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112 Russian Servicemembers Died Since Start Of Operation In Syria: Official

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112 Russian Servicemembers Died Since Start Of Operation In Syria: Official


112 Russian servicemembers have died since the start of the military operation in Syria in 2015, Viktor Bondarev, the chairman of the Russian parliament’s upper house Defense and Security Committee, stated on September 30.

He added that most of the casualties was caused by the incidents with An-26 and Il-20 planes. According to Bondarev, the Russian military lost 8 planes, 7 helicopters and “maybe” 1-2 BTR and armoured vehicles.

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This video won’t run over my wifi connecition without breaking up every few seconds. You might try putting up a less high resolution version for those with this problem to download instead of the HD version you have up.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

The US lost their ISIS army The Russians died in defense of their country, Christians in Syria, and All of Syria. Spacebo.

Jens Holm

More like placebo.


Only if you’re delusional.

Concrete Mike

Well losing 116 men, how many isis/al nusrah rat?

How many western died? Oh wait we dont know because technically we aint there.

You can project all you want, its pretty clear, russia has won this round. Look at today versus 3 years ago.

On the ground, where it counts, russia has won, russia has won without having to shoot a western plane down, without sinking a ship.

Spin it how you want, russia has outsmarted the west on this one hands down.

The west’s scheme to use local militants funded by third parties as boots on the ground( this doctrine was published on council of foreign relation in an article in july 2014) for plausible deniability, using this force to topple syria and turn it into a salafist principality has FAILED.

What russia has done is alot with a little.

Try and spin this around I dare you!

Spacebo Russia.

Zionism = EVIL

Russia needs to make the US occupation thugs and Zionists pay in Syria and the region. Arming the resistance groups with better weaponry is a cheap and effective method.


Yes but those are most big jets in which they crashed by human error from the pilots themselves other than that KILLED IN ACTION are not many if we take the count of the 1 Su-24 from Turkey and 1 Su-25 in Idlib from HTS, and if we take the last the IL-20 as KIA that’s it 20 max servicemen, other than that other are planes and choppers that crashed before landing or after etc.


This day in 1941 the 5th largest and bloodiest battle in the recorded history of mankind started. (1st, 2nd and 4th largest battles of history also belongs to the history of the Russian army, a magnificent record that will never be surpassed by any other nation!!!)

It is about the battle for Moscow, where, 1.400.000+ Russians defendants managed to defeat the 1.929.000+ nazist trashes and their large pan-ethnic armies comprised of Germans, Italians, Spaniards and Scandinavians -nordic supremacists wannabes-.

As a result of this heroic defence, over 806.000+ Russians died and over 457.000 Germans also died, resulting in the miserable failure of operation Barbarossa!!comment image

Jens Holm

Very good propganda version. Trotskij almost was there too.

And You ignore russians has no fuel transportations without Bedford trucs.


Dont be Jealous of the epic, heroic and masculine Russian resistance that annihilated the inferior Germanics

Jens Holm

I am not.

Zionism = EVIL

USSR did indeed defeat the Nazis, but most of the fighting was done by Caucasian and Central Asians forced conscripts. Same as in Afghanistan.


Germans killed about five Russians for every one of their own. Your inferior Germanics idea is just silly.


Trotski was a western spy, you filthy faggot, don’t mix him with us and stinking americunt jews were supporting both germans and sovjets in the first years of WW2.

Jens Holm

I dont see Trotsky as a Western spy at all. Stalinmade Stalinism, where everybody were spies, if he didnt trust them.

He almost disarmed the Red Army by that stupidity in 1938 as well. Thats why nazis could take so much that long.

True Trotsky was a moderate Communist. If he was not deported to mexico communism still was alive today.

Zionism = EVIL

That is a good analysis. Lenin and the rest of the Jews were extreme and brutal. Trotsky was a socialist and indeed USSR would have survived if the brutal Jew cabal led by Lenin and the the blood thirsty Georgian thug Stalin ruined it by oppression.

Jens Holm

I dont think You should blame Lenin. He was ill and died already 1924 or something.

Zionism = EVIL

The idea behind socialism was good if it had followed the Scandinavian model and not the extreme brutal communism bordering on fascism that got hold of both Russia and China. The eastern European nations had no interest in such a stark brutal system.

Jens Holm

Yes, but they have no radtion for anything but centralized Governess having no tradtion for being indeoendent persons.

Our socialism came a little by little by more men could vote and in lower ages.Vomen got more rigthts. Criminals could vote too.

And the conservative as well as the liberals made reforms for it, because the devellopment needed more educated ones to “control” the system.

So the winner from the Marxisme was the Socialdemocrats even communists became big.

Even so many were very poor in the farmland as well as urbanised, there by that came no really violence but more reforms by their influence(the Social democrates).

The proud ones here say, that if we keep the ones in the bottom not too poor and they have possibilities for education and jobs almost as anybody else, they wont uprise and make so many strikes.

I sometimes feel lucky. 3 of my Grandparents were very poor and 4 of my Grandfather sibling emmigrated to USA and Argentina, because they were very poor.

3 of those emmigrations did well. Thats why I partly understand emmigrants of today and have some symphaty for them too.

You are what. apart from a zionism = not like ?


The European socialist states, however, are based on coercion, parasitism, greed, and pervasive regulation.

The British have a particularly retarded love for nationalization and second-rate economic and social inefficiency. And boy do they love the total surveillance state. Criticize open borders or Muslim and African parasites in Europe and the authorities wet their pants.and you’ll go to jail or lose your job. British prison authorities knew Tommy Robinson was going to be attacked with boiling water. Some duckweed EU moron wants to invade Hungary!!

What isn’t stark and brutal about these soon-to-be-cesspool countries?


“Lenin and Terror

“There is no doubt that the real ideologist and initiator of terror was Lenin himself. His notion of a popular revolution, which followed very much the pattern of France in 1793, implied a wide use, only on a greatly enlarged scale, of all means of terrorism. He not only created the Cheka, but constantly and publicly rationalized the use of extreme violence, and instigated and prodded the Cheka leadership to greater activity.”



Get some books, read them and come back to discussion about this topis after you have done that. Because you talk BS: You obviously have no clue about Trocky and Stalin. Trocky WAS agent of global oligarchy, that is why Stalin had to get rid of him.

Jens Holm

It depens which book You read and who wrote it.

Its just like the propaganda picture or close to like Russians even try to use and american videogame to transport people from ISIS out from the Assads regime zone.

Even the Russians of today finally has moved Stalin away from his mausoleum. Getting power by systematic kiling and a terror regime dont confirm the population should gain from that regime of his.

A more moderat communisme would that. Stali´n lost the Sovjet Union and made it to a sinking warship keeping people in an unproductive sociaty based on too much ineffective work and free slave labour in Gulag.

Millions died in Barbarossa becauese his selection by take people out of influence. Even after that Barbarossa killing Your own, it went the same kind of waste and ineffective because of pan-flat control and too much party control more then a better and bigger production for all in Sovjet.

Read some books Yourself. I know details for Communisme very well.


Some “books” are not really books. Stalin was a great leader and those who claim he killed milions of innocent are the same forces that were trying to convince us Iraq had WMD or that Putin invaded Ukraine. Stay clear of mainstream “knowledge”

Jens Holm

As You wish. Most of the world and even the majority of Russians dont see that at all.


Even if most of the people believe that a wolf is a sheep, that still does not mean that the wolf is indeed a sheep. Does it?

Beside is nothing new that most of the people in the world believe the CNN/FOX/BBC/Hollywood stories

In Russia far from majority of people believe that Stalin was a bad leader. He defeated Hitler didnt he?


He was a stinking jew working for the american elites.

Zionism = EVIL

You still an unemployed MORON?

Jens Holm

Russians was helped with 250.000 vehicles mainly jeeps and Bedfords for fuel. When the bedfords came, they were filled up with fuel as well.

And I only have a job in hours now and then. I have a kind of pension and some fortune. The job is for extra.

Zionism = EVIL

OK, I understand. Where are you from?

Jens Holm

I live at home.

Zionism = EVIL

Yes, where? US or in Europe. US social security pensions suck like the lack of health care. My guess is that you are in Canada which is a slightly better version of US :)

Jens Holm

Not a bad guess. I am from Denmark


Zionism = EVIL

Denmark is good. No wonder you can retire early. US sucks and Danes normally are pretty moderate but still have to kiss US arse being a small nation. The Swedes are the most independent of all Nordics.

Jens Holm

You dont know my age.Its a secret. I could be 150.

Zionism = EVIL

Good luck to you then :) hopefully you will make it to 200.

Jens Holm

I hope so. We might even see peace in the Middle East :) + :(

Zionism = EVIL

Not as long as the fake “jews” are stealing land from Arabs and living off western welfare.

Jens Holm

I did not make that and was not even born there. So my age by that is max 70 :)

Concrete Mike

Ok so thank you britsh then?

Look ay wkipedia about lend lease deal, what does it say about fall 1941??? Hardly any aid was there.

So your bedford trucks werent even there yet buddy.

Nice try.

Jens Holm

Of course not. Russia did not need help until it got devastating losses in spring there well suppprted by the many Stalin stupidities.

So the help also started with, what USA and GB had. That wasnt much. Let me remind You, that Germans just had tryed to take GB by bombardments and submarines.

USA was not even in the war before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour in december 1941. Until then it only sold extra to GB.

Russia did not need equipment until they lost so much. That included their biggest trucks and a lot more from Ukraine. They also lost almost all their ancient jets.

This is not about try or nice try.

Its arbout hard facts and USSR was helped very much, which made Eisenhower need a lot of trucks in North Africa as well as delayed the invasion at Normandie later in hard priorities.

In the same priority You probatly also forget, that USA(and 10% Britts) took Japan. USSR did not at all. Russians even could take in all not army material in by Vladivostok.


Large pan-ethnic armies on the Moscow front ?

Zo Fu

Russia tested new weapons, get some self confidence and made nice buffer zone preventing NATO countries attack Russia from South.
Russia saved the sorry ass of Erdogan as well, making him a wobbly ally, which is still much better then possible US assassination of Erdogan, regime change in Turkey and keeping Turkey in hard pro-NATO and pro-Israel political line.
Russia could achieve much more if Putin was not so weak, especially in Allepo and if he managed bomb illegal US military bases East of Euphrate by strategic bombers and cruise missiles, which was fully justified as nobody invited USA in Syria and no UN resolution about US intervention took place.

Nevertheless, those 112 Russian servicemene and many more Russian “advisors” didn’t died in vain.

Thank you Russia for saving Syria from FUKUS-ISRAELI-SAUDI coalition.

Hind Abyad

Putin is not weak he’s not a boycow

al quaida

Zo Fu is a “Putin is weak” troll.
The attacks he calls for on US bases is exactly what the US wants Russia to do. And Russia could not have achieved all that it has if a “strong” Putin had done something so foolish.

Zo Fu

Avoiding military confrontation with USA (or Israel if you want)has the same risks like let them do anything they want. Russia let Israel and USA totally unpunished for war crimes (remember, Israel made more then 200 air rides in Syria in a year), and after that Israel didn’t hesitate to kill Russian in unarmed airplane.
Putin should start pushing them much earlier and even now he didn’t start pushing them enough. And you see the consequences. Some deluded moron in US Senate and in very Trumps Cabinet suggested blocking Russian ports.with US Navy. Those people are idiots and must be taken down by force. Russia has all the military power they need. The only problem is in their heads.

al quaida

Pushing hard is what dumb Americans do. And it’s why their empire will decline. Putin is playing chess, not poker.

Tudor Miron

Rest in peace soldiers. You gave your life serving your Motherland. True heros of our time.

Nicola Facciolini

God Bless Holy #Russia Victory Triumph Justice


Howmany Palestinian civilians Israeli terror state killing everyday in Palestine for that Trump regime, May, Macron, Merkel and Putin are responsible because they defending Israeli terror state in Palestine.

Jens Holm

If You have solutions, You should send them mails.

neil barron

None, they kill themselves by being led around by the crud of the Mid East.

Jens Holm

Where are the russian mercenairies in this. They dont exist ?

Zo Fu

Better call them advisors and volunteers. Sounds better. Couple hundredds of them probably lost their lives protecting Assad. This is a cruel and long war.

Promitheas Apollonious

What part of service members you failed to understand?


close to cutting your fingers off :)


This is war.
Just like the Syrians bleed. I am sorry to say. We Bleed with them.


“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

Rodney Loder

Few people realise the reason jihad never took on against Russia, some did, for rxample Samantha Lewthwaite landed took up the cudgell as a front line sniper in the Ukraine working with the volunteer Aidar battalion and lost her life accordingly, i know the to be a true account of her jihad career as members of the Aidar terrorists tried to collect the 1million $ bounty from the Yanks who as you would expect refused to pay up, that was very late 2014 before Russian overwhelmed!Ming intervention in Syria, the point I’m making is jihad was assuming a NATO bombing campaign of Syria that would leave the country in a similis statement to Libya, Turkey was going all out to be on good terms with the inevitable anarchy.

When it became apparent the the anarchy imposed by NATO included turkey and a balkanisba Kurdish israeli Srate that was the failed coup June 2016, jihad policy and Turkish analysis and subsequent policy quickly adjusted to incorporate the new reality.

Everyone accepts that as a historical fact but where people go wrong is in figuring that cause ofvthatfact into their personal logic, the cause was Allah, who used IS to operate as the positive factor that gave Putin the courage to ostensibly calibrate IS creating fear in the sweet that Obama was loath to recognise as he was the major sponsor and the intended beneficiary of IS Putin jumped in and hasn’t looked back thanks to the sacrifice of IS by Allah.


48,000 have served in Syria and 110 have died. Who undoubtedly have the gratitude of millions of Syrians and much of the rest of humanity. Their sacrifice was not in vain.

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