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JUNE 2023

11 Years of Merkel’s Democracy

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Schroeder had left Merkel an impressive legacy: a stable country, a growing economy, good relationships with the leading countries of the world. How has “die Eiserne Kanzlerin” made use of them? Down which path have 11 years of Merkel’s brand of democracy led Germany and Europe?

Despite the fact that Germany is Europe’s economic leader and retains the final word in EU policies, Merkel’s failures in internal and foreign policy are becoming more obvious. Of course, at first glance, the Chancellor succeeded in reducing the level of unemployment in Germany and brought the economy to a path of growth after the recession of the post-crisis period, but the situation in the country continues to deteriorate each day.

Confused foreign policy and the lack of political will have led to a massive influx of migrants from the crisis regions of the Middle East and North Africa. The migrants, in addition to causing a financial burden on the budget, are destabilizing the traditional German society by creating a demographic imbalance.

It is well-known that the German population is steadily declining by nearly 100,000 people per year. The influx of migrants has arrested this process, but it is unable to eliminate the tendency altogether. Germany’s mortality rate continues to exceed the birth rate. According to the Federal Statistical Agency, the average woman in Germany in recent years has borne 1.4 children. A higher birth rate – 1.6 children per woman – would have slowed this trend down, but it would not be able to halt it entirely. The number of deaths is projected to rise. It is accordingly evident that Merkel’s demographic policy has failed.

The crime situation is worsening with the influx of migrants. Although migrants make up just over 10% of the population, they account for just over 25% of crimes that are committed, though some sources place this number as high a 30%. In addition, foreigners commit more than 80% of all violent crimes. However, the authorities prefer to keep silent about this data, in order not to provoke further anti-migrant backlash. Dozens of Middle East- and Africa-based organized crime clans have taken thieves, robbers and drug dealers all over Germany under their wing. To make matters worse, German cities are overflowing with drugs and the mortality rate from drug use is increasing rapidly. In 2015, this figure had risen to 20%.

The worsening crime situation has increased the demoralization among the police. For example, there are some policemen who are afraid to act in the so-called ‘zones of lawlessness’ in Duisburg, as they know that any attacks on them by the people from the Middle East will remain unpunished. Germany has gone from being the centerpiece of the European welfare state to the epicenter of the continent’s organized crime. However, German intelligence services deserve credit for preventing major terrorist attacks in the country. It is possible, however, that there exists a tacit understanding that obligates criminal organizations to suppress terrorist activities in exchange for certain freedom of action.

The environmental situation is another area which is deteriorating due to the influx of migrants. Many of the migrants are simply not accustomed to using trash bins, let alone a sophisticated recycling system. Piles of garbage and sewage are now visible along the highways throughout the country.

Despite Germany’s image as of one of the pillars of democracy in the world, the freedom of speech in the country continues to suffer from major restrictions. It is practically impossible to publish an article in the local media which is contrary to government policy. Article submissions are blocked at the editorial level.

There are also numerous gaps in the country’s foreign policy. During Merkel’s reign, Germany was unable to appropriately respond to crises that occurred at the EU borders. Merkel’s slow and hesitant foreign policy has led to hundreds of thousands of victims in the once-stable states. Military intervention in Libya, and the subsequent strengthening of the terrorists in this country and in the region, are the result of Germany’s inactivity. Despite criticism of Russia concerning Syria, Merkel herself was not able to put forward constructive initiatives to resolve the crisis. Inconsistent German policy towards Ukraine has led this country to civil war. It would be pertinent to recall that Mr Steinmeier, the German Foreign Minister, was one of the guarantors of the agreement signed between the former President of the Ukraine Yanukovych and the Maidan opposition, although the German side was evidently not going to insist on its implementation. The subsequent civil war has led to thousands of casualties among the civilian population of Ukraine, and the sanctions significantly damaged the relationship with one of Germany’s main foreign trade partners – Russia. In general, the entire system of European security has been undermined.

Undoubtedly, there are reasons why Germany pursues this type of foreign policy: Merkel is under tremendous pressure from the United States. She has to seek balance between the interests of her people and Washington’s demands. The fact that most of Germany’s gold reserves are situated in the US should not be underestimated. In addition, several hundred US military bases (287) are deployed in Germany, although the line of confrontation with its main geo-political rival of the West – Russia – had shifted far to the East a long time ago. At the same time, the Bundeswehr’s personnel strength, after the latest reduction in numbers, has reached the lowest figure in its history with 177,000 men, while in the country, there are over 40,000 US troops. Obviously, in such circumstances, Germany cannot pursue an independent foreign policy and resist the will of the United States. The rapprochement between Russia and Germany is a direct threat to US dominance in the Euro-Atlantic area.

What kind legacy will Merkel leave? An undermined economy, refugee camps, the highest crime rate ever, a castrated EU, growing international instability. Frau Kanzlerin! It is high time to finally change course!

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Honestly, I expected a better analysis from Southfront – instead of blaming migrants (and indirectly Muslims and Arabs as if they make up all the migrant population) for Germany’s problems why don’t you blame the Germans and the rest of the jewish controlled Nato for causing this migrant problem in the first place? Why don’t you mention how much in Merkel’s time has the jewish influence increased and how German tax payers are paying more to holocaust survivors now than before her time? This year alone, more than 300 million USD were spent on homecare for holocaust survivors and its expected to increase to 350 million USD next year (while their numbers decrease every year), but hey let’s just blame Islam and migrants for any economic problems as that is socially acceptable.

This video sounds like the typical analysis we see on mainstream right wing Zionist-owned media, blame Islam or Arabs on everything and not the cause of the problem (the jewish Zionist interests of Israel in the Middle East). Its taboo to mention Israel and their interests in the mainstream media and it seems like Southfront has taken that route.

Its a shame Southfront is becoming like this, I have been a backer and supporter for some time now and I think this project is taking a different approach now.


??? of course, migrants , including Muslims and Arabs, is the main prolem, not only for Germany, but for all Europa. The jewish influence is not a problem for Europa, , we can manage it, don’t be worry. Keep your zionist/muslim confrontation in your Middle East , and let the Europa in peace, Omar


You’re living in a dream if you think that you have the jewish influence under control in Europe. They have you and the US by the balls, and your EU policies are written in a room in Tel Aviv. And if you judge your jewish masters and their holocaust you get thrown in jail over 10 European countries. They control your banks and media, this is common knowledge.

Honestly if it wasnt for Western European and American involvement (ie the Nato jewish army) the Zionists would be gone by now. Stay out of the Middle East and you will solve this migrant problem. You’re like a chronic smoker that complains about getting cancer after smoking for decades. Every action has a reaction, you want to solve this problem then Europe and America should stop being Israel’s lapdog. Like you said, let us Arabs deal with Israel, right now Europe is siding with them and then you cry when you see migrants that were bombed using your weapons and soldiers.


Completely agree.


You watched way too much stupid jihadist propaganda dude… that is total nonsense. Jews don’t “control” anything, they’re just a UK masonic colony now as ever. Those few poster-boy bankers are not even jewish, but mostly pretenders of Jesuit origin.

FYI, jews killed zero Europeans in the last few decades, while muslims killed many thousands and created two brand new “muslim” countries in the Balkans. Go figure… also we still very well remember 500+ years of turkish oppression, genocide and forced islamisation.

You have the wrong audience here. Your heartbreaking victim-stories may work with some do-gooder low-IQ americans who don’t know shite about the real world, but we in Europe just know your kin too well. Go sell your propaganda to the more stupid audience, maybe it will work for some morons there.


And just to make one thing clear: we have no troubles with decent muslims, but there are just way too many crazies and apostates who push extremist ideologies and medieval thinking hiding under that banner. Wahhabis are not real muslims, salafists are not real muslims etc. (in this case both are british creations).


Arabs deal with Israel just fine, a few weeks ago they opened the first “embassy” of sorts in Israel and they have been buying Israeli weapons since about a decade…

Andrew Illingworth

You are a fantastic example of how White Nationalists have come to embrace Zionism, specifically because, the Zionist-owned media has gradually redirected your irrational hatreds onto Muslims and other migrants over the last 20 years. You are by extension, also proof that the Zionists have Europe by the balls more than ever in the last century. Britain First followers actually boast about how much they love the genocidal state of Israel, I’m sure degenerate racists in Germany are not far behind, if not already there.

Please do not forget that this is a Russian-leaning geo-political analysis site (which is fine, I love this reality) and by consequence right-wing views (even if they appear to only to be directed against ‘non-European’ migrants) ultimately represent an insult to Russian history. Western Europe has always been hostile towards Russia out of jealousy (Napoleon, Hitler and the current crypto-Fascist European Union), seeking to conquer its rich resource base for the benefit of a small wealthy elite and divide its various peoples against each other (just as has been done in the Middle East by way of Israel).

I would like to remind all people (DISCLAIMER: though I do not in any way represent South Front) who read the comment section of this video that it was fascists like BofBof with their hubristic and laughable ideas of ethnic purity and ‘European brotherhoodism’ that played right into the Zionist trap and ignited one of the most horrific conflicts of the century (of which Russia alone lost some 20 million people), also ultimately creating the necessary conditions for Zionist Jews to establish an ethno-state in the Middle East.

Russian (cultural) nationalism and Western European (‘race’) nationalism are two completely different things and should never be correlated. The idea of ‘race’ as an indicator in society is, historically, a purely Western European and Zionist phenomenon – hence why the two almost always find common ground. Russia has always been a multi-ethnic, multi-confessional Motherland. The reality that people like Putin (my hero) may hint towards a preference for cultural commonality amongst Russia’s people is more than acceptable regarding respect for human dignity and should not in any way be compared to Western Europe’s lingering colonial concepts.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The smart ones know that a Shemite is a Shemite. Arabs are descendants of Shem, same as Hebrews. Shemites work together to conquer other people groups. Shemites are usually anti-Hamitic and anti-Japetic bigots themselves.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Here is a picture to support your anti-racist comment. Protect the indigenous tribes of Europe today!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Stop racism today. Targeting one group to loose their lands as everyone knows is genocide.


Dear friend, we kindly ask you to not use demotivators in comments, massively. If you don’t stop, we will be pushed to start to delete your comments.

Real Anti-Racist Action

She is a Zionist-surpremisist-bigots all the way around and through to her rotten core.

Andrew Illingworth

Oh my god! You just spammed this whole comment section with total White Nationalist meme crap instead of producing a single rebuttal.

I don’t even know why you comment on this site. Putin’s Russia is in no way reflective of your racist ideas of what nationalism and sovereignty is.

It’s hilarious, I go on Apricity and Stormfront and see Polish, Ukrainian and Russian wannabee White Nationalists making stupid claims like “Hitler loved Slavic people and thought they were Aryan”. The way that Eastern European racists look for approval from Western European racists is amusing, they are like beaten dogs who lick their abusive master’s foot in the hope of receiving food scraps.

Real Anti-Racist Action

As an anti-racist. It is my duty to stand up for the rights of indigenous tribal peoples around the world. From Tibetans, to the different unique ethnic groups of India, to Persians, to Somalians, to Celts and Slavs and so many others. Also, Putin does not own nor run this site. But I will post for the the logical legal information in the UN picture below..

Andrew Illingworth

“As an anti-racist”

You mean … “As John de Nugent …”

Real Anti-Racist Action

The Dalai Lama is my inspiration. He is the one that awakened me to take his moral stand.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Putin’s own words…

Andrew Illingworth

Anyway, we all know who you are, Mr. de Nugent.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Who is that? Denying genocide makes you a racist anti-Japetic-bigot.

Andrew Illingworth

Considering your hashtag is “@indigenoussolutrean”, it is obvious that at the very least you know exactly who John de Nugent is. Also, considering you are playing a fool and pretending not to even know who he is (even though your arguments and terminology are identical to his), I’m more sure now than ever that you are in-fact John de Nugent (crackpot Germanoboo racist who thinks ‘white’ people are indigenous to the United States).

The gambit is over, Johnny Boy.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I learned about the Solutreans from a Discovery Channel Documentary. It is titled “Ice Age Columbus”. Who is this John guy?

Andrew Illingworth

Yah, didn’t Discovery Channel actually interview you personally for that special on Solutreans? OMG you can’t even get your cover-story straight. My God, you are stupider than I thought.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Dude, who do you think I am? I am in my late 20’s. I have never been interviewed by any major group. I work with Missions around the world. And work to awaken people about the genocide being committed against Shia and Alawites and Tibetans and other global-minority groups such as ethnic-Celts and ethnic-Greeks.

Andrew Illingworth

Yeah, just keep posting silly pictures, your proving such decisive points. Well done.


I bet you that the part about it being only 25% – 30% of the crime, is much higher than that in reality. People are trying to keep the noise down so that they don’t sound racist or insight some kind of race war like is starting to brew in the US.


We relied on official numbers in the analysis. Are they 100% true? Nobody can be sure.

Dunlop Attack

Finding the real numbers is hard. But in Western Europe we all know the truth: More migrants = more crime. Especially rape is a big problem. Of course, the media does its best *not to* give the ethnicity of the rapist when the rapist is a migrant (invader), or when there’s been a shooting or a murder. Western European media is even more censored than the American. At least in America it’s allowed to talk about race. Forbidden in the new Europe. (“EUrape”.)


She’s not that great with the economy, Deutsche Bank is about to collapse. It has a derivatives portfolio at least 5 times bigger than the EU economy that will go with it.


Senseless scaremongering started by some speculators. DB is nowhere near collapse, even if such a thing was possible for a majority state-owned bank.


You guys are decaying quickly into the worst extremist xenophobia. I would have expected a criticism of the socio-economic and imperialist policies of Merkel but all I got was this lousy neonazi junk. Sorry for you South Front.


You are free to provide your vision of the situation in Germany with facts and numbers. You can do it via info@southfront.org.We post various opinions on the website and we will be glad to set a public dicsussion on the topic.

Dunlop Attack

You’re doing a great job, SF. People can criticize all day long, but they won’t make a web site as good as yours. And they don’t want to – they just want to criticize. It’s always this way. :)

Andrew Illingworth

Yes, I have to agree, I still see South Front a fine source of information and this migrant matter in Western Europe is a delicate one which is bound to attract heated debate.

Nonetheless, I believe this site should be wary of people like ‘Real Anti-Racist Action’ (see White Nationalist meme picture spam above) who are clearly trying to push an agenda through certain comment sections.


Actually I’m particularly offended by this “figure and number”: “Although migrants make up just over 10% of the population, they account for just over 25% of crimes that are committed”.

It is a well known fact that being arrested and jailed does not equal to commit crimes when you belong to a discriminated minority (for example, Blacks in the USA) and that the crimes that you may commit are almost invariably petty crimes (often just not having the right papers), big criminals are seldom arrested.

Incidentally I’ll tell you that in Spain (where I know the facts and figures in greater detail) the largest fraction of violent mafioso crime is performed by Eastern Europeans, even if they are just a small minority of the immigrants. Even the ill-reputed Colombians are much better behaved, Muslims and Black Africans commit very few major crimes.

So if your intent with this one and similar articles is to feed white-centric racism, you are clearly in the wrong side of facts and of history. Farewell South Front.

Dunlop Attack

Excellent video. Greetings from Norway.


Dear Southfront,

Is this a new direction of anti-Arab anti-Islam agenda for the channel? I understand that immigration is a problem in Germany (keep in mind that not all these migrants are Arab or Muslim, large numbers of them are Africans, Romanians, and even Eastern Europeans) but why not show the whole picture (jewish and Zionist involvement to push immigration) – you made a long video of this couldnt you have stated that this immigration issue was created by the Germans and the West to help Israel and their project in the Middle East? You cannot evaluate Merkel without mentioning the Zionist influence on her policies and you did not even mention that.

This video is similar to what the BBC and Fox News show on a daily basis (blame Islam and Arabs and not other migrants or the Zionist jews that are the root of this problem).

If this is a new direction that please tell us as I would not be donating again. I watch this channel because of your coverage of Syria, Iraq and Russian politics, if this will turn into another right wing Kosher media outlet then I will just stick to Press TV and other anti-Zionist media that show the whole truth.

Do not take this as an attack, but you are alienating your audience as many Arabs and Muslims like myself rely on Southfront to present the whole truth.



Hello, everybody is free to see what he likes in this video. Most of our readers see just facts. If you want more about the ongoing migration crisis in the EU, we could advice you to check this: https://southfront.org/foreign-policy-diary-migration-war/


Actually most refugees in Germany are Albanians. You know, the country that is NOT in any wars or such right now.

Press TV is a fantasy outlet, you can’t call that news, let alone “truth” – a huge LMAO here. but please, just do go there and leave the rest of the sane people here alone.


Dear friends, If you read the text carefully, we will find that we don’t blame the migratnts pushed to move to Europe. In turn, we say that Merkel’s policy lead to this. When we talk about the newcomers, we talk about Middle East and Africa based organized crime clans. Yes, we forgot some European clans like Romanian, Albanian and others. But we talk about the organized crime that fueled by the disastrous social and economic situation of migrants. SF Team has a fellow feeling for people pushed to flee from the war, but we are strongly against the ethnic organized crime that uses the people’s sorrow. We are strongly against the bungling internal policy of the EU authorities. In the nearest future, we are going to release another video on the topic with special attention fo the status of migrants in the EU. We also note the unprecedented pressure of world banking cartel on the German elites. Best regards, SF Team


If you read the text carefully, you will find that we do not blame the migrants pushed to move to Europe. In turn, we say that Merkel’s policy lead to this. When we talk about the newcomers, we mean Middle East and Africa based organized crime clans. Yes, we forgot some European clans like Romanian, Albanian and others. But we talk about the organized crime that is fueled by the disastrous social and economic situation of the migrants. SF Team empathizes with those people pushed to flee from war, but we are strongly opposed to the forces of ethnic organized crime that capitalizes on these people’s, misery to advance their own agenda. We are strongly against the bungled internal policies of the EU bureaucrats. In the nearest future, we intend to release another video on this topic, with special attention highlighting the status of migrants in the EU. We also acknowledge the unprecedented pressure exerted by the world banking cartels on the German elites. Best regards, SF Team

Mo Dog

Today, one quarter of all French teenagers are Muslim. Due to Constitutional issues the French census cannot collect religious data, though the data has been needed since the 1970s. Thus the academic elites were expected to provide the people with at least an approximation of immigrant levels. Instead, the academic elite fiddled around with the numbers and developed spurious models to extrapolate out less Muslims in the population in the future. All of these lies and half-truths have now been exposed, and many French academics are blaming others and in denial about their own roles, I guess academic elites aren’t so different from political elites when it comes to accepting blame. Now it is known they lied, and France has a future that is at least one quarter muslim.


Why are you worried about population decline when many, if not most, jobs are being automated and robotics will replace most workers? Red China is at the forefront on robotics and they still have a BILLION people in the fields. How does bringin in people with little education and a vastly different culture address the problem? . I’d say Hitler’s Daughter Merkel is floodin Europe with Muslims so that when the NWO gains TOTAL power THEY will force Islam as the religion of the Beast’s 42 month rule of the NWO! . http://www.kentuckychief.org for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da Mitch . Just say NO to da NWOhhh!

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