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11th Joint Russian-Turkish Patrol Took Place In Southern Idlib (Video, Map)

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11th Joint Russian-Turkish Patrol Took Place In Southern Idlib (Video, Map)

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On May 14, an 11th joint Russian-Turkish patrol took place on the M4 highway in southern Idlib. The patrol took place between the area west of Saraqib and the eastern entrance of Arihah.

Supporters of radicals protested against the patrol but they were not able to block it. Earlier this week, the 10th joint Russian-Turkish patrol was attacked by militants.


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Hopefully russkies will kill some more turks and iranians :D

klove and light

everything going exactly as planned for the zionists……Putin is making sure that the resisitance has an enemy in their backyard…….

and for the 99% Donkeys and treacherous Zionist Putin Lovers here………….

SO you Folks still believe that SAA will conquer back IDLIB and AFRIn ????????
come on smart ass Zionist brainwashed idiots…lets hear it…….

as i wrote 2 years ago and repeated 100+ times……get that in your fucking HEADS

IDLIB and AFRIN in the North of syria is LOST as Long as treacherous Zionist pig Putin protects the Zionist created Moslem brotherhood. PERIOD.

PUTIN that PIG is protecting them…open your fucking eyes!

And dont have a doubt, ofcourse the resistance , hezbollah,SAA and iranian Forces know that……they dont trust Putin one Little Tiny bit.

Again i will Quote the iranian well known smart intelligent Mohammad Javad Zarif, the current foreign Minister of Iran in an interviewe from febuary 2018. READ READ READ and LEARN LEARN
I don’t think it’s a war that Americans understand very well. Your generation that now leads Iran you were all shaped by that experience.
That is a very unfortunate fact that people have short memories. And actually, some of them may not want to remember what happened.
When Iraq invaded Iran on the 22nd of September, 1980, everybody expected the Iranian government to fall within seven days. That is why the [United Nations] Security Council did not issue a resolution until the 29th of September. A massive aggression had taken place. Thousands of kilometers of Iranian territory — this was a shock-and-awe operation almost. Thousands of kilometers of Iranian territory had already been taken. Not a single word. People were waiting for the regime, for the new revolutionary government, to fall.
Took seven days for them to realize that it wouldn’t be as rapid as they had hoped. So on 19 September 1980 the Security Council issued its first resolution, and it’s just horrendous, because it doesn’t even follow the usual protocol. You know, when there is a war, almost cliché for a Security Council resolution is to ask for cease-fire and withdrawal.
Didn’t. It just asked for cessation of hostilities, not even for withdrawal. And that was the only resolution the Security Council issued, Resolution 479. Then the Security Council went home. For two years, our people had to single-handedly defend their country. Everybody was supporting Iraq. Not a single piece of equipment came officially to Iran. We went and purchased through unofficial means, paying exorbitant amounts–
On the black market?
On the black market.
And you were up against?
We were up against the most serious campaign by the United States to prevent, and we were up against a regime that was receiving equipment from almost everybody. The Americans provided it with AWACS [Airborne Warning and Control System] intelligence. The French provided it with Mirage fighters. The Russians provided it with MiG fighters.

John Wallace

Well the peace ? seems to be holding and the patrol going further so what is better , a few idiots throwing rocks at armored vehicles or all out attacks with IED’s , rockets and the rest.. It is a lot quieter than several weeks ago and I am sure no one is happy with the various groups being where they are..


I repeat it again, any joined Russia-Turkey activity in Idlib smell bullshit.

Duc Palatine

The whole thing is a fucking mess, lies double lies and the Yanks digging in with their Kurdish Puppets in the East. The Turks aren’t playing a double game with Russia, they are solidly NATO remember that and the resistance are ISIS under a different Brand, with US trained group leaders. Russia is protecting is sphere of influence along with China and the new Silk Road plan with Iran, NATO are trying to prevent it.

Syria just happens to be the territory this geopolitical pseudo-war is being played on. If Russia wanted Idlib cleared all the radicals would be dead alog with 5000 turkish soldiars and 25000 civilians.

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