fighting with the security forces in eastern Nangarhar province, Afghan officials said Sunday.

“They were killed in Kot district,” provincial governor Salim Kunduzi said, adding that 39 of the terrorists were killed in ground battle while the airstrikes killed 95 more.
A key commander of Daesh named Kamran was also killed in the clashes.

The battle started early on Friday after hundreds of Dash rebels attacked security forces’ outpost in Kot district, Nangarhar governor said.

The clash still continues in Sayed Ahmad Khail and Sepai villages in the district and that over 200 local police force members were deployed to clear the area of militants.

Meanwhile, Gen. Dad Mohammad Harifi, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) chief in Nangarhar said:

“According to intelligence reports, nearly 600 Daesh fighters attacked the district and that the security forces are trying to eliminate them.”

Nangarhar police chief Zorawar Zahid meanwhile said the military operation will continue in Kot to eliminate all the insurgents.

A number of tribal elders in Nangarhar announced their support to Afghan security forces in fight against Daesh rebels in the province.

“The security forces need the support of the people and we will support them, because they ensure our safety,” Assadullah, a tribal elder in Nangarhar said.

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Good work, big respect to the Afghan Security forces.

Wow, I had no idea they could mass 600 personal yet in Afghanistan. Good work done by the Afghan people. I am a little surprised the Afghan security detail did this good of work. A few years ago, if 600 veteran fighters had attacked anything in Afghanistan, they would have won. This shows lots of improvement with the Afghan people.

Zuzana Rehakova

CIA assets in Afghanistan got a new label: now they are called DAESH.

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