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11 Militant Groups Merge In Idlib Forming New Turkish-backed Force

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11 militant groups, including Faylaq al-Sham, the Free Idlib Army, the 2nd Coastal Division, the Victory Army and the 37th Regiment, have merged in the Syrian province of Idlib forming a new Turkish backed force.

The newly formed force is entitled Jabhat al-Wataniya lil-Tahrir (the National Front for Liberation). The group is reportedly led by Fadlallah Haji from Faylaq al-Sham. Muhammad Mansour from the Victory Army is allegedly the group’s chief of staff.

According to local observers, the formation of this military group is a part of the Turkish plan to increse its influence in the militant-held parts of the provinces of Idlib, Latakia and Aleppo.

Ankara consolidates control over various Turkish-backed groups and unite them into a unified force in order to challenge the influence of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

While the Turkish military has contributed little efforts to combat Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in Idlib, Turkish leadreship sees this militant group too “independent” and “influential” and would prefer to change this situation.

11 Militant Groups Merge In Idlib Forming New Turkish-backed Force

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Hard Hawk

now thanks to russia, all they have to do, is attack Damascus.


Give Syria to Turkey. It’s better for Syria and Syrians.

Assad is too weak and stupid. Russia is a traitor.


Please do go fuck yourself plz


If you can’t manage or rule, move out and let others take the job.

Eric Gregory

assad is doing better than could have been expected and far better than you would ever have been able to do, armchair general


Assad is too weak. First, he did the “war on terror” with the west. He even went to France with Sarkozy. Then, he doesn’t ask Russia to be given S-300 and recover Golan Heights.


You must re-read your information, first of all, President Assad did not do “war on terror” with anyone, “war on terror” came to his country and ruined it, and now he is fighting alongside Russia to eradicate “war on terror”, that is for the west. Secondly, He met Sarkozy before Isis establishment in 2012, so that he could convince President Assad on “resigning” wow… that didn’t work because the Majority of the Syrian people want him as a great leader and he still is and will always be a great leader. Finally, Why does he need to ask Russia for S-300? It is not his biggest concern, alongside the Golan Height topic, they are not his concerns.. and + If he did ask them, then the west and Israel will be “triggered”.. because they fear President Assad, It is not about what you have, It is about what you do with things you need, that is why he got re-elected in 2014 and that is also why he will be remembered as the greatest Syrian president in history. So that is the truth, that is concrete backed up with evidence, so please don’t blame Assad without using proof or evidence to assist your claim, and thank you.


Choose what you believe in Fake or Truth, people in the world uncover the earth searching for Truth because they are living in lies, and others choose to be lied to. So yes that concludes my explanation to your “context to demonetize the Syrian government” Him and Putin are fixing the errors the west has committed. As long as faith is lived throughout the lands of Syria, then President Assad and the Syrian Arab Army has defacto taken all of Syria victoriously.


You are wrong. Assad cooperated with the west against the so-called “war on terror”. Big mistake.


Since when did he cooperate with a western person during the civil war? If he was fighting Isis in his country to protect his people and lands, then that doesn’t mean he is in the “war on terror”, what does he have to do let America fund those terrorist to rule him? course not! He defended the nation by fighting Isis from the west and not by participating in “war on terror”? Syria never participated in it they came to their lands.


The “war on terror” begins in 2001. At that time, Assad was very pleased to work with the west agaisnt “terrorists”. But, he didn’t know that the real terrorists were the westeners and that he will be the next target.

Hard Hawk

just a brainwashed moron. not even an arm chair idiot.


Rule what? Manage what?


It looks like you have suffer a nervous collapse.


It’s a fact that Assad and Russia can’t protect Syria. So, you are fired !!

Pave Way IV

“…While the Turkish military has contributed little efforts to combat Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in Idlib, Turkish leadreship sees this militant group too “independent” and “influential” and would prefer to change this situation…”

On the other hand, Tigers leadership sees this militant group too alive and breathing and would prefer to change this situation. Same with the Turk’s new Head-chopper Front for Liberation. ‘Barbeque’ is the kind of change the Tigers had in mind.


It’s useless to want to be the king of a dead hill.


How many allied militia organizations and observation posts does Turkey have to establish before we change the color of Idlib on the map from green to turquoise?


Turkey is about as trustworthy as a viper in your bed.

Hard Hawk

and then Putin, give them the ground to be, what they are today….. go figure.

Alexis Goldwasser

Instead of wiping them out, assad grants them amnesty and ships them off to idlib. Now the turks come in and unite them under a single banner.

How will assad neutralize this force now?

yudha bdg

Great news, together, stronger!


But Turkey is toootally committed to Syria’s territorial integrity, word of honor!

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