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112 Russian Service Member Died Since Start Of Anti-Terrorist Operation In Syria In 2015

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112 Russian Service Member Died Since Start Of Anti-Terrorist Operation In Syria In 2015


112 Russian service members have died in Syria since the start of the anti-terrorist operation there in 2015, First Deputy Head of the State Duma Defense Committee Andrei Krasov said on March 15.

Krasnov provided this data during the round table of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection. The event was dedicated to military medicine.

The Russian military operation in Syria officially started on September 30, 2015. Since then, the participation of Russian forces in the conflict played a key role in the defeat of ISIS and allowed the Damascus government to stop the advance of Al-Qaeda-linked, foreign-sponsored terrorist group. The developments of the next years fully reversed the course of the conflict and as of now the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance is the dominating force in the conflict.


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May the fallen heroes who fought against this evil from any nationality and creed rest in peace.
These heroes stood against one of the greatest threats from the enemies of humanity and prevailed.
The least the rest of us which wasn’t among them could do is to remember them and pass on their memory to the next generation.


All people of the world who seek the ability to live in societies that do NOT propagate world ‘terrorism’ and the murderous consequences that ensue, support peace and economic stability.

Today, Russia is the ONLY nation of patriots with the power to stand up to nations such as the US Israel and UK, all three of which are heavily invested on ‘global chaos’.

All of us who desire and celebrate peace with a stable future for our lives, owe the galant Russian servicemen and servicewomen a global applause for defending far off lands from US/UK and Saudi Arabian paid jewhadi’s.

Lone Ranger

Ethernal Heroes not only for the Russian Federation but for Mankind, defeating the hordes of demons unleashed on our planet.
They brought the Ultimate Sacrafice for all of us.
Never to be forgotten.
Thank You.

Those who had any part in their deaths wont live long enough to enjoy their evil wrongdoings.
Never forget, never forgive…

Assad must stay

RIP brave heroes

johnny rotten

Honor to the brave who fought for the freedom of us all, we owe it to them, and as for all the others who died at the hands of the evil empire we must promise them justice, one day we should bring all those responsible to parade in front of a jury and the executioner.


Russia’s 2015 intervention halted and reversed a critical situation for the Syrian state. The SAA were relentlessly stretched in every direction, a conventional army fighting against multiple foreign-sponsored terrorist factions. Those factions were both embedded across built-up urban zones (can thank Hamas for instructing the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood how to tunnel under streets), and launching co-ordinated mobile offensives across provinces, with ability to retreat back into Jordan in south, and Turkey in north, with supplies and foreign mercenaries constantly flowing in from same hostile neighbors, aligned with NATO and Gulf States. This international effort was lined up against the SAA, the latter having to use its manpower fragmented all over the country, to secure many scattered fronts and populated areas, many under sectarian threat from terror factions, all whilst taking constant nagging casualties. It was a critical situation for the Syrian state by 2015, and it was Russian intervention, and military aviation, that eased the pressure for Syria, after which the SAA were able to regroup and begin to roll back the high-water mark advances of the foreign-sponsored terror factions. These Russian fatalities in Syria are the price for halting a NATO-Gulf State drive to manufacture the collapse, regime change, and dismemberment of the Syrian state, a state that was for many decades, firstly, a Soviet, and now, a Russian client state. Accordingly, in 2021 the Syrian state and its institutions remain intact – and shall surely never forget the Russian’s sacrifices to maintain that state’s integrity.


All true,now the job needs to be finished,those dead soldiers should have been from Nato and its US pimp.i can’t remember such evil since PolPot,they really are depraved.

Jens Holm

I allow me to reflect. In the Tjetjenian war the Russian soldier mothers counted victims too. The rate was 3 to 2.

So the real amount of dead by that could be 168. None are wounded too. And none are wounded for life.

I name my way as Russian striptease. I simply dont believe in any numbers given by a source like that even its not the Nukesub named Kursk:(

J Ramirez

That’s great , now can you say it in english so we can understand.

Jens Holm

Thats perfect english.

Maybee Nukesub should be more detailed and named “the Nuclear submarine Kursk”,

cechas vodobenikov

when jens claims sex with 2 boyfriends he confuses his dildos and 3 nine year old boys he abuses w ISIS boyfriend

Me&Myself None

15 of those by the action of the evil terrorist/colonialist/zionist occupiers of palestine.

Igors Savitsas


Black Waters

Eternal memory to the defenders against the evil and wickedness of putrid and corrupted western powers.

cechas vodobenikov

actual soldiers—magnificient
now US military so desperate they have lowered intelligence aptitude to cognitive level slightly above vegetable and physical endurance standards to level of found among average junkie able to juggle dildo that now preferred weapon in US navy….
probably irrelevant
which nation would be stupid enough to invade a backward cultural desert populated by bewildered idiots that allowed emperor gates to install a senile hologram prez?

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