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1,065 Militants And Their Family Members Left Douma Town In Eastern Ghouta – Media

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1,065 Militants And Their Family Members Left Douma Town In Eastern Ghouta - Media

A bus involved in the evacuation

On April 2, 1,065 militants and their family members were evacuated from the Douma distrcit in Eastern Ghouta under a deal between Jaish al-Islam and the Syrian government, the state-run news agency SANA reported.

“Procedures to have the terrorists of “Jaish al-Islam” and their families leave the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside to Jarablos area has started on Monday in preparation for the clearing the city from terrorists and the return of all the state’s institutions to it.

SANA’s correspondent to al-Wafideen Camp corridor said 20 buses with 1065 terrorists and their family members on board exited Douma in preparation for transporting them to Jarablos.

The correspondent said that buses are entering the outskirts of Douma, supervised by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, to transport terrorists and their families via al-Wafideen corridor to the main gathering point near Harasta Highway, from which they will be transported to Jarablos later.

The correspondent pointed out that the buses are subjected to thorough inspection to prevent terrorists from smuggling any civilians or military abductees, as well as to prevent them from hiding IEDs and bombs that they might use while traveling to Jarablos,” SANA wrote.

However, according to some pro-government sources, the militants evacuated from Douma were former Jaish al-Islam fighters that had been injured during previous clashes in the area. If confirmed, Damascus will have to solve more more additional issues with Jaish al-Islam to fully secure Douma.

Meanwhile, evacuation of civilians also continued in the area. On April 1, chief of the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria Yuri Yevtushenko said that a total of 153,240 people had been evacuated since the implementation of daily humanitarian pauses in the area.

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Bye bye fucktards u didnt accomplish anything


Apart from the complete ruination of the capital district of Syria, you mean?

northerntruthseeker .

No, Damascus will be rebuilt now just like Aleppo…. If you look at the wondrous reconstruction of Aleppo and how it looks now, you can see that being mirrored in Damascus


Yes u r right.


Oh I think they did a pretty good job for the axis of evil, they turned a once thriving country in to a bomb crater. I’m sure their will be a few medals given out in Israel USA the UK and France.


True but in the end the enemies of the axes of evil will turn out to be the winners and more united then b4


excellentes news rats saoudis get out!!


What is the key role of these terrorists in Syria. The main reason that Washington want them in Syria, Iraq, and in other countries becuase through them Washington rule on these countries. One side Washington arm and support these terrorists and on other side on main stream media they blame and sanction the governments in these countries that why they eliminate these terrorists from their own countries or they are opposition or moderate terrorists etc and sanction the governments due to which the nation directly suffered and in this way lobbying for themselves that we are heroes there to eliminate terrorists from these region.


Tell me about that. Same scenario was here in my country in 1999, only we did not had Russia like Syria now.


RT is currently attacking Britain for funding palestinian teachers in Gaza- as part of the ongoing jewish project in the UK to demonise all supporters of palestinians as ‘anti-semitic’ (that disgusting racist jewish supremacy term used in place of the correct anti-jewish). Why is it you never seem to notice Putin’s work on behalf of the zionists, rob?

The rebels of East Ghouta were protected by Putin for the longest time- yet you only blame ‘washington’ – how curious.

Putin has made his support of zionism and Israel and the jews crystal clear on innumerable occasions- yet this FACT never changes your rhetoric- why is this?

Putin, only a couple of days back, had Russia condemn Iran and the houthis at the UNSC for the ‘missile attacks’ against Saudi Arabia (and yes, I know Putin had the ref to Iran ‘removed’ from the resolution- knowing full well this was of no help to Iran at all). The same Putin that voted at the UNSC to BAN all weapon supplies to the houthis while stepping up weapon supplies to the attcaking Saudis- all without a squeek from you.

How strange that some who CLAIM to be on our side are so blind to certain facts.

northerntruthseeker .

Again, this “starlight’ clown sounds more and more like Hasbara… Only a Jew freak would talk like this!

Promitheas Apollonious

you figured it out.

jerry hamilton

This is how she makes a living.
Zionists pay her to do this on many sites similar to this.
She is probably a single mother that needs to work from home.
There are many that troll youtube all day long.
Some are better than others.
Their blatant lies always gives them away.

Jim Prendergast

Just ignore it.

jerry hamilton

jew troll.
Get a proper job.


That is Zionist’s article. Before RT was good when it was independent but as the Zionists have dominated it so now you will see many Zionist’s articles from RT. The Russian foreign ministry is not aware of this incidence. Every where Zionists want to control print and electronic media.


I know there are fake western news ..plenty. But you beat them all in fake news in discussion blocks .

No one is reading beyond your first lines.


uhuh dixit pierre hillard!!


The EXTREMIST JEWISH outlet, the DailyMail, refuses to show the video and photos of unarmed palestinian protestors at the moment they are struck with jewish sniper bullets. But then again, Southfront also refuses to show these images. Anything that would hurt the jewish cause is BANNED on Southfront.

Instead we get articles boosting Saudi Arabia and Turkey, or wasting our time with the millionth report of ‘rebel’ buses leave East Ghoua- like this one.

However, as bad as the Daily Mail really is, unlike Southfront it does still have coverage of the jewish atrocity on its frontpage.

But all the kremlin outlets today are jew praising and palestinian demonising. RT, for instance, has a jewish article attacking Britain for helping fund teachers in Gaza on its current web output. How evil is that?

And some of you here wonder why I call Putin the zionist appeaser?


Ha ha ha.Thanks for the laugh. Have you ever heard the saying :” Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Stop crying. Face it. Putin is re-elected and in the next 6 years he will be able to clean the Earth from the sickness. (This is what you propagate for, right?!) You have no reason to worry at all. Putin has already outsmarted the zio mafia. The jews, that you hate so much will get their due.


Mad as a cut snake.

northerntruthseeker .

Again, it would be been better justice in seeing these fraud ‘rebels’ killed for their crimes against humanity… But letting them leave prevents these monsters from further murdering civilians still held in the Douma pocket


This is good news indeed that lives are spared.

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