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JUNE 2021

120 Taliban Fighters Including 20 Commanders Were Killed In Afghanistan Over Last Month

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120 Taliban Fighters Including 20 Commanders Were Killed In Afghanistan Over Last Month


On September 8, Afghan Amy officials announced that 120 Taliban fighters including 20 commanders were killed in US-led coalition airstrikes and joint ground operation by the Afghan Army and Police over the last month.

Kunduz province Police Chief General Abdul Hamid Hamid claimed that the Afghan Police killed at least 45 Taliban fighters in many villages in Kunduz province. Hamid confirmed that Kunduz is now full cleared of Taliban fighters.

Moreover, 20 Taliban fighters were killed in US airstrikes on Nangarhar and Maidan Wardak provinces on September 9, according to Afghan sources.

In a separated development the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq announced that ISIS fighters attacked positions of the Taliban in Darzab District of Jowzjan province. During the attack ISIS fighters killed 5 Taliban fighters and injured 7 other, according to Amaq.

The struggle between al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Taliban in Afghanistan reflect the complexity of the situation in the country. However, even with the US three main enemies in Afghanistan fighting each other, the US is still incapable of achieving a decisive victory in a battle against them.

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The Taliban had better start understanding technology. Cell phones, transcevers and the internet all have endpoints that can be located…

Real Anti-Racist Action

Russia needs to help them out with anti-air missles that same way the USSA helped them against the evil-Commie invaders decades ago.
Death to all invaders, if they be US or Russian or African or Chineese or Jews. Death to all invaders equally!

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