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12 Iranian Personnel Killed In Israeli Airstrike On Syria’s T4 Airbase – Reports


At least 12 Iranian personnel were killed and about 20 others were injured in an Israeli missile strike on Syria’s T4 Airbase early on April 9, according to pro-government sources aware of the situation.

Iran’s Fars news agency claims that only “two defenders of the shrine, Seyed Ammar Mousavi and Akbar Zavar Jannati” were killed in the air strike “carried out by the Zionist regime’s fighter jets.”

UPDATE: The number of casualties, according to Iranian media, has grown to 4 killed.

Furthermore, a military source in the T4 airbase informed SouthFront that Iranian forces had lost a major part of its assets, including equipment, which had been deployed in the area. No details on the type of the deployed equipment were provided.

According to the Syrian state-run news agency SANA, Syrian forces also suffered some casualties. However, the number of the casualties was not provided.  At least one Syrian soldier was injured in the attack.

Following the attack, the Russian Defense Minsitry revealed in a statement that the strike had been conducted by two Israeli F-15 warplanes, which launched 8 missiles. Five missiles were shot down by Syrian forces, but three reached the western part of the airbase.

These three missiles allegedly targeted positions of Iranian forces deployed in these part of the base.

Another interesting issue is that some local sources reported an electromagnetic (EM) warfare attack on Syrian forces during the Israeli strike on the T4 airbase. The EM warfare attack named by them as one of the key reasons why three missiles were able to reach the airbase.



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  • dinnedup

    Israel will prefer ISIS and Al Qaeda to SAA-Iran-Hezbollah control of Damascus.

    • gustavo

      prefere ? That was Israel-USA-NATO plan. Russia-Syria-Hezbola-Iran just ruined that plan.

  • AJ

    Looks like the Iraninans at the base were the target. Maybe more arms supplies to Hezbollah are due!

  • John Mason

    According to Fort Russ there was 2 fatalities and 7 injuries.

  • Joe

    Well now the Iranians have no face to face Israelis.

    Imagine Israel dare to attack Iranian forces….. wow.

    First time … Israel one up on Iran . Iran lost.

    • BL

      It’s not the first time and Iran won last time, you seem to have forgotten your beloved F-16 downing:


      Right now is not the right time to start a new war against Israel while so many other fronts are being fought in Syria but your time will eventually come once the rest of the threats of dealt with. Be patient.

      • FlorianGeyer

        You are correct.
        Israel attacked now for a purpose and that is do dilute and deflect the liberation of Syrian lands , especially in the Damascus area.

    • Sadde

      This news seems to excite you. Your point is that Israel is much stronger or/and braver than Iran. The reality is much more different. Israel in it self is a little land with small population and has little strategical strength. The problem is particularly US but also UK, France and Germany. The moment Iran or any other country retaliate, it uses as pretext to attack that country both economically and by force.

  • Ondřej Švec

    Maybe is time to give Lebanese some toys for shutting down Israeli warplanes.

    • Gregory Gregory

      Maybe it’s time to give Syria the S400

      • Starlight

        Hell will freeze over before Putin the zionist appeaser goes against the jews, and sells s-400 to either Syria or Iran.

        • Ewan

          hope you are wrong – otherwise its Iran on its lonesome against the ghetto rats in TelAviv – not entirely an unwinnable scenario

    • Joe

      No need just move the SAM close to the border will do.

    • Starlight

      Right, because on the side of the jewish filth are the UK, France, Russia, China and the USA. On the side of Humanity is, essentially, no-one. So humanity’s plague, the jews, will continue to murder without consequence.

    • Samuel Boas

      Lebanon is filled with traitors.

      • Turbofan


  • Nigel Maund

    The intersting question now is how does Russiand counter Israeli strikes of this type? They will have to beef up the air defences to counter all Israeli advantages, otherwise they will lose crediblity with their allies, who will now be seen as largely defenceless.

    • jerry hamilton

      No, all it means is Occupied Palestine have what Russia already has.
      Most countries have EM.

    • John Mason

      Apparently the Israelis told the US who informed Russia prior to the attack.

      • nshah

        That means.. that Starlight’s comments are correct.. Putin the Jews appeaser..! And I forgot to up vote him for telling the truth.. hehehe hahaha.. he’s damn right..!

      • nshah

        Thanks for the infos..

    • Joe

      Already known. Russia does not stop Israeli attacks . Not once in the entire war .

      They are both friends.

      • Hisham Saber

        Friends my ass, when Israel just lost an F-16

    • Skagos

      Russia is not in favor of Iranian presence in Syria so they couldn’t care less.

  • Guy

    I guess the Israelis are too chicken shit to directly attack Iran so they attack Iranian forces in Syria .What would it take to silence this little arrogant nation that steals Palestinian land on a daily basis to make room for more illegal settlements ? Rhetorical question.

    • Joe

      Well at least the Israelis are able to attack Iranian forces and Iranian forces talk big but can do nothing.

      • US-Navy Revert Shia

        That’s not true, for 40-yrs Iran is the Peg of Stability in ISISraHELLS Heart & point up there ass

      • Guy

        “but can do nothing.”
        The Iranian forces are helping to destroy the Jihadist terrorists .That is not “nothing”.
        So you support the terrorist ?Take your head out of you a$$ .The Israelis have no business whatsoever in Syria ,Lebanon or on Palestinian land for that matter .This was an act of war against Syria .Plain and simple They obviously know that the Americans will be at their back to support them ,otherwise they would not be sending missiles inot Syrian territory .I repeat :they are chicken shits always playing the victim card.

        • Joe

          I said Iran can do nothing to the Israelis … not the jihadists stupid a$$

          Read my comments and if you do not understand English , stop replying.

          Tell me how has Iran retaliated against Isrealis so far ? Nothing.

          • Guy

            Forgot to take your meds today Joe ?

          • Joe

            Just stating the facts …Iran can talk big but can do nothing

          • Rafik Chauhan

            IF ANY ISRAELI SOLDIER WAS IN SYRIA IRANIAN SHOULD HAVE REPLIED TWICE . if Israel attack iranain soldier in iran then this Zionist scum wil drove them selve in the sea when iran counter attack. iran has already attack many times via ressitance . tell that Zionist shit to put soldier in Syria then they will see what response comes.

          • nshah

            They won’t be sending their babies in diapers as it’ll embrace them..

          • Hisham Saber

            Dude, what are you talking about. Since 2000, when Hezbollah was born, Iran has pretty much weaponized them to the teeth.

            In 2006, when Israel got a severe spanking by Hezbollah, Iranian commandos and advisors were there on the ground assisting in the thrashing Israel got. Ever since, Israel has a cold fear of Hezbollah and Iran.

            Funny thing is, that the child killing IDF (Israeli Defense (sic) Forces) only faced Hezbollah regulars under command of Iranian advisors. Hezbollah’s main forces, and especially their elite forces were north of the Litani Line and saw no action.

            4500 Hezbollah regulars stopped 75,000 IDF soldiers and two armored divisions. They took so many main battle tank losses that they shut down the manufacturing plant for their Merkava MBT (Chariot of God).

            Zionism is an ill fated experiment that will come to an end soon. Iran is slowly but surely making this a reality.

            This just happened today. Wait a bit, Irans response will be very painful for the Zionist child killing entity.

            And no one, not the U.S., France, U.K. , NATO will, or can rescue their asses from the fire soon. U.S. and NATO cannot even handle a bunch of guys wearing beach sandals and bedsheets armed with only AK-47’s and a few IED’s in Afghanistan. The U.S. even paid off the Iraqi insurgency with billions so they could extract themselves from that rout. 14 out of 16 battalions of the U.S. miliatray bogged down. That was the famous ‘surge’ we were told about.

            Arrogant Israel will pay dearly, you will see.

          • US-Navy Revert Shia

            No need to comment to these Jinns ISISraHELL Has the Biggest Gay City in the World F.A.C.T.S. HELL’AVI Stone cold homo’s

          • velociraptor

            4500 Hezbollah regulars stopped 75,000 IDF soldiers and two armored
            divisions. They took so many main battle tank losses that they shut down
            the manufacturing plant for their Merkava MBT (Chariot of God).


            hezbollah lost the core, the best fighters. IL fullfilled all goals. stopped at line plannned before attack. hezbollah destroyed 20 tanks out of 400. nothing. hetbollag was soooo much fuked in ass and mouth , that from that time avoids to attack IL.

            hezbolalh is nothing. bunch of stupid believers and professional terrorists. iran should stay between its borders.

          • Ewan

            Veloci Craptor pulling facts outta his butt again. Israel LOST the 2006 war. They lost it militarily (no stated objectives achieved), they lost it strategically (They never attacked Lebanon again – a habit they had for decades), They were out maneuvered – Hizbollah had advanced Russian made Iranian supplied signals interception equipment that allowed them to know exactly where the next attack was coming from. Kornet atgm destroyed at least 75 Merkava – israel admits to 50 – the worse EVER loss in history. Believe your Zionist wetdream or go read something factual like alistair crookes excellent, highly respected analysis in Asia Times. And and and, they lost a ship and damaged another. Just can’t stomach Israel having a pussie army? So much for air superiority. Nasrallah is the next King of Jerusalem and there ain’t Nutting u can do about it.

          • nshah

            I wanted to comment on this too.. but you’ve had put it so well and straight to the point.. btw, if I’m not mistaken.. it’s more than 40+ markava some says 100+.. as recently I watched lot of the 2006 war.. and can’t recalled which video.. Or was it 140+..?

          • nshah

            He replied you firm.. it’s either ur ignorance, can’t comprehend or just plain stupid who doesn’t know what proxy war is..! Just go & learn who’s israhell proxies are that the Iranian armies kills and blows up on a daily basis that irks them so much..! That is why they sent ISIS air force to save their 2nd hand (soldiers/mercenaries) proxies’ asses.. But the main thing now for Israhell bastards is all about Iranian base that will jeopardized their existence as a huge colony of squatters in the land of Palestine..!

          • Joe

            I am talking about directly between Iran and Israel not about proxies wars.

            Even the Israelis are worried that Iran will do something and the Israelis used threat to kill Assad if Iran does something to Istarl.

            In short you are wrong. Iran can’t do anything to israel

      • russ

        LOL you are delusional… Ask Israel how the liked the Russian Kornet missile used in ’06.

        • Joe

          Silly that was a different war fought with different people.

          hez just use them…

        • Ewan

          100 Merkavas in Jewish hell

          • russ

            I thought it was 49, but I like your number better… either way Israel was stunned into hysterics. Close to ’73 when Egypt destroyed so many Israeli tanks. Israel isn’t comfortable with opponents that can fight back. They do better kicking unarmed women and children around much more.

          • Ewan

            More like 75 altho, the Yids admit to 49 or 50 only, but then they would lie. Baby killer IDF, the most moral army in the world. You gotta give ’em credit for marketing though. They must be celebrating over the defeat of the unarmed Gaza protesters they killed.

          • nshah

            yeah.. even the Palestinians blown off about 2-3 pcs of it when they came to know the weakest part of that useless tank.. lol

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      Routine airstrikes on israhelli bases

    • russ

      Hezbollah… and the time is coming soon.

    • Starlight

      The dirty dirty jews gave their asset, zionist appeaser Putin, advance warning. Putin has given the dirty jews every assistance to murder Iranians across this conflict.

      Why do you think Putin forbade activation of Russia’s air defense assets present in Syria during this attack? The Russians watched the jew planes take off, enter Lebanese air space, and launch their missiles. Knowing that the missiles were aimed at Iranian facilities meant they had no issue with the war crime.

      And Trump, watching the cowardly zionist appeaser kneel at the feet of the jews yet again, is a million times mre confident today about his plans to blitz Syria.

    • Rob

      I thought that they gonna help Palestinians and Kashmiris. I was wrong, those that they cannot help themselves so how they gonna help others. LOL

    • Conrado C. Guzmán

      Not chicken, intelligent.

  • leon mc pilibin

    If this is true then expect interesting times to come from Iran and allies.

  • Kell McBanned

    They are sniffing for EM emitions but at the same time everytime Israel attacks they betray NATO/US capabilities and techniques, both sides are using this to evolve

    • russ

      That’s the silver lining. Israel is training the Mid East on US weapons capability.

  • john walker

    Let`s see…the Palestinians are being genocided, the zionist are attacking Syria and Iranian
    forces shamelessly, without retribution (including from Russia) WTF ! Where is all that bravado from
    the Muslims in the area that was being heard recently about how they were going to deal with
    Israel, once and for all ? Standing by while Israel HUMILIATES them over and over again…
    Watching their brethren being slaughtered in Gaza ? I d say they are cowards,nothing more to say

    • US-Navy Revert Shia

      ISISraHELL Is A ‘HUMILIATION’ Every day it’s Apartheid Criminal AngloZionist Knesset is near & near it’s death. The IDF does not have the balls in March into gaza the cowards shoot from behind sandbags miles off or from the air…the gay community in HELL’AVI Is the Largest in the world the time in here for the cowards to die a slow death

    • Starlight

      You really are a CRETIN. Those attacked and murdered by the jews literally have no-one in their corner. The jews have Russia, China, the UK, France and the USA. Iran could launch missiles at the jew filth today, but all that would get Iran is a war by all parties mentioned, INCLUDING RUSSIA, that would wipe Iran out.

      The jews have a knife at the throat of every good muslim, child, woman and man.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    Fucking bastards!!!

    • Starlight

      I hope that’s aimed at zionist appeaser Putin, who gave explicit permission for the attack, and ensured the iranians were given no advance warning- letting them die.

      Then again that filth Putin allowed the USA to mass murder elite Russian irregulars some weeks back as well.

  • Russie Unie

    RIP to all iranians’ families and friends. Fuck IsraHell !

    • Garga

      Iranian sources confirmed the number of causalities so far: 7 Iranians and 4 Syrians. Rest in peace. They give their lives so we can live in security like nothing is happening.

      T4 was and is the spearhead of the operations against ISIS. Israelis helped ISIS with this act and their chain of command will pay for it.

      PS. I apologize for writing it in reply to you. I wanted the newest numbers be seen.

    • Starlight

      Murdered by PUTIN. The jews do NOTHING without Putin’s explicit permission. The zionist appeaser ensures Iranian forces in Syria are defenseless.

      • Russie Unie

        Débile !!!

      • Ewan

        Not really, Putin is opening the way for an Iranian response. Soon Golan will be in back in Syrian hands.

  • JEinCA

    Give the Iranians whatever they need to exact revenge on the Zionists.

    • nshah

      Just send thousands of missiles straight to Haifa, Hellhaviv & Dimona as Dimona will do the rest of the job in a blink of the eyes.. and i guaranteed the world will be at peace..
      Dont forget some of the places in the UK + the wahabi palace too.. that’s where the worst scums of the earth lived..

  • greatndit

    iran want to attack israel ?
    build as many fighter plane as many as iran can . preferably 3X israel fighter plane .

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    Thats no accurate info…Russian federal news Agency told that 2 Iranian servicemen death and 7 wounded…there were EM warfare vs Israeli AGM 142 carried out by a MI-17 helicopter with Richarg AV JAM system which managed to disable 5 missile on flight!..as I told Yesterday that Russia have on sight US bases in Baltic countries…Today Russian forces in that place are in full combat alert( Al Masdar)!

    • Skagos

      4 dead. Confirmed by Iran.

    • Hide Behind

      THANK YOU.

  • Dr. Ronald Cutburth

    War is coming. Briton, the US and France made false claims with no evidence against Russia first, then Russia, Iran and Syria. Ukraine is threatening Russia as though it has a big military. That would be the US backers of the Nazis. Their continuous and frequent claims show they will attack proves their plan for war with Russia and its allies.

    • Hisham Saber

      If it comes to that, they may just et their war/s. But as long as it stays conventional.

      It comes down to who has control of the land, who has boots on the ground, not who has the biggest navy or most planes. Russians lead the west in missile technology, their allies in the Middle East, Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, Iran are the ones with the boots on the ground.

      Ukraine is not a problem. A decapitation strike on the Jew junta in Kiev and its all she wrote, or the Russians can simply send back the Chechens who in 2014-15 handed the Ukie military decisive victory resulting in a total rout.

      Russia, Syria(SAA, NDF), Iraq (Popular Mobilization Forces-mostly Shia), Hezbollah (who have 6-7 yaers real combat experience in Syria), Iran (IRGC, Basij, regular armed forces-with one Iranian General stating recently that Iran could easily have 5 million men under arms), and last but not least, and very importantly China, who is a silent partner to those mentioned above.


      Israel, who outside their airforce, are not any good exceot at killing unarmed civilains, but got spanked hard by a militia , Hezbollah in 2006, NATO, U.S., U.K, France are worthless as we still see today as they cannot even handle a bunch of guys wearing beach sandals and bedsheets, armed with AK-47’s and a few IED’s, for over 17 years now. Afghanistan being one of the poorest countries in the world.

      So you see, who has the boots on the ground, in who’s very land the war will be fought on, and who has yaers of real combat experience and raging desire to settle the score.

    • gustavo

      I hope Russia has taken Hitler lesson and be prepared for the initial sudden USA-Israel-NATO-Ukranian attack.

    • Joe Dirt

      Ukraine is threatening Russia? Are you aware of Russia’s military posture?

      Russia’s current military posture looks as if they are planning for invasion of Ukraine.

  • Jim Prendergast

    The vulnerability of Lebanon must be covered.

  • Nick

    So that’s it then – Putin will not act to protect Iranian forces, he will not attack Israel.

    Now it is only a matter of arranging a provocation between the Iranians and Turks to break this false alliance and then the establishment can finally have their war on Iran. I believe this was the objective from the beginning – Syria without Iran is not much threat to Israel. Syria and Lebanon beholden to Russia alone is something the Israelis think they can control.

    • Brad Isherwood

      Russian Radar can see IAF jets taking off in Israel.
      That’s minutes lead time before IAF gets to Lebanon.
      Syria’s Radar probably cannot see deep into Israel. ….Russia can..
      Is Russia passing off IAF vector telemetry to Syrian Airdefence,
      Or did Netanyahu work a deal where Russian Radar detection of IAF does not get passed on to
      SAA airdefence ?
      T4 is minutes flight time from Lebanon….
      SAA point defence can get on that with high % intercept – Pantsir/BUK M2E .

      Russia has area Jamming system which would crush Cruise missile attack.
      Syria might have something by way of Iranian Radar/Jamming EW.
      That’s definitely something the Heebs are going to attack and test against.

  • Nuno Cardoso da Silva

    “…The EM warfare attack named by them as one of the key reasons why three missiles were able to reach the airbase….”

    Hopefully this will be a lesson which may allow future defensive actions to be more effective. The day will come when not a single American cruise missile will be able to reach its objective. Not to mention the possibility of switching off all electronics of enemy planes, making them crash.

    • Gregory Casey

      This is the most interesting sentence ……. if indeed the Israelis deployed EM warfare to facilitate their Missile Strikes, there is no knowing just how far and how fast this entire scenario deteriorates. Ordinary Israelis living in urban settlements close to the Lebanese or Syrian border should be quaking in their beds at night. Israeli arrogance cannot ensure an absence of retaliatory Strikes on Israel.

    • Starlight

      The missiles reached the airbase cos zionist appeaser Putin gave EXPLICIT PERMISSION for the attack (once again). The dirty jewish jets were recorded in flight by civilian observer teams in Lebanon long before they fired their missiles. No russian air defense system was activated cos Putin knew exactly where and when the missiles were going- and left the iranians to DIE unwarned.

  • MH370

    imagine if all of the missile are hit and not shutdown…. the whole T4 will be in ruin

  • Rafik Chauhan

    Syria saa should start shooting those plane in lebnon airspace. Take the permission from the lebnese army and president. this 2 country joint cooperation against Israel will make this Zionist scum stay in occupied house . or supply lebnon with Airdefence system its time for lebnon to get atleast 3 or 4 system

  • Roger Snellman

    This was just a test. This base has Russian anti-air defense. Countermeasures needed to be tested before the next major air attack. Appears as though Israel’s test was a success. Now the door is open for US and allies to make a statement by destroying something big. Any ideas as to what they will target?

    • Hisham Saber

      How was this a success? With 5 AGM’s scrambled and lost, while causing really insignificant damage and a few dead, all while enflaming, enraging and making the Shia crescent more determined to fight the fight to come.

      Israel’s action/s are only self defeating, and are no test, but like its vassal the U.S., is violating international law.

      There are big things on both sides that can be broken. In an airwar/combat, the U.S., and allies have more planes, but when it comes down to it, who has boots on the ground?

      On the ground, the Shia and allies will eat the U.S. and allies alive.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    So Israel had a target, and Israel destroyed their target. They fired 8 because everyone knows a few never make it.
    Russian and Iranian anti-air systems are inferior to the Jewish race technology.
    Moscow must bow before their old masters as Jews now return to dominate them and embarrass them in the field just as they did with the Jews defeated the White Russians at every turn.

  • World_Eye

    Yes the T4 base has a lot Iranian Advisers there, Zionists want them dead, this is 2nd or 3rd time Zionists attack that base..

  • US-Navy Revert Shia

    ISISraHELL Does not have the balls to march into Gaza ISISraHELL got it’s ass handed to it by Hezbollah 2006

    • US-Navy Revert Shia

      Now 12-yrs later Iran is Building UnderGround Weapon Factories Gun-Batteries In Lebanon Able to Hit HELL’AVI At will & all ship in the sea

  • US-Navy Revert Shia

    Syria Russia Iran Stood their ground & beat back ISISraHELLS Proxy Head Chopping Mercenaries Armed to the Teeth & Most NATO Homo’s