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11.04.2016 Crisis News

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Police have deployed tear gas against asylum seekers at the Idomeni refugee camp in Greece, on the border with Macedonia. According to reports, a group of asylum seekers attempted to cross the border and enter Macedonia.

Ankara is making every effort to prevent the Kurds from participating in the Syria peace talks in Geneva, speaker of Syria’s People’s Council Mohammad Laham said Sunday. The Syrian reconciliation talks are expected to kick off on April 11, with the government’s delegation anticipated to come to Geneva on April 14.

At least two explosions were reported in the diplomatic quarter of Kabul on Saturday shortly following an unannounced visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry.

There are credible threats to people visiting tourist areas in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul and Antalya, the US embassy in the country warned its citizens. The advisory notification urged Americans to “exercise extreme caution” in the vicinity of such areas.

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Macedonia is a region in Greece. The country you mention is called officialy FYROM according to the UN.

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