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JUNE 2021

The New York Times: The Clinton’s campaign will label Trump as a “woman hater” in her campaign

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The New York Times: The Clinton's campaign will label Trump as a "woman hater" in her campaign

This article originally appeared at Fakti translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront.

Hillary Clinton has the intention to reach the White House with the help of women’s votes and therefore she decided to label Donald Trump as a “woman hater” – The New York Times published this in its online edition.

This American newspaper claims that the Clinton’s election headquarters has “mobilized a wide network of activists who have already received instructions to criticize Trump for sexism.”

The head of the Clinton’s press service – Jennifer Palmieri – stated on this occasion: “We do not answer to Trump. But everyone who understands that his disqualification is causing insult to all women – needs to unite around Hillary.”

She stopped here, but she did presented #ImWithHer hashtag to the public.

The New York Times suggests that the Clinton previously criticized Trump together with other contenders for the White House from Republican party, and that now is the only “target” is this billionaire.

On one of his rallies Trump called Clinton “disgusting.” CNN claims that at that meeting Trump also used one extremely vulgar term in Yiddish.

Trump responded this because of the recent Clinton attack, when she said that he is “the best at recruiting people for the Islamic state.”

Because of these words, billionaire requested a public apology and said that Clinton “lies whenever she has the chance.” But, of course, there was no apology.

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Trump and Putin are friends! Also, Trump is a Nationalist, not a zionist-globalist.
No more world conquest. America for Americans, and the Middle East for Arabs.
That is God’s plan always.
Trump is going to be the best president we’ve had since Teddy Roosevelt!


you have got to be kidding me…Trump works for the Zionists…
All the presidential candidates are the same playing ball with the zionists…WAKE UP !

The Swan

PUTIN does not lower his standard to that of mericans trash or befriend trash zio- whores regardless ..

Frank Dean

Trump will not be selling weapons to terrorist like Clinton. Her undertable deals will come out before election hope Snowden releases what he knows on her and her fake foundation. Trump has a base of people who no longer voted because many US elections were limited to a bad choice and a worse one.

The Swan

TRUMP has already trumped his ass to his zio masters ..THATS WHY he was summoned to hell aviv so as to kiss their ass rings and for their blessings ..

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