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11 Army Soldiers Reported Killed In ISIS Raid In Southern Raqqah

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ISIS terrorists have conducted a raid against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies near the village of Ghanim Al-Ali in southern Raqqah, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

According to Amaq, 11 SAA soliders were killed in as a result of the attack and all ISIS members returned without casualties. No photos or videos have been provided to confirm Amaq’s claims.

Earlier this week, the SAA reached the important ISIS-held town of Maadan in the province of Raqqah. Maadan is one of the last major ISIS strong points on the road to they key city of Deir Ezzor besieged by ISIS and pleys an important role in the whole ISIS defense in central Syria.

11 Army Soldiers Reported Killed In ISIS Raid In Southern Raqqah

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Trustin Judeau

ISIS also called for forceful conscription in DZ governorate because of the SAA advances – https://twitter.com/hxhassan/status/895810832084471809

John Whitehot

SF seems to be parroting ISIS media centers a lot, of late.
It wasn’t like that months ago, wonder if they underwent some change.

Everybody knows that ISIS reports are normally garbage, especially if they aren’t corroborated by any objective evidence.

Everyday it seems we get more and more “X Syrians soldiers have been killed in Y location” in titles, only to find out that the reports were coming from ISIS or Nusra when reading the text.


I was about to comment the same thing.

Joe Doe

We would lie to ourself, if we assuming that SAA has no casualties. Furthermore, SAA is struggle on all front lines against SAA, except the SAA Tiger Force making study advances. Considering that ISIS has no arms supplies and most likely numbers in units are shrinking SAA is making poor progress, considering Air support by RaAIR and SyARF and new arms coming from RUssia. This may me due to bad in SAA fields officers or High Command, this may leads to low morale in soldier level

John Brown

Joe Doe What are you talking about??? ISIS has huge stockpiles of arms and money given to them by Israel and its slaves the USSA and Saudi Judea Arabia.

Joe Doe

They may have, but the ISIS can’t be resupply as they are surrounded in Syria and Iraq. Therefore, the supply most likely are shrinking.

The Oil profits has ended and again ISIS is surrounded and can’t sale the Oil to Turkey.

John Brown

Yes but they have billions of dollars in arms and money stock pilled and such stored weapons is what the Russian and Syrian air forces have been bombing. ISIS also has arms manufacturing facilities taken over from the Iraqi and Syrian governments and machinery supplied by racist supremacist Israel and their slaves the USSA and Saudi Judea Arabia and ISISI still gets air drops from the USSA and full resupply by Israel for ISIS units along the Israeli border. So ISIS is not running out of any ammo etc. maybe man power, but not ammo proven by the fact they can go on the offensive against the SAA and maintain battle along many km of front lines.

Jens Holm

Even pinquins send help to cool the enemy down.

Jens Holm

The usual stuff from You. Only evil dirt production.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

comment image

Jens Holm

ISIS has no lack of weapons. Well, they may have some lack of the advanced ones. I anything, they have a lack of soldiers.

We see full smaller depots left very often. Large are seen too. Some could be about parts of their logistics are gone or slowed down. I hope so.


Nobody controls the desert. These colors on the map are Just isolated outposts and the occasional way station.

Isis is getting supplies. They are getting supplies from HTS sympathizers in idlib, and they are getting supplies from Jordan to the south. They are running supplies right thru red territory unseen.

Jens Holm

In west wind You can see the ballons arrive. Those are green and becomes grey, when they land.

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