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How Turkey Uses Migration to Put Pressure on Europe (Infographics)


This map provides an obvious evidence that Turkey uses the Eastern Mediterranean migration route to put pressure on Europe.

Any independent observer could note that the migration flow through Turkey has grown more than in 20 times since 2014.

Also, an independent observer could ask “How do all that people travel through Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea to Europe“?… without any administrative support, accidentally.

Thus, Ankara blackmails the EU with migrants to get some 3 billion euros ($3.2 billion) of the European help and a visa-free regime with the union. Then, Erdogan is ready to strengthen the Turkey’s border security to prevent “uncontrolled” migration flows.

Meanwhile, the US-led ‘anti-ISIS’ coalition which includes Turkey (what the news!) is continuing to fuel the Syrian war by supporting Islamist militant groups fighting the Syrian government. This is only strengthening the migration.

It seems that the EU member states are trying to solve the crisis from the wrong end…

How Turkey Uses Migration to Put Pressure on Europe (Infographics)

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