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Iraqi Prime Minister labels U.S. boots on the ground as a hostile act


Iraqi Prime Minister labels U.S. boots on the ground as a hostile act

Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Abadi

‘Iraq government scolds the U.S. and denounces its presence in Iraq, once again. Iraqi PM Al-Abade made it clear that any foreign force without permission by the Iraqi government will be treated as a hostile act and will be dealt with as such’

In a statement published by the prime minister’s office released on Thursday Al-Aadi said Iraq “will consider any country sending ground combat forces a hostile act and will deal with it on this basis,”

“The Iraqi government confirms its firm and categorical rejection of any action of this kind issued by any country [that] violates our [Iraq’s] national sovereignty,”

“did not request any side… to send ground forces to Iraq,” Al-Abadi said.

This statement came in response to plans announced by the Whitehouse in November to deploy a joint task force to fight on the ground both in Iraq and Syria. Up to 100 personnel will be sent, for now, while there has been calls for that number to be tripled according to some reports.

Gerard Dinnen



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  • Jeremy Gates

    GOOD one Iraq tell the zio-subservients to f off back to their united snakes of aipac of liars cess pit..