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11 Dead After Two Shootings In Hanau, Germany, How Much Is Enough For EU?

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11 Dead After Two Shootings In Hanau, Germany, How Much Is Enough For EU?

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On February 19th, 9 people were killed in two shootings at shisha bars in the German city of Hanau, local police reported.

“As we just reported, there were gun shots in Hanau at around 10 p.m. on Wednesday [February 19th] evening, injuring several people. According to the latest findings, the police can now confirm that eight people were fatally injured. The search for the perpetrators is in full swing. There is still no reliable knowledge of the background.”

Later, the number of victims was updated to 9 fatal injuries.

The man was identified as 43-year-old Tobias R., and the victims include several Turkish citizens, according to Anadolu Agency.

A bit after 6 AM local time on February 20th, police tweeted that they had found the culprit, but he was dead in his apartment, alongside another dead body. The identities of both have yet to be revealed.

“The alleged perpetrator was discovered lifeless at his home address in Hanau. Special police officers also discovered another body there.

The investigation is ongoing.

There are currently no indications of other perpetrators.”

Hanau is a generally small city with a population of about 100,000, and is located approximately 25 kilometers southeast from Frankfurt.

According to local media, eight or nine shots were fired at the Midnight shisha bar on Heumarkt in the centre of the town.

A vehicle was seen leaving the scene. Soon afterwards, shots were fired at a second shisha bar, the Arena Bar & Café in Kurt-Schumacher-Platzin the western Kesselstadt district.

German newspaper Bild reported that it has the identity of the shooter, along with a confessional letter that expresses a far-right motive for the attack.

Bild also said, without citing a source, that the man also left a video claiming responsibility.

A witness, who was passing by provided a description of the situation:

49-year-old Ali Mengücek said that he was walking home with his two daughters, when he saw four men, who were “all quite tall and fairly young,” 40 or under.

He said they were standing in groups of two, about 30 meters apart. He walked in between them, telling his two girls to pick up the pace.

“I live about 50 meters past where they were standing. When I got home and shut the door, then I heard the six shots. I believe this was six or seven minutes after I had walked past with my two little children. I then opened the window, people were running back and forth and screaming. Within about five minutes, police were on the scene,” Mengücek said.

The shisha bar is a focal meeting point for a tight-knit Kurdish community, and many of the victims reportedly live on the same street where the bar is.

Various politicians offered their condolences, but one thing rings true in recent weeks, with attacks taking place in London, Brussels, and other cities in Europe.

Be it against jihadist extremism, or far-right extremism, Europe’s generally policy in security against any such attacks is woefully underwhelming.

Providing asylum to known terrorists, and believing there are reformed, after which they carry out or orchestrate terror attacks is one evidence of that.

Another is that people appear to be more involved in far-right views that, evidently, also sometimes reach the levels of extremism and result in numerous deaths.

A similar recent incident took place in Germany in November, when a man attempted to enter a synagogue and carry out a mass shooting, when he shot at nearby passers and in a kebab shop.

Taking justice in one’s own hands, be either as far-right extremism or jihadism and being able to freely carry out such attacks is evidence of how inadequate EU security policy is.


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Jozef Mak

moslems get lost.


With friends like you the fight against immigration is already lost. Have fun with even more Muslim immigrants, because with outbursts like yours basically had victory over to the pro-immigration establishment.


True. We need to fight with hard facts, arguments, and in the democratic process.
Everything esle just shoot us in our own foot.


Not only that, we have to be more virtuous, more guarded, more on the mark, more politically correct then the people who will fling mud and shit at us. they throw rocks at us, we can only duck and dust ourselves off. We must lead by example. They hate it that we have facts and logic on our side because they don’t have any. That is why we cannot afford any shithead who starts shouting Muslims/Jews suck! Because the MSM is just waiting for such a fuckup to label us as racists. In which case the discussion has been lost and we are condemned to live in the margins. It’s not fair, but it just is. Yelling about it won’t change it.

Zionism = EVIL

Jew scum are far bigger problem for Europe and the world. They want a endless conflict among gentiles.


Jews are nearly not existent here on continental europe now. And muslims have 5 times + higer violent crime rate than non muslims.
Those are the sad facts.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

“Taking justice in one’s own hands, be either as far-right extremism or jihadism and being able to freely carry out such attacks is evidence of how inadequate EU security policy is”

Is the author advocating a even more tighter police and control force?
Whos side is the author on?
If the author is suggesting that to prevent the above actions, we need tighter “security” and more control and police, then the author should try to move to EU and be ruled under those condition him/her self.

You can NEVER stop a single or a few criminals, no one can prevent incidents like this.

Simplekindof Man

Agreed,this is bull.
Fuck MY liberties because THEY
(Politicians) screw everything up.

Zionism = EVIL

Jews are funding the extreme right wing terrorist groups of all hues from al-CIAda, ISIS to so-called neoNazis. That is why they never attack the Jew scum.


those organisations ar not far right, simpyl jihadists.


Not far reight? the incest spawned neo-liberal fraternity are the ones who do sht like that,
be it jihadis are just another sect of their nwo agenda,jihadis like ones putin destroys!


no, al kaida and isis are not right organizations

good american

Al Kiananda


No secret for anybody these are leftist beasts . Leftist are kurdish : those are feminist and anarchist , the strongest supporters of nwo agenda .
Leftist are are all the parties , all the movements , all the associations , all the foundations , all the ngo that support terrorism against the free countries that still stand and resist against nwo .
Here , in Italy , every 1 May leftist parties (movements ,…. etc ) walk along the streets of the cities side by side , cheack to cheack with the worste terrorists coming from battlefields of Siria , Libia etc holding high and in evidence their flags we see in the occupied areas of Siria .
Their slogans are to call ” fascist ” who stands with resistance ….
In Italy the leftist collect money to sand to neonazi ukro groups telling that the loyalist two republics of the east are fascist .
Web sites with pictures and films avout these items are closed and the bloggers are penally persecuted .
Nobody is allowed to tell the truth . Everybody has to repeat ” war is peace , who oppose war is fascist , freedom is slavery , slavary is freedom ” .


comment image


Logical,aka khazar germanic reptilian incest spawn hitler/suicide/wired to self destruct activists!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The narrative appears to be that it is not just Syrians resisting Turkish invasions of their fatherlands.

Zionism = EVIL

Turk savages and Kurd turds both are much disliked in Europe, especially in Nordic nations where the Kurdish scum killed the Swede PM Olaf Palme.


Nah, sadly many here sympatize and glorize PKK, even politicians..
Even wake up calls as this dont change their ignorance..


This was a far right terrorist, Putin´s friend. Putin pay the western far right parties, movements. Putin rides together with russian Night Wolves, neonazi guys. Putin is terrorist-friendly.


That is absolute garbage,you obviously have a severe incest spawn anti christian orthodox problem,infact i’d tend to believe you are kweer to make such an absurd claim,absolute lie!


Correct. Putz Putin the Poisoner isn’t that bad.


Only highly likely…..maybe….they say at the pub…..


who gave money for le pen, the holland far right parties, and dozen of western far right oarties? Putin!


I agree with your no logic . Western nightwolves are nazi .
Putin support western nightwolves means Putin is nazi .
Let’ s go on .
Putin is nazi .
Puti supports nathaniau and zionist .
nethaniau and zionist are nazist .
Your non- logic is so simple , so simple like the one of an ameba , and so efficient that now , thanks to you , everybody has to recognize that zionism is nazism .


and putin is pride that he makes rides with russian nazi organization, the night wolves. you find videos on youtube.


Here we see the night wolves celebrate victory against nazism 9. may, many of them even have communist symbols… and you, slovakian nazi, claim they are neonazi?? How stupid are you?


this does not change what i wrote.

i know also the facvt, that all nightwolves clubs in europe are far right organizastions. and putin gives them money.

one more interesting thing. these guys are anti-wester. but then why ride western motornikes instead of russian ones???

Albert Pike

You are crazy, there is besides his car number plates, and that the fact that he and his only relative is dead, nothing which links him to to this attack. In his video isn’t even a hint, that he is right/left or far right – or even anything (there is more than a hint that he is mad or full of himself). There is nothing besides of 24 pages of an unsigned manifesto – which might therefore be from him, or might not be from him – there is no proof that he did it!


Christian S

Just like previous world wars, turkey being used to be an opponent for europe. Discord of society been brewin for decades there to ignite tensions between turks and rest of europe. This all fits in zionist programmin to set up world stage in the commin war for jeruzalem and its world order in turks seem to be granted to fight an open war for the ZOG entity.


If Jews were as powerful and diabolical as you claim, you and yours would be long gone. Your very existence disproves your silly claims.


Christian committed the error to use the wrong language .
He speaks of Jews meanning zionist , turks .
Jews are semitic and palestinian people , not turks .
Jews are a religious people not an etnic , race people .
Jews believe God will arrive and He will give signs of His arrival .
zionists , by black magic rituals and esotherism , evoc deep and dark power to arrive in our world and to declares itself fuherer of israel and emperor of the whole world .
Torah calls SATANIST the ones who try to force God’ s hand .

So , self false declared jews , are diabolic but not powerful as God stands against them .


Christian S

im not talkin about jews, please be carefull what u say. Its a big problem in the world that people state that jews and zionist are one , they are not. zionist israel does not represent world jewry. Real jews do not support the serpent athiest Israel project. Judaims is an enlighted spirtual practice, its indeed very powerfull but is not harming or inflicting pain to anyone. The zionist ideology and its occult power on the other hand is which only infiltrated jewish tradition 200 years ago and been then hiding and using it as alibi to defy god.

Samuel Vanguard

remember operation gladio this time E.U is hiding behind islamists and far right extremists GOVERNMENT IS SLAVERY


So wanting to keep your Homeland YOUR Homeland is now right-wing?


If you don’ t want war and apocalyps you are a far right wing . Shame on you !


In the world of propaganda and Psy-ops, timing is everything, and I dont belive an single word of this eh…. terror act, abolutely nothing, its simply to good to be true, and if its to good to be true, its usualy not even close, and this type of acts stinks high heaven and on top of it, an, presto, manifesto, hurray, the whole nine yards.

This is what I define as an classical psy-op, by the book, when they have total control, like the “islamist” they somehow missed but never the less where under eh…. survilance, amanged to do something, like the cases in Britain, and its not that hard, to find someone whom isnt known, wrote something about someone, and then use that person, since the justification of this somebody is already there, aka been an so called right winged, yeah, natzeee and all that jazzzz, and there is no lack in scums whom can shoot anyone, anytime, just watch the wests happy head chopping “modeRats” and then shoot the so called perpetrator, and kill the case, and when that is done, the spinn off is an piece of cake, and spin, spin, and spin, and just watch, the MSM and the rotten scums we call Politicians will use this for what its wurth, and if this was against Turks or Jews, yeah, smack in the center, couldnt be any better since timing is everything.

And for what its wurth, German intel and Gov is rotten to their bone marrow, and I dont belive them at all, period. This happens because the scums jn charge wants anyone whom oposes anything that have to do with the invasion of the so called refugees to end to be hunted down, dont even matter the reasons for been against foreigners, you are an white ass natzee and a rayzeest, yup, eh….. “briliant”.
They can take this and stuff it up where the sun dont shine.

I think that this is enough for now.


Albert Pike

True, it was more likely the mossad then this ‘right winger’ patsy:


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