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JUNE 2023

12 Wounded After Successful Houthi Drone Attack On Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport

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12 Wounded After Successful Houthi Drone Attack On Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport

Screen grab from the Houthis’ attack footage.

On February 10, at least 12 people were wounded when a suicide drone launched by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) from Yemen hit Abha International Airport in the southern Saudi province of ‘Asir.

Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Houthis, said that the drone, a Qasef-2K, hit an “important military target” in the airport. The spokesman called on civilians in Saudi Arabia to stay away from military positions.

12 Wounded After Successful Houthi Drone Attack On Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport

Click to see full-size image.

The Saudi-led coalition claimed that the Houthi drone was intercepted, without clarifying how 12 people were wounded in Abha International Airport. In a statement, the coalition said that it will be taking “strict operatives measures” to end the Houthis’ threats to airports in Saudi Arabia.

“The Houthi militia’s deliberate attacks on civilian airports represent a threat that cannot be ignored and requires deterrence … Critical positions in [the Yemeni capital] Sanaa that the Houthis use to launch drones will be bombed,” the coalition’s statement reads.

The coalition went on to call on civilians in Sanaa to move away from civilian positions being used by the Houthis for the next 72 hours.

The attack on Abha International Airport was likely an attempt by the Houthis to deter the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies who recently escalated their ground operations in central and northwestern Yemen.

Any harsh response by the Saudi-led coalition to the attack on the Abha International Airport will likely provoke the Houthis even further.


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Dennis Kovac

Hmmm… Who is Salman and his Saudi family? Muslims not.. Hmmm read this below when Jews controlled Saudiarabia and Yemen. It is Israelis newspaper “Haaretz” Who are trying to rebuild it now using stupid Saudi and UAE? The same in Ukraina to rebuild Khazaria.


Last edited 1 year ago by Dennis Kovac
Dennis Kovac

Stupid Muslims in Saudi, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Bahrein do not realize this…. They are tools to do it and when they are finished they will be destroyed… Please, read it, stupid Muslims from countries above what Israelis Haaretz is writing about. READ IT people from Saudi, UAE, Bahrein, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan… You have been used for all wars in the Middle East, especially now. Yemen war is the best explanation. Quin Sheba is from Marib (Yemen) and she was together with Jewish king Salomon… And her temple is still in Marib in Yemen


Here is more history about Sheba and Salomon. Many buildings in Israel have “Sheba” name


Last edited 1 year ago by Dennis Kovac
Chris Gr

First of all, Turkey is neutral on this conflict. Secondly, Assad regime is the only non-Muslim regime on the region. Thirdly, what does this have to do with ancient Arabia and Yemen?

S Balu

Chris Gr As usual you farting from your backside and say Assad’s Government is not Muslim you do not know the meaning of Arab and non Arab Secondly Turkey is in process of integration with China’s Bel and Road scheme Now Chris be a good Greek and acknowledge your Turkish DNA and be proud of it as Soon Turkey will take over Greece and teach you how to clean your smelly backside with environmentally friendly water

Chris Gr

Assad government is secular and is supported by Christians and communists. Turkey will disintegrate in the end.


Wow, this time they didn’t say the drone was launched from Sana’a airport (as the article picture clearly proves without any doubt. Everybody knows that Sana’a airport has trees right on the runway), but they still said it was launched from Sana’a nonetheless. Direct distance from Sana’a to Abha airport is about 350KM. The logical conclusion is Yemeni Qasef 2-K drones are much, much, much more than meets the eye as they nearly have unlimited range and can be launched from ordinary houses, school buses, Bazaars and so on.

If only Abha airport was really an innocent international airport and not a base for Saudi military helicopters. But I guess with all the foreign pilots driving Saudi aircrafts to bomb Yemeni people, with a little bit of mental gymnastics we can call it international airport.

Also, did you notice: Yemen: We call on civilians in KSA to stay away from military locations. Saudis: Two can play this game, we warn Yemeni civilians to stay away from civilian locations!!

Chris Gr

Nobody denies the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen. However, I don’t get it why every state there need to ally with either Iran or Saudi Arabia instead of leading a steady and independent policy.

S Balu

Chris Gr Whole war is is imposed INDIRECTLY BY zionist entity and USA

Chris Gr

And what about China who supports the Hadi government?

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