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JULY 2022

Gas explosion in Ankara. 5 civilians are reported injured

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 5 people are reported injured after multiple explosions being heard in Ankara’s industrial zone

Gas explosion in Ankara. 5 civilians are reported injured

According to local media in Ankara, a series of gas explosions were heard in the Turkish capital. It has been reported that the gas explosions occurred at the city’s Ozpetek Industrial Complex.

Witnesses say the blasts resulted in several popping sounds and caused a number of injuries.

The Turkish website, T24, reported that the incident happened at 12:20 local time and that 5 people were injured.

Emergency services rushed onto the streets shortly after the blasts.

Military personal and firefighters were also deployed. Local police said they investigated but found no evidence of a coordinated attack.

Earlier reports say that the explosions were so loud that were heard all across the 4,5 million city, causing panic and fear.

The blast is thought to have happened in a factory producing dry ice while a tanker with carbon dioxide was being unloaded. According to witnesses there was a smell of gas in the area.

Written by Yoana for SouthFront

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