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1,065 Militants And Their Family Members Left Douma Town In Eastern Ghouta – Media


1,065 Militants And Their Family Members Left Douma Town In Eastern Ghouta - Media

A bus involved in the evacuation

On April 2, 1,065 militants and their family members were evacuated from the Douma distrcit in Eastern Ghouta under a deal between Jaish al-Islam and the Syrian government, the state-run news agency SANA reported.

“Procedures to have the terrorists of “Jaish al-Islam” and their families leave the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside to Jarablos area has started on Monday in preparation for the clearing the city from terrorists and the return of all the state’s institutions to it.

SANA’s correspondent to al-Wafideen Camp corridor said 20 buses with 1065 terrorists and their family members on board exited Douma in preparation for transporting them to Jarablos.

The correspondent said that buses are entering the outskirts of Douma, supervised by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, to transport terrorists and their families via al-Wafideen corridor to the main gathering point near Harasta Highway, from which they will be transported to Jarablos later.

The correspondent pointed out that the buses are subjected to thorough inspection to prevent terrorists from smuggling any civilians or military abductees, as well as to prevent them from hiding IEDs and bombs that they might use while traveling to Jarablos,” SANA wrote.

However, according to some pro-government sources, the militants evacuated from Douma were former Jaish al-Islam fighters that had been injured during previous clashes in the area. If confirmed, Damascus will have to solve more more additional issues with Jaish al-Islam to fully secure Douma.

Meanwhile, evacuation of civilians also continued in the area. On April 1, chief of the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria Yuri Yevtushenko said that a total of 153,240 people had been evacuated since the implementation of daily humanitarian pauses in the area.



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