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JULY 2020

13 Terrorists Killed In Russian Airstrikes On Greater Idlib (Videos)


Russian warplanes carried out on October 20 a series of  heavy airstrikes on terrorists’ positions in the Greater Idlib region.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the airstrikes targeted the towns of Maarzita, Fatterah, Kafr Sijnah, Kafr Nabl, Sheikh Dames and Ameriyeh in the southern Idlib countryside as well as the key town of Kabani in northern Lattakia.

“Four militants of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) were killed today’s morning, when Russian warplanes bombed their gathering on the axis of the town of Kafr Sijnah,” the UK-based monitoring group’s report reads.

A day earlier, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted more than 35 airstrikes on terrorists’ positions throughout Greater Idlib. The SOHR said that the airstrikes killed nine terrorists, including three field commanders of al-Qaeda-affiliated HTS.

These intense Russian airstrikes indicate that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) could be preparing a new ground operation against HTS and its allies in Greater Idlib.

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  • Icarus Tanović

    You don’t playing with the fire without getting burned.

  • Rodney Dezarn

    Good job.

    • klove and light

      great Job….13 dead today, that makes it 26 for the week….wow…great from 20,000+ jihadi pricks in Idlib……..so how many “good Jobs” does syria Need to kill 20,000+ jihadis????

      ps. nice sweet propaganda…..but on a strategic Level….These bombing Raids are exactly as useless for SAA as the bombing Raids in yemen are useless for Saudi and uae troops.
      WITHOUT a Ground attack Idlib will not return to syria arab republic.

      • χρηστος

        i agree and disagree. as a number ok you are right it will take millions of years to kill them all, but on the other hand maybe its an attack on high ranking murderers of HTS which gives the hit major score points!in any other case its just no news.

  • World Wisdom

    More, Russia, more! NATO has been for decades supporting terrorism, and Russia is among the very few nations fighting it. Successfully!!! Americans, please, tell your regime and sick Congress to leave the Middle East and de-occupy Europe.

    • Kristy Rain

      no one knows whats happening in syria and refuses to accept their own government is destabilizing and ruining these places purposely. they think we are ‘cleaning up someone elses mess’ and that its our job to ‘rescue’ other nations and give them our version of democracy which is a complete farce but no one wants to believe it.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Truth is the War First Victim !



        “Sorrow is knowledge; they who know the most, must mourn the deepest o’er the fatal truth, the Tree of Knowledge is not that of Life.”

        —Manfred BYRON

        “Books are not memorials of the past,

        but weapons

        of the present age.”

        —Heinrich LAUBE



        (Inspired by the description of the condemnation of Louis XVI)

        This book spans the time between 600 BC and the present day, and yet is also a personal journey. By re-interpreting some of the defining moments of history, it tells a terrible story of deception and self-deception; of absurd claims substantiated and pretensions realized, and of worthless beings which have suc- ceeded in dominating the planet through their control of an intrinsically worth- less medium of exchange: money.

        Read this book, and all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.

        In earlier times, there existed a people’s movement. It was, on the one hand, a political, on the other hand, a völkisch (ethnic), populist movement. Today, there are no longer any people’s movements, mainly because there are hardly any cohesive peoples left. There exists only the system. The foundation of this system rests on post-1945 re-education, whose symbol is a kind of hologram, that is to say, a projection. According to this projection, Germany and the Ger- mans were guilty of a particular crime against these beings. The system de- mands, among other things, that all people without exception acknowledge this crime as without comparison and pay tribute to it, by humbling themselves constantly before innumerable shrines to its commemoration, and that Ger- many must eternally pay compensation in various ways, sometimes to the sur- vivors of the crime, of which there seems to be an inexhaustible supply, and sometimes by giving U-boats to Israel.

        Whoever rebels against this coercion is punished, imprisoned. He is accused of having denied the projection. Although the accusation of denial is nonsense, as one cannot deny what one does not hold for truth, the concept of “denial” has been upheld.

        So it’s about a Belief, just as in the 16th century Protestants were persecuted by Catholics. It’s the modern world-embracing, universally-adhesive religion. Projection-deniers must be punished in order to maintain the system.

        Those who reasonably ask for an explanation are rejected on the grounds that the projection cannot be judged, as it has already been judged. Its notoriety (“common knowledge”) has been declared, otherwise Germany is innocent. To propose putting the projection on trial, in whatever way, is a step back towards National Socialism; it would be against the concept of the Federal Republic of Germany, because it places the existing order in the dock. After all, the projec- tion could be discovered to be an invention, if it is put on trial, it could be a lie. Or rather it would be considered to be unproven, until its actuality is proved.


        But if the projection is declared to be null and void, what becomes of the system?

        This is the purest logic. As re-education has undermined all the foundations of National Socialism, the possibility that the principles of this re-education could be fraudulent implies that the system could be guilty and that the era of National Socialism was not as bad as it is incessantly represented to be. So the system’s “justice” requires imprisonment instead of a just procedure; the sys- tem could not afford to allow the tenets of re-education to be called into ques- tion.

        So, since the Nuremberg Trials the principal enemy of truth has mutated and evolved to the extent that the German State itself has been compelled for its own sake for 70 years to maintain a hypocritical system, whose exposure would call into question, not only the legitimacy of the entity called “The Fed- eral Republic of Germany,” but also its entire administrative structure as well.

        Nearly all Western countries are caught in the same predicament. Even if they are not responsible for this alleged capital crime, they have paid lip service to it since 1945 and may therefore not free themselves from it.

        The Author, February 2016

  • Andrei

    Kill all the motherfukers
    My advice don’t play games with My government Russia,
    Alqaeda, ISIS,and any other factions my advice is tu lay down your weapon and look for peace,and tranquility,/ If you don’t ” I” and my government I will absolutely obliterate everything you have become and we will erase any trace of yours existence,and we will make sure that history will never remember yous

    • Ceasar Polar

      And the world thank Russia for cleansing the region of them terrorists. I hope they dont let the americunts to move any terrorists, they all should be executed. Their kids can return to Europe where they families are from. Some of the wifes are guilty of warcrimes, those too need to pay the price of terrorizing innocent people in their own land.

      • AlexanderAmproz


        Jihadists were under US/Israel Drogues and manipulations…
        trained, armed, paid and controlled by NATO Officers.
        Most of the French, British, US, and NATO Countries Leaders are War Criminals
        deserving “Life Time” jail !


        How Bulgaria supplied drugs and weapons to Al-Qaïda and Daesh

        by Thierry Meyssan

        The best-kept secrets must be revealed in the end. The mafia cartel which governs Bulgaria has been caught supplying drugs and weapons to Al-Qaïda and Daesh, at the demand of the CIA, both in Libya and Syria. The affair is all the more serious since Bulgaria is a member of NATO and the European Union.



        Head of one of the two Bulgarian mafia cartels, the SIC, Boïko Borissov has occupied the post of Prime Minister since 2014. While his country was a member of both NATO and the European Union, he supplied drugs and weapons to Al-Qaïda and Daesh in Libya and Syria.

        It seems that everything began by accident. For about thirty years, fenetylline was used as a performance-enhancing drug in the West German sports world. According to trainer Peter Neururer, more than half of the athletes took it regularly [1]. Bulgarian drug dealers spotted an opportunity in this situation, and from the dissolution of the Soviet Union until Bulgaria’s entry into the European Union, they began to produce it and illegally export it to Germany under the name of Captagon.

        Two mafia groups were locked in serious competition – Vasil Iliev Security (VIS), and Security Insurance Company (SIC), the company which employed the karateka Boïko Borissov. This high-level athlete, professor at the Police Academy, created a company supplying protection for important personalities, and became the body-guard for pro-Soviet ex-President Todor Jivkov as well as for pro-US Simeon II Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha. As soon as Simeon II became Prime Minister, Borissov was named as the central Director of the Ministry of the Interior, then was elected mayor of Sofia.

        In 2006, the United States ambassador in Bulgaria (and future ambassador to Russia), John Beyrle, sketched his character in a confidential cable which was revealed by Wikileaks. He presented Borissov as being connected to two major mafia bosses, Mladen Mihalev (alias « Madzho ») and Roumen Nikolov (alias « The Pacha ») [2], the founders of SIC.

        In 2007, basing its article on a report drawn up by a large Swiss company, the U.S. Congressional Quarterly claimed that he had smothered a number of enquiries at the Ministry of the Interior, and was himself implicated in 28 mafia murders. He apparently became a partner of John E. McLaughlin, Deputy Director of the CIA. He is said to have set up a secret prison for the Agency in Bulgaria, and helped to provide a military base in the context of the project for an attack on Iran, the Quarterly continued [3].

        In 2008, the German specialist in organised crime, Jürgen Roth, qualified Boïko Borissov as a « Bulgarian Al Capone » [4].

        Having himself become Prime Minister, and while his country was already a member of NATO and the EU, he was solicited by the Agency to help in the secret war against Mouamar el-Kadhafi. Boïko Borissov supplied Captagon, manufactured by the SIC, to the al-Qaïda jihadists in Libya. The CIA rendered this synthetic drug more attractive and more powerful by mixing it with a natural drug, hashish, which made it easier to manipulate the fighters and make them more terrifying, in line with the work of Bernard Lewis [5]. Following that, Borissov extended this market to Syria.

        But most importantly, the CIA, using the profile of an ex-Warsaw Pact member which had recently joined NATO, bought from him 500 million dollars’ worth of Soviet-type weaponry and transported it to Syria — mainly 18,800 portable anti-tank grenade launchers and 700 Konkurs anti-tank missile systems.

        When Hezbollah sent a team to Bulgaria to gather information about this traffic, a bus-load of Israeli holiday-makers were the object of a terrorist attack in Burgas, leaving 32 wounded. Immediately, Benjamin Netanyahu and Boïko Borissov accused the Lebanese resistance, while the Atlantist Press spread a number of allegations about the supposed Hezbollah kamikaze. Finally, the forensic scientist, Dr. Galina Mileva, noticed that the corpse did not correspond to the witness descriptions – while a counter-intelligence chief, Colonel Lubomir Dimitrov, noted that he was not a kamikaze, but a simple carrier, and that the bomb had been triggered from a distance, probably without his knowledge. The Press accused two Arabs of Canadian and Australian nationality, but the Sofia News Agency quoted a US accomplice known by the pseudonym of David Jefferson. The outcome was that when the European Union sought to use the affair in order to classify Hezbollah as a « terrorist organisation », the Minister for Foreign Affairs – during the short period when Borissov was excluded from executive power – Kristian Vigenine, made it clear that in reality, nothing was found that could tie the attack to the Lenbanese resistance [6].

        From the end of 2014, the CIA ceased its orders and was replaced by Saudi Arabia, who were thus able to buy weapons which were no longer ex-Soviet left-overs, but modern NATO material, such as the wire-guided anti-tank BGM-71 TOW missiles. Soon, Riyadh was supported by the United Arab Emirates [7]. The two Gulf states themselves handled the deliveries to Al-Qaïda and Daesh, via Saudi Arabian Cargo and Etihad Cargo, either at Tabuk, on the Saudi-Jordanian border, or the Emirati-Franco-US base at Al-Dhafra.

        In June 2014, the CIA turned up the pressure. This time, they forbade Bulgaria to allow access to the Russian gas pipeline South Stream, which could have supplied Western Europe [8].This decision, which deprived Bulgaria of some very important income, not only helped to slow down the growth of the European Union, as described in the Wolfowitz plan [9], but also to apply the European sanctions against Russia which had been implemented under the pretext of the Ukranian crisis, to develop the exploitation of shale gas in Eastern Europe [10], and finally, to maintain the interest of overthrowing the Syrian Arab Republic, a possible major gas exporter [11].

        The latest news is that Bulgaria – a member-state of NATO and the European Union – continues to illegally supply drugs and weapons to Al-Qaïda and Daesh, despite the recent Resolution 2253, which was unanimously adopted by the UN Security Council.

        Thierry Meyssan


        Pete Kimberley

        Facebook Twitter Delicious Seenthis Digg RSS

        [1] „Doping war im Fußball gang und gäbe“, Frankfürter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 13th, 2007.

        [2] “Bulgaria’s most popular politician: great hopes, murky ties”, John Beyrle, May 9, 2006.

        [3] “Bush’s Bulgarian Partner in the Terror War Has Mob History, Investigators Say”, Jeff Stein, U.S. Congressional Quarterly, May 2007.

        [4] Die neuen Dämonen, Jürgen Roth, 2008.

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        [8] « Le sabotage du gazoduc South Stream », par Manlio Dinucci, Tommaso di Francesco, Traduction Marie-Ange Patrizio, Il Manifesto (Italie), Réseau Voltaire, June 10th, 2014.

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        [10] « South Stream bloqué, la “claque” des États-Unis à l’Union européenne », par Manlio Dinucci, Traduction Marie-Ange Patrizio, Il Manifesto (Italie), Réseau Voltaire, December 5th, 2014.

        [11] “Struggle over the Middle East: Gas Ranks First”, by Imad Fawzi Shueibi, Voltaire Network, 17 April 2012.

  • klove and light

    wow..great Job…. killed 13 terrorists from 20,000+………..Keep going at that fucking rate and syria will take back Idlib in the year 2087…………no Ground attack….unfuckingbelievable……….great Zionist plan against SAA……they are now making sure to stretch SAA in syria…..with a number of enemies…….Turkey in the North …..Turkey/Zionist proxies in Idlib and afrin…….and if anybody believes that ALL IS GOOD between SAA and SDF/YPG…… you r a nbunch of Donkeys….example1: SDF/YPG did not let Russian Military Police or SAA into Raqqa, they were blocked under ARMS yesterday (News from almasdar News)….example 2: during the Building of a Bridge by russian and syrian technicians at deir e zoor, THEY built the Bridge in 2 (TWO) DAYS…..during this time period-last 2 days, they were hammered with dozens of UAE and mortars which came from SDF Units operating on the other side……

    ps. the american bastard Zionist slaves DID NOT LEAVE SYRIA!!!! u morons…….they still occupy the area of the oil fileds east of deir e zoor, and still occupy the south of syria at al-tanf with their Proxy jihadi/Isis bastards……..

    so again, the same mistakes are made all over again by the syrian Leadership…..SAA is not attacking the occupying Forces…not in Idlib, not in al-tanf, not the turkish invaders, not the US invaders, not the treacherous kurds, not the israeli occupiers at Golan…….the only Thing they have achieved in the last 5 days was a Major strategic mistake by streching out their troops without ENGAGING the enemy!!!! and the enemies have now virtually surrounded SAA in their own Country…………

    –this will not end good and iam a resistance man.Resistance against the illegal satanic Entity named Israel, resistance against the Zionist Control of the Worlds Money supply through their Control of the big reserve Banks in various nations-FEd,bank of England etc.. and hence their Control of the majority of Governments worldwide…

    back to syria…..it is absolutely ridiculous by SAA not attacking IDLIB, espeically Right now in time when their jihadi pricks are busy in the east and North……..because one Thing is clear also, SAA is not engaing the next invader Turkey……..so SAA is not attacking the jihadis in Idlib, SAA is not attacking the turkish invaders, SAA is not attacking SDF Areas in the south east deir e zoor area with all the oil and gas fields…….. absolutley ridiculous and strategiclly a total Desaster……in short–

    – in the next couple of weeks, SAA will find itself squeezed in many Areas they now occupy without engaing/killing the enemies that surround exactly These Areas……

    • Boxman

      SAA cannot invade Idlib as they have to be ready to deploy towards the border in case Turkey goes for broke.

  • klove and light

    here for the Donkeys..

    PressTV- NEWS iran
    US gave green light to Turkey, provided it with mercenaries to attack Syria: Report
    Sun Oct 20, 2019 03:23PM [Updated: Sun Oct 20, 2019 04:58PM ]
    HomeMiddle EastSyria

    The United States supported and funded most of the militant factions grouped in the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA), which is now aiding Turkey in an offensive against US-backed Kurds in Syria, a new document reveals.
    Syria’s official news agency SANA, citing a newly-released document by the pro-government Turkish think tank SETA, said in a report on Sunday that the White House not only gave the green light to Ankara to launch its so-called Operation Peace Spring against the Arab country, but also placed its “mercenaries and terrorist… at the disposal of Turkey.”
    According to the SETA document, which is a research paper, 21 militant factions of the Ankara-backed FSA had been supported by Washington either directly through the Pentagon or through the CIA and the operating room affiliated to it in Turkey.
    “Out of the 28 factions [in the FSA], 21 were previously supported by the United States, three of them via the Pentagon’s [so-called] program to combat Daesh. Eighteen of these factions were supplied by the CIA via the MOM Operations Room in Turkey, a joint intelligence operation room of the ‘Friends of Syria’ to support the armed opposition. Fourteen factions of the 28 were also recipients of the US-supplied TOW anti-tank guided missiles,” said the SETA document.

    – Zionist plan all along…….

  • Boxman

    Erdogan seems on the verge of a terrible miscalculation: he may be about to push the Syrians too far and instigate a full scale shooting war on the border. Russia looks desperate to stay out of it.

    Can SAA, Kurds and (possibly) Iranian units beat back the Turkish mercenaries without Russian help? Turkish military is unlikely to fight on the front lines in any big #’s. So the Syrians and allies would have the advantage of defending, but would also be under fire from Turkish artillery and air power. The defenders might enjoy some artillery support fand maybe even some limited help from what’s left of the Syrian Air Force, but they’re likely to be mostly on their own vs the headchoppers. I’m not sure who wins in that scenario.

    • χρηστος

      so far the Sultan has gained little ground ,in no case the 30km zone ,and killed some sdf and a lot of civilians. The Kurds have made a deal with Assad which opened the road to SAA to all Northern Syria. So up till now Turkey started a war that was a major benefit for Syria.

  • smertzakrov

    where r the CIA agent commentators here—-apparently they r humiliated