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12 Killed In ISIS Suicide Bombing In Eastern Afghanistan


12 Killed In ISIS Suicide Bombing In Eastern Afghanistan

Firefighters work at the site of a deadly suicide attack in Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, Tuesday, July 10, 2018. An Afghan official said at least 10 people, including two intelligence service agents and eight civilians, have been killed in the suicide attack in eastern Afghanistan. (AP Photo)

At least 12 people, including two security forces and 10 civilians, were killed in a suicide bombing in the city of Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan on July 10.

The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile, Taliban fighters attacked police checkpoints, killing three police officers in the province of Farah in the western part of the country.

According to pro-government sources, at least five Taliban members were killed in the recent clashes in the province.



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  • Smaug

    If you think this is bad think about the Soviet’s involvement in Afghanistan…