12 Free Syian Army Groups Create New Alliance In Quneitra Province


On August 17, 12 Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups announced the formation of the 63rd Division “The South Division” in Quneitra province. The 63rd Division will be a part of the Syrian Revolutionaries Front (SRF) led by Jamal Maarouf, according to an official statement.

The 63rd Divison will include the following FSA groups:

  1. Fajr al-Sham Gathering;
  2. Abu Dujanah Brigades;
  3. Al-Yassen force;
  4. Assud al-Rahman;
  5. Jafar al-Tayar force;
  6. Ahrar al-Yarmouk;
  7. Decisive Storm force;
  8. Al-Rahman Brigade;
  9. Martyrs of the South force;
  10. Abd al-Rahim Samur force;
  11. Spicial Operation Brigade;
  12. The Field Artillery Regiment.

In the official statement, the 63rd Division stressed that it will work to “bring down the Assad regime”. The division also claimed that it will restore security to the “liberated areas” in Quneitra province.

The SRF is one of the biggest US-backed FSA groups. However, the SRF has also very close ties to Turkey. Its leader Jamal Maarouf lives now there after Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) destroyed SRF forces in Idlib in 2015.

As the main backer of Jamal Maarouf Turkey maybe seeking to increase its influence in the Syrian south by forming the 63rd Division.



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  • testera

    There are still to many of them for anyone to keep track of. They need to kill each other some more.

  • Serious

    Why didn’t someone bomb this meeting ?

  • Paul Lynch

    Another American created disaster. How can you be illegally set up in a sovereign country foment terror, and then sing songs and waive flags, claiming America is free because of it?. America is a basket case, a runaway empire.

  • Paul Lynch

    ….while America burns at home with this Trump clown.

  • gustavo

    These stupid guys are working for Israel and USA to continue destroying its country. They are formed and supported by USA-NATO-Israel. Syria-Hezbolah-Iran-Russia need to find the way to destroy these new-name terrorists.