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11 IRGC Members Killed In Clashes With Militants In Western Iran


11 IRGC Members Killed In Clashes With Militants In Western Iran

A file photo of Iran’s IRGC forces in a parade. Source: PressTV

11 members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were killed in a clash with militants in western Iran on July 21, official IRNA news agency reported.

According to IRNA, militants attacked a military checkpoint in the village of Dari, near the city of Marivan in Kurdistan province. This area is located close to the Irainan border with Iraq.

Erupted clashes also triggered a blast at a nearby weapons depot.

According to initial reports, 10 IRGC members were killed in these developments. However, later the number grew to 11. Additionally, 8 IRGC members were reportedly injured.

The most of the casualties were a result of the weapons depot blast.

Iran’s Hamza Sayyid al-Shohada Headquarters claimed that “a number of terrorists were killed and several others fled with injuries”. However, inability of the Iranian side to provide preceise numbers shows that the number of killed “terrorists” is not so high.

Hamza Sayyid al-Shohada Headquarters described the attackers as “terrorist and counter-revolutionary groups” thathave no “base among the Iranian nation”.

Most likely, the attack was carried out by Kurdish militants, members of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (DPIK), which has rear bases in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region.

This is the second clash between the IRGC  and alleged mebmers of the DPIK in western Iraq in July which became widely known. On July 14, the IRGC stated that its members had eliminated 3 members of a “counter-revolutionary terrorist group” in the Nowdesheh area of the province of Kermanshah.



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  • Rob

    These are not terrorists rather US and NATO proxies Israel, ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Irani forces should be vigilant that this kind of insidence not happen again.

    These all IRGC martyreds were heroes. God forgive their all sins and lead their souls to heaven and give comfort to their loves one. Ameen.

    • Garga

      You’re right about the proxies.
      “Terrorists” and “counter-revolutionaries” are code names for Kurdish terror group members and MEK, respectively.
      RIP the ones defending the borders.

      • Jimmy Jim

        Iran’s passivity towards these terrorists will only embolden them. Time to ACT now and hit them in Iraqi Kurdistan, like the Turks do.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Zionists and US are using Iraqi Kurdistan to spread Wahhabi terror into Iran. There are 1500 IDF, MOSSAD and CIA agents in Arbil alone training and arming the headchoppers. Iran and Iraq must end US and Zionist presence and bring back Arbil into government control. If the Turks can bombs the treacherous Kurds at will, Iran should do the same.

  • Freespirit

    HEADQUARTERED in TEL AVIV and IRAN know that, so WHY are Iranians not talking to NETANYAHU, and holding a BIG STICK ?

    Is Brendon O’Connell right when he says all the LEADERS of ALL major countries are in Bed Together, for one reason or another, but usually MONEY.

    It is only the Common people who suffer.and are “left out in the cold”, so-to-speak, such as those dead IRGC -Slaves for Iran, as the U.S. Military are killer SLAVES for UNITED STATES of AMERICA Corporation, and the British Killer Military for Britain Etc.Etc.Etc.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suha7Af-gBY AND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdPb5ILWpYk

    • BL

      Brendon O Connell is a Zionist shill and disinformation agent.

      • Freespirit

        PROOF please as you have not proven with CREDIBLE OBJECTIVE words from legitimate sources, what you accuse him of

        I’ll still be here waiting.

        Remember he exposed TALPIOT. Are you Jewish by chance?

        Is that what frightens you, as any Jew would be???

        Just asking.

        • BL

          You’re the one who needs to provide proof not me. What the hell is “Talpiot”? That’s literally a word that shill O Connell made up out of thin air and keep repeating all over the place without providing any proof. We already know Jews control much of the world, we don’t need that disinformation shill Brandon “Russia and Iran are controlled by Zionists” O’Connell to tell us that.

          • Freespirit

            YOu have much growing up to do but thanks for your input

          • BL

            No response other than personal attacks is the telltale sign of a Jew shill. I provided my case, you didn’t, it’s obvious who the shill is. Don’t waste my time anymore, you’re now blocked.

          • Freespirit

            Be my guest, if that makes you happy.
            You can call me all the names you wish, but you CANNOT prove me ( or Brendon)wrong

            Who am I to interfere with you fantasies but thanks for stopping by.

        • pepa65

          This is not a new revelation.

          • Freespirit

            Sorry but you are behind the times, OR you are new to Politics. so I don’t waste my precious time reading ANYTHING from or on Wikipedia

            Wikileaks is ok

            Wikipedia is ZIONIST-CONTROLLED and has been for quite a while

          • pepa65

            Of course Wikipedia is compromised. It just shows that Brendon’s revelations are nothing new, which was Promitheas Apollonious’ point.
            We should not be fighting each other when we all agree the Zionist control is pervasive, even reaching Moscow and Teheran (which was your point).

          • Freespirit

            His comment to me was aggressive, even ATTACKING.

            THAT was not his point, in my opinion, and judging by ONLY 243 comments in your DISQUS account, you are new to DISQUS, possibly very young compared to my 78 years, and probably even new to the complete political scene so you are telling me nothing I haven’t known and/or heard/read, for yeas now

            I trust my judgement over yours anytime.I have the Wisdom of many years

            Further judging by the fact you HIDE your comments in your DISQUS account, you are probably a TROLL.This is a PUBLIC Formum so why would anyone hide their comments?. What could possibly be their motive? What are they hiding.

            It is what TROLLS and “Controlled Opposition ” do, so to hide their CONTRADICTIONS


            You may be the exception, BUT I doubt it

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      are you a slave, boy?

      The one you quoting what he says, have you check him what he is and he represent?

      Be careful in future because, been a mouth piece of a piece of shit, does not make you any better. just worst than a piece of shit, he is.

      • Freespirit

        I’m satisfied with my comment, but you may be what you accuse me of, and thanks for stopping by

        Where is your proof?

        He is the source who EXPOSED TALPIOT. Maybe that worries you???

        ONlY a Jew would be upset by that.

        I supplied my proof , which is obviously better than your wagging tongue

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          no kid, I am the wrong guy to fuck with, not the other way around. But I read your posts and you have posted some good stuff in the right mentality not once. Actually, is the first time I find myself in disagreement with you, reading one of your posts.

          I know the man you talking about and is an opportunist, who most of the time speak too much saying absolutely nothing. As for exposing anything… let me advice you that you can not expose something is widely known. You reminded me of the people who expose top secret info, only the info is neither top not secret, since every one knows about it.

          As for the almost 2 hours video you giving as your proof ……..One day you may learn of reverse psychology and how it is used, as well subliminal messages and be able to recognize them within someones either speeches or in a movie or a song. And your proof if you give closer attention to what the idiot says rather than trying to play smart ass and threaten, not to fuck with you, then you would have probably if you have the intelligence pick up on them and that will also tell you who this guy is and where is coming from and whom he really serve beside trying to serve its pocket.

          Now walk in peace and I am not the enemy, not I am a jew as you suggesting, thinking that by saying this, give you the edge. Learn not to ridicule, yourself and answer intelligently when challenged only low IQ and morons behave like a bully on the net.

          • Freespirit

            Thanks for proving me Morally RIGHT and Empirically CORRECT

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            first I did not attack you I answered to the bullshits you said about the iranians and the rest in your list.

            Second self flattery only used by low IQ to declare themselves above all else. And you never seen my kind, dinky bell, because when you do you will not be able walk again and much less write the BS you saying.

            An intelligent person before assuming and make an ass of himself first he knows whom he speak with. And what you saying as well the person you seem to admire… two shits dont make a proper man. Now off with you go get stupid drunk with your beers and self compliment your self in the mirror as to how intelligent you not.

            it seems age catch up with you in a funny way it is called arteriosclerosis and senile. Take your pills go to bed in the morning is a new day, hope to make it till then.

          • Freespirit

            Still no proof, huh?

            Oh, and I don’t drink. If I did I would be an idiot like you, full of B.S

            I run 2-3 miles, and work out in many ways, INCLUDING with ,KICK BOXING and tennis

            Take care now.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            proof for what kid?

          • Freespirit

            SHOO little fly and go pester some children, in Israel

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            you do understand I am toying with you dont you little one? as I said assuming is only make an ass of you.

          • Freespirit

            You’re welcome

            Modesty not necessary

          • Promitheas Apollonious


          • Freespirit

            You do know that I actually support the Iranian People. If you don’t then you have not followed my many thousands of comments ( over 15000)since 2008/2009

            I have learned over the years that ALL major Governments are supporting that criminal entity, called, by Zionists, Israel, if not directly, like Trump but indirectly by “neglect” much to our coming demise

            Some like the Iranian Government are hiding that fact, shown by their complete reluctance to even confront Israel, when Israel murder Iranian citizens and soldiers via their mercenary proxies, they call Terrorists…….AND yes I have heard all the arguments why Iran does that, why Russia did that, but I just don’t “buy” the arguments and never did. I also remember when people presented the same arguments for TRUMP.

            Some still do

            Well they cannot argue,honestly anymore as I am being proven,along with Brendon, RIGHT

            Syria is the only country in the Middle East and even possibly on this planet with any guts to stand up to Israel…..so far.

            Who knows what the NEAR future holds

            It wont be long

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            following thousands of comments, no. Just read few of them, lately. I am not wasting my time to think or speculate why pawns of globalization do what they do, the image is clear. It is them and it is us.

            All is left now to wait is the guns to be free and they will sooner than any one think. As for iran like all countries, they have their good people and their bad people I am pro family oriented good people no matter of nationality.

            Due to business I need to be very well informed of what is going on internationally and where the wind blows and that is the only interest I have of foreign politics and countries. Other than that my main interest is the territory we control not to be polluted by what is happening in west and up to now we do very well on that front.

            The rest we explain them with fire and lead, if we have to.

  • Skagos

    Very funny. All these years Iran supported both PKK and PJAK to fight against Turkey and granted them free movement in Zagros mountains’ Iran side and now PJAK is attacking its second master Iran because PJAK’s first master US wants them to do so.

    • Invanare

      What are you blabbering about donkey?

      • Skagos

        Get lost, slave.

    • Garga

      You know that PJAK is PKK, but in Iran instead of Turkey, don’t you? Both terrorize border areas in two countries and flee and hide in Iraq’s KRG.

      PJAK became active after Komele stopped armed confrontation, more than a decade ago.

      • Skagos

        You are right and you are wrong.

        PJAK is not PKK. You need to learn KCK’s structure. What we call PKK or YPG or PJAK is one big organisation called KCK and KCK has military and politic branches.

        In Turkey; Politic party; PKK | Military wings; HPG/HPJ
        In Iran; No politic party | Miltary wing; PJAK
        In Syria; Politic party; PYD | Military wings; YPG/YPJ
        Their main operation base; Qandil Mountains which ranges from Iraq to Iran.

        It is a known fact in Turkey that whenever our Air Force did an operation on Qandil Mountains, Iran gave free movement to these terrorists, they moved to Iran side of the Qandil Mountains and thus they avoided the strike. In turn for such protection PJAK stopped its attacks on Iran and focused on Turkey.

        Unfortunately Iran forgot that KCK’s true masters are USA and Israel. Now big daddy US wants PJAK to attack Iran and Iran is just buffled because by providing protection and free movement to them; they actually let PJAK get stronger. Now they have to deal with this issue. So sad.

        • Garga

          You know how many times Iran hammered Qandil hide-out?
          There is really no difference between PKK and PJAK, is it?
          Accusing Iran of collaboration with Kurdish separatist terror groups is not right. We too were dealing with them since world war 2 (so-called republics of Mahabad and Pishevary’s Azerbaijan) and more intensely, since 1980’s.
          Meanwhile, the Turkish and Iranian governments are in full co-operation in this latest operation against PKK, based on Cavosuglu and even PKK bullhorns.
          PS. Kurdish terrorists just love alphabet soups, we are now have another terror wing called YRK, killing civilians they accuse of “collaboration”.

  • antoun

    barzani attack reaction futher of bagdad!!