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12 Syrian Service Members Killed In Drone Attack, Clashes: Russian MoD


12 Syrian Service Members Killed In Drone Attack, Clashes: Russian MoD

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12 Syrian service members were killed and 24 others were injured in the last 24 hours, the commander of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria revealed on January 17.

In an official statement, Maj. Gen. Yuri Borenkov said that the personnel were killed in clashes with terrorist groups in southeast Idlib, as well as in a drone attack on Aleppo.

“At 11:34 a.m. on January 17, 2020, militants using an unmanned aerial vehicle attacked positions of government forces in the Assad Academy in Aleppo city. Two Syrian soldiers were killed and four injured,” the Russian commanders said.

A day earlier, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed its ground operation in southeast Idlib in response to provocations by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

Despite initial advances, the army was pushed back by HTS after a series of successful counter-attacks. Turkish-backed militants provided the terrorist group with fire support during the clashes.

Intense Syrian and Russian airstrikes are now targeting southeast Idlib. The army’s elite units, the 25th Special Forces Division and the 4th Division, will reportedly launch ground attacks in the upcoming few days, which could dramatically change the situation.

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  • Seems likely the jihadists received help from Turkey, or US.

    Substantial improvement in tactics, capabilities, equipment used. This doesnt seem to match the usual profile.

    Also change in tactics, both in terms of reliance on advanced tech, and rapid counter attacks, likely with satellite support.

    Not sure what to make of it, but it seems to be a shifting strategic situation on the ground. The SAA, may need to re adjust its own tactics, as it seems the enemy started to apply patches to their front line weakness.

    • Leon

      And don’t forget Putin’s help to Erdogan by a serie of ceasefire or troops withdral ,each time the terrorists were in difficulties.

  • MikeH

    I wonder if there are any FUKUS+I advisors left in Idlib?

    If so, it would be a real shame if something happened to them. Just a real shame.

    • 1691

      It would be justice!

    • BMWA1

      I think the formal term is FR.UK.US.IS.

  • Ilya

    The democratisation of warfare, how screwed we all are when all this kicks off one way or another!

  • AM Hants


    Talking of drones, what is Pompeo on?

    Lunatic: Pompeo threatens Putin with Drone Assassination… https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/01/17/lunatic-pompeo-threatens-putin-with-drone-assassination/

    • Tommy Jensen

      Hopefully Kremlin operates with clones when they are heading for an invited “deal” with Americans.
      We still lack one single punch in Uncle Sams head. Its seems no one have the guts to do it.

      • AM Hants

        Careful what you wish for as I do believe the day is coming, when the US takes a hit, whatever the consequences might be.

    • אהרון

      Obviously Pompeo never threatened Putin with assassination.

      Seriously, AM, has Moscow’s VT ever served you well with such nonsense click-bait? Why can’t you learn to do authentic research?

  • Azriel Herskowitz

    Keep up the fight moderate rebels! We stand with you in your fight for a free Syria!

    • Concrete Mike

      Ill translate what you said for the other readers.

      “Long live the caliphate!! Im a terrorist supporter”

    • Christian S

      Problem with these moderates is that they screw, eat and shit on each other and no one within the ZOG entity and its wardogs seem to get a grip to control them..Giving them an oscar is not a guarantee for victory in Syria.

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      Spoken like a true Turk Mustafa, because only a pro Erdogan Turk would call the terrorists moderate rebels, even the most fervent Zionists are calling the Idlib opposition terrorists nowadays.

    • Wayne Nicholson

      Didn’t you hear, the “moderate rebels” have been transferred to Libya. Putin and Erdogan made a deal. Turkey is competing with Israel now over the fate of Libya and with it who gets to develop the Mediterranean gas fields. You think Turkey is going to do Israel any favours now? Idlib is going to be liquidated just to keep Israel occupied with the SAA / Iran.

      • d’Artagnan

        Also the Sunni unemployed males in Iraq and Syria are being actively recruited with Saudi and UAE money to continue the terror war in Syria, Iraq and Libya now. Erdogan has officially asked the CIA to arm and train the Salafist Jihadis in Idlib. Around 2,000 have already been sent to Libya and going mercenary terrorist pay is $2,000 a month and about two dozens or so have already been killed. The biggest challenge facing the SAA is manpower as the US is increasing the conflict zone and reactivating terrorism closer to Damascus in Darra and Aleppo.

      • Jake321

        Israel will develop its massive natural gas fields and sell the stuff to Europe by way of Egyptian liquefaction and a pipeline to Greece by way of the Cypriot EEZ. And there is nothing Turkey can do about it without a war.

    • d’Artagnan

      You should also stand with Hamas and Hezbollah fight for a free Palestine in your fight for freedom.

    • Jakke1899

      Bravo, that will be a major moral boost for HTS, knowing they have the moral support of a freckled faced US teenage boy, who divides his time between playstation, masturbating and trolling….

  • Xoli Xoli

    I hope Erdogan and Putin can call ceasefire to enable SAA to recover and rearm.

  • klove and light

    they regrouoped rearmed and got Ready again…… after SAA built uop Momentum AS USUAL… and AS USUAL treacherous Zionist Putin called out a ceasefire….and as mentioned above…the bastards had time to regroup, reorganize rearm and VOILA………….

  • JoeAlpha

    It is truly sad to see Syrian soldiers die in order to protect and defend their country. This has been almost a decade and is still ongoing. SAA with all its shortcomings but their fighting spirit doesn’t stop. They have never stopped fighting, they have been fighting since 2011! Their fighting spirit is truly extraordinary, their efforts in reclaiming every inch of their land stolen by Western/CIA-supported terrorists should be admired and appreciated. Rest in peace, O true warriors. May the families left behind be given strength and patience. Your brother, Russia, will always be by your side and will not leave you! Salute!

    • FlorianGeyer

      Well said, Joe, and a respectful post for the SAA that has endured an onslaught from the richest Western nations on the planet today, along with the richest Arab states for 9+ long years, and still the SAA and all her loyal allies stand to arms every minute of every day.

    • Leon

      Russia is always by your side ? A few more ceasefires to allow terrorist to regroup ( men, weapons …) ???

  • John Wallace

    Problem with ceasefires. It gives HTS who are on the backfoot and running to re group and organise new defenses and ability to counterattack costing lives . No more bullshit ceasefires .. HTS will just ignore them to their advantage..

    • Leon

      Ceasefire imposed by Putin !!!

  • U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is a CIA nut-case TERROR-BULLY, and can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag. He should be fired.

    Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said: “There are more than 10,000 militants in the east of the Euphrates region in Syria.”

    SAA artillery is in heavy bombardment against the terrorist gangster factions using mortars, rocket launchers, artillery, IRAMs etc. liberating more Syrian real estate.

    Syrian Armed Forces, Russia & the other Syria allies are liberating ALL Syria real estate of 185,180 sq km (45,758,974.5 acres) expeditiously.


    “I send more prayers to help provide strength and power.”

    Next mission for Syria to do is to send our U.S. troops packing, and make them come home.

    An armed Russian convoy of passes a post of the US Army in the area of Tall Tamr Syria.

  • Joe Dickson

    36 casualties a day, 1000 casualties a month, 12,000 casualties a year… sounds about right.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    the US/israeli funded and created ISIS fascists, referred to in western media as the “moderate opposition” r only admired by immoral barbarians

    • Leon

      You forgot supplied by Putin’s friend Erdogan.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Both Syria and Russia should be collecting signatures from the Syrian population that they are against it as Maduro was doing it.
    At least 100 000 Syrian civilian signatures and then present them to the UN that they are against violence.

    • Z.P.

      Petition for peace?
      Isn’t it little bit late for that now after so many years of war?
      They must finish what they have started and that is total liberation of the country from foreign mercenaries.