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JUNE 2021

11 Groups Of Free Syrian Army Formed New Alliance In Southern Syria

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According to opposition sources, 11 groups of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) formed a military-political alliance under the name of the National Front for the Liberation of Syria (NFLS).

The  NFLS includes 11 FSA groups: Ansar al-Islam Front, Martyr Majd Al-Khatib Brigade, Suqour Beit Samh Brigade, Suqour al-Gawlan Brigade, Fajr al-Tawheed Division, Division 16 Special Forces, Al-Subteen Martyrs Brigade, Salah al-Din Division, Hawran Battalions, Jund al-Asima Battalion and Suqour al-Badia Brigade.

The official statement of NFLS declared four main objectives:

  • correcting the course of the Syrian revolution;
  • maintaining the independence of the NFLS’ decisions;
  • defending the gains of the Syrian revolution;
  • emphasizing the territorial unity of Syria and the Syrian people.

In its statement, NFLS called on all military forces and political bodies to unite their efforts, and declared its rejection of any initiative “not in line with the popular will to achieve its aspirations”. Daraa province and a large part of southern Syria are witnessing a complete calm thanks to the US-Russian truce, and the reference of this new body to ” independence decision” may be a sign of its intention to act against the Russian-American agreement.

11 Groups Of Free Syrian Army Formed New Alliance In Southern Syria

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Steve Dent

… and once the money comes in from the American tax-payers, along with the latest batch of weaponry, the NFLS will immediately break the ceasefire that Israel hates SOOO much.

Remember that America only exists to satiate Israel’s every whim.


Regardless , the Druze will crush them , again and again .


Is not a “sign” is a part of larger NATO plan which is aime to foil the advance of the SAA toward Deir-ez-Zor.
This in order to blow the Russian gas market. So russians has to move hard and quick until FSB units may start to control it correctly.
Beleiving that the FSB and GRU will do it alones it’s an Göring type error.

Nbah Vargus

and REFORMED again and again and again and again…………………….2030…..and again and again…..20XX…..and again and again…….sic


Arethese same groups part of the “southfront” ?

Pave Way IV

More or less – it’s certainly the same individual fighters (minus the dead ones). Southern Front doesn’t really exist anymore – the U.S. bailed out last year, AFIK.

The Southern Front technically wasn’t a unified command, but more like a military campaign and logistics supply hub. It was collection of opposition groups that agreed to take orders and/or be advised from the U.S. Military Operations Center (MOC) in Amman, Jordan. The U.S. would deny this, of course. Obedience to MOC was in exchange for weapons, ammo, intel, medical care, radios, etc. from the U.S., Israel and various coalition cronies. The primary US/Israeli interests in the MOC and Southern Front were to push for and unify efforts to retake all the Syrian anti-aircraft/radar sites on hills overlooking the Golan border.

None of the groups fought FOR the Southern Front or used its flag – that was mostly US feel-good rebel propaganda. The group’s leaders just had satellite phones and secure data links to the MOC in Jordan to take orders and request intel, supplies and more Captagon.

Relatively independent opposition militia groups that were already a part of FSA participated in the Southern Front, but so were many rebranded al Nusra groups and U.S./Israeli/GCC merc opposition outfits.


I think its a sign of despair. They know they’re losing the war, America is cutting off their funding and supplies, They have to band together, just to stand a chance to hold whatever they still have left.


Sorry guys, no more US taxpayer money for you. Only bombs now.

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