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12 Chinese Warplanes “Encroach” Taiwan’s Airspace, As Missile Defense Systems Locked On Them

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12 Chinese Warplanes "Encroach" Taiwan's Airspace, As Missile Defense Systems Locked On Them

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On January 23rd, twelve Chinese warplanes entered the south-western corner of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

Taiwan’s air force deployed missiles to “monitor” the incursion, the island’s defense ministry said.

The warplanes included 8 nuclear-capable H-6K bombers and 4 J-16 fighter jets.

“Airborne alert sorties have been tasked, radio warnings issued and air defense missile systems deployed to monitor the activity,” said the Defense Ministry in a brief statement.

China in recent months has conducted almost daily flights over the waters between the southern part of Taiwan and the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands in the South China Sea.

MSM like to report that China “claims” Taiwan as its own territory, while it is, actually, a part of China. Taiwan, or as its official name is – the Republic of China is recognized by the UN as a territory under Beijing’s sovereignty.

A map provided by Taiwan’s Defense Ministry showed that the Chinese aircraft flew over the same waters where the most recent Chinese missions have been taking place, well away from mainland Taiwan.

However, these flights have generally consisted of only one or two reconnaissance aircraft. As such this “incident” is notable due to the sheer number of aircraft.

The US State Department issued a statement urging China to stop pressuring Taiwan while reaffirming its commitment to the nation.

“We urge Beijing to cease its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure against Taiwan and instead engage in meaningful dialogue with the nation’s democratically elected representatives,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price.

“We will continue to assist Taiwan in maintaining a sufficient self-defense capability,” he continued.

There was no immediate comment from China, in the past leaders there have said it will continue to carry out exercises to defend the country’s sovereignty and security.

The Biden Administration is likely to keep antagonizing China in this direction.

Emily Horne, spokeswoman for the White House’s National Security Council said US commitment to Taiwan remains “rock-solid” after Taiwan’s de facto ambassador in Washington, Hsiao Bi-khim, attended Biden’s swearing-in.


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Ryan Glantz

well at least they can’t blame the wars on Trump.

Just Me

This old senile geezer Biden is far greater threat to world peace then Trump. The Jews totally own him. Just look the Jew infested government, it has more Jews than in the entire US history. The scum Blinken is a confirmed Zionist.


they own a ruin upon a hill

John Brown

predicted it is very clear in the first week of Rothchild Soros Biden
Harris Jewish rule then Adelson Trump Jewish etc. rule was the lesser evil.

The Trump camp wanted to consolidate the empire and hold onto what they could the Biden camp wants to go for full world comination

Just Me

Locked on means that they were shit scared to open fire. Good for the PLA.


There is an inacuracy in the title, they didn’t enter Taiwan’s airspace but “identification zone”. Be sure they were shot down if they entered the air space.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

PLAAF SEAD mission next time those renegade province radars go active. (in an ideal world)

Peter Moy

In the words of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy “Moneybags’ Pelosi: “It was a wonderful sight to behold.” Just because aircraft are flying near their own country makes the little, hypocritical, brain damaged freaks in Washington, District of Corruption soil their adult diapers and panties.

Potato Man

Huh…so it is okay for US send nuclear bombers near Iran and Russia, but China can’t send their nuclear bombers near their own borders. Taiwan is part of China like it or not, as Palestine is for Arabs and Jews not goys and Zion.
Taiwan better know in no fuking way can they live few days – if they start a war and remember US never attack a wealthy country, they only attack weak countries.
If the India-Japan-Taiwan block thinks they can take of China they are fuking wrong. US plan is to weaken Chinese with those countries before they attack, which would be a gold chance for US.
Zion yankees never help but to loot.

Alberto Garza

lol the arabs are weak ..


China prefers to bully Phillippines and Vietnam that don’t have the military advantage of Taiwan.


Interesting thing is that China already has the largest number of warships in the world and is still building more. China is determined to bring Taiwan under its control like Hong Kong without firing a single shot. Invasion could be the largest resort. If war broke out there over Taiwan, war could break out in Korea also at the same time. Then US is done.


what missile system its not as if the west has any working missile technology they are pathetic at this issue

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