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JUNE 2021

10,000-Strong Force Is Ready For Manbij Operation – Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army

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10,000-Strong Force Is Ready For Manbij Operation - Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army

Haitham Afeisi

A 10,000-strong force is already prepared for a military operation against the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces in the Syrian city of Manbij, Deputy Chief of General Staff of the TFSA Haitham Afeisi told in an intervew with Yeni Şafak daily.

We have no deficiencies in terms of weapons, ammunition or fighters, and we are morally ready as well. A 10,000-strong force is ready for Manbij,” the daily quoted Afeisi as saying.

According to Afeisi, the Manbij operation will follow after the TFSA and the Turkish Armed Forces finish their operation against Kurdish YPG/YPJ forces [these groups are the core of the SDF] in the Afrin area.

Furthermore, the TFSA representative added that the TFSA is ready to “battle U.S. forces” in Manbij if it’s needed.

“We regard Manbij as strategically important as Afrin, so as Syria’s National Army (“al-Jaysh al-Watani”) we have declared war against the Kurdistan workers’ Party (PKK) [Anakara says that the YPG/YPJ is a Syrian branch of the PKK] formations in Manbij. Rather than the PKK, the U.S. is the more pressing problem. In the case that the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the FSA were to enter Manbij, the U.S., as it did in Afrin, will withdraw its support from the terrorists. If it does not, we will battle U.S. forces deployed in that region as well,” Afeisi said. “Operation Euphrates Shield will continue until Syrian people find peace. The forces that use every means to prevent Syrian people from being in power in their own regions will have to face the determination of Turkey and Syria’s National Army. We have come to an agreement with Ankara on all matters. Manbij is not the final destination; we won’t stop until Hasakah, Ayn Issa, Ayn al-Arab, Ras al-Ayn, Al-Malikiyah, and Tal Abyad are purged of terror.

According to the report, the TFSA now unites 30 militant groups and has about 22,000 fighters in its ranks.

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Rex drabble

Way to go,Now the US is in a very bad situation,I love it!
This is a serious message to the clowns in America,going to watch this closely

MariaCeleste Conkright

US must join with SAA. And Russia. And teach turkey a lesson. And go and grab Constantinople while you’re at it Vlad. The FSA. Is terrorists. Head choppers. Turkey has been supportive all along. Just using pesky Kurds as an excuse. I think deep state USA in collusion with turkey. For FSA and they throw Kurds under bus. Kurds are not real reason turkey is there. Russia Must launch cruise missiles TODAY. This could be start of WW3


I’ve never seen so much bullshit in 1 single comment. What do you eat for a living? Cocacine?


Skagos is a friend of Solomon ‘ Kappo chek’. :)

You can call me Al

There seems to be 3 of them now, I wonder if they re the same people !!

Solomon Krupacek

I call you Al Gay


Or just inbred relatives ?

You can call me Al

What Saudis or Americans ?


Solomon and his fellow travellers here Al. :)

You can call me Al




You can call me Al

Don’t be so stupid; the Syrians would never lower themselves to that level.


Maria,US never join with SAA and RF,remember me!US invest to destroy Syria,Libya and Irak mld.$…and now coming Russian Federation and all is lost.For this reason are sanctions,
complain to agresivity RF ans similar stupid ideas on level US president Trump.The Trump
some weeks ago do test for IQ,in the Naval Hospital,definitely he knows identify lion from
rhinocerus ! Test was succesful with full 30 points !This psycho has finger about nuclear button!

Ryan Glantz

comment image


Yeah, that’s gonna happen. LOL.


Don’t under estimate the enemy . Tillerson just proposed a ” joint US-Turkish ” security zone .


This was to be expected. It’s a last ditch attempt by the US to save their proxie. Erdo will have none of it. He knows he has the US by the nads.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Creation of a Sunni Islamic state as they envisioned from the beginning at CIA , Langley, VA .


That’s right , the Rand Corporation ( CIA think tank ) , ten years ago called it “Sunnistan” .


Have the Turks lost their minds or have they made a deal with the US.

Rex drabble

We will see.If Turkey pulls any stunts here you can be sure Russia will smash it hard,no more bullshit from anyone.

s Slippy

Clown, the games ended with the coup. Any major player knows that



You can call me Al

or what about a deal with Russia and Syria ?…..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Turkey only has one deal and that hasn’t changed from day one, and why the US allows the suppression of the Turkish people. Problem is Turkey is getting played worse than the Kurds, with the Kurds they rely on their unwillingness to work with the Syrian Govt as they started fostering this and when creating the PYD. Russia and Syria having a deal that’s why the SAA has decided to launch from another region in it’s attack on Idlib offering a 2 stage effect as Aleppo city is the target.

Ryan Glantz

Looks like it’s time for a liberation of a certain oppressed country….
comment image it

Zainab Ali

syria must be wary of all ilegal occupiers’/zio satanic terrorists’ moves – only the syrian coalition and her true allies can be trusted

Rafik Chauhan

let this traitor of Syrian people kill each other . SAA will sit and finish this thug in idlib. and then move towards south of damuscus. kurds by not allowing SAA in their area made big mistake . now turkey took advantage and US will do nothing . kurds will be drowned . bcuz for US turkey partnership is more important then the Syrian kuds.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The playbook has never changed from 2009 same plan as they are sticking to, Russia won’t bite and neither will Syria. Syrian Government need assurances of control of it’s soil and a firm support of the Govt from the PYD or they can return to their US creators.


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comment image
comment image

Illegal European migrants Israel have kidnapped a 16 year old Palestinian youth Ahed Tamimi with assaulting Israeli terrorists.

In Palestine the human rights violation is record high. This Palestinian war will end soon and Palestine will be free for ever like South Africa from illegal European migrants (Israel) who kidnapping children and then butchering them. This brave Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi along with her parents are now in the prison of Israeli terrorists. She is so brave that she should have to be the prime minister of Palestine.

This girl at the age of 16 defend her country Palestine and is a true Muslim.

If South Africa can liberate from apartheid dictatorship then why not Palestine and Yemen…. All world leaders should have to support Palestinians and Yemenis to end this human rights violations at least for the small kids that have no food, medicines and shelters. Please remove their blocked and provide them political, militarily and humanitarian aid to help them to liberate their own countries from apartheid dictatorships of Zionists Salman and Netanyahu.

Solomon Krupacek

superwhore misused by mujaheddin parents

Lena Jones

Super child abuser and insane racist zionist.


I have long had my suspicions about Swoloman Kockpaktek..a pedophile in disguise. Mothers hide their little kids when he is around..


As your husband hid under your skirt..? lol..!
it seems likewhen someone doesn’t agree with the other one.. they starts smearing like Trump (childish)..! Get your fact/s when there’s argument..! And to be honest it’s only a discussion board and no one gives a cunt about what you have in mind.. Unless there’s point to argue about or pinpoint.. so that we’ll learned the truth about what’s going on with the world we’re living in..!

Solomon Krupacek

ouch, her parents were zionists?

Augsta “Augsta”

Your Mother is the Superwhore Solomon Kuntpacek you dirty Jew Bastard !!!!!!

Solomon Krupacek

my mother … is a noble lady. not like your, you son of thousand fathers.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

If your family was killed and murdered with no repercussions you would respond like here , but you are a Banderite progeny so what is expected of you is to curse Russia for being bad and not you National Zionists.

Solomon Krupacek

also in that case i will not send my children to fight.

you either have ni children or aare fanatic jihadist

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Thing is she made the choice as the family started documenting and are activists in the sense they want just and fair treatment, but abuses by these NAZI storm troopers is common. You should be thankful they would grab your children and use them as human body shields.

Calling me the Jihadist fanatic is both weak and conflating, bringing children such as yours up would have them taken from an indoctrination from childhood in any normal western society. I am a Free thinker not some slave to Zionist ideology.


I wonder why they didn’t put a hole into her brain at point blank like the rest of the resistance..? even a toddler & crippled were not spared.. Btw, She’s ugly for a Palestinian..!


Hopefully the situation will cause the US to abort a possible attack on North Korea.

You can call me Al

Wow, now that is lateral thinking.


According to 2018 estimate the total population of Palestine including occupied territories by illegal European migrants Israel.

Illegal Migrants:–1,525,020—-11%
Other groups:——–18,076—-0.1%

Illegal European migrants:—-1,525,020——-It contains 22% religious and 78% non religious
Religious migrants:—————335,504.4—–It contains Dati (religious) and Haredi (ultra-Orthodox)
Non religious migrants———1,189,515.6—–It contains Hiloni and Masorti

Solomon Krupacek



Hi hi, nice try. Fake report.


You’re right.. agreed..!
Then why is the European complaining when they’re being occupied..! What goes around comes around.. they’ve to stop complaining about it and starts adapting as the Palestinian did.. lol

s Slippy

300 PKK terrorists dead in 5 days. The cockroaches won’t be able to recuperate.

The ethnic cleansing of native arabs stops now! They will return to their villages and live without the fear of persecution from PKK

Syria insider

This operation will probably not even happen. Just a bullshit claim by terrorists

Ryan Glantz

The man in the photo looks like he’s accepted death by charging at US forces.


Even if one puts aside the Turk V US conflict of ideas aside, it is most gratifying to see the NATO trained, armed and funded ‘Free Syrian Army’ fighting the NATO trained, armed and funded ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’.

Trump has warned Turkey against starting a fight with US troops , BUT what will Turkey do if US troops start a fight with Turkish troops?

I am getting addicted to Popcorn

You can call me Al

Regards Turkey and the US…but with guns:
comment image


How ironic this is from Gangs of New York. Quite appropo…NY is the Zionist capital of the US.

You can call me Al

Oh, oh….. I have a little bit of food poisoning, turned on the telly and am watching something called “million Dollar listing” on Fox – it is a must see to see how putrid and alien NYC is.


It’s irony indeed. Irony so thick and delicious you can cut it with a cake knife. I do love to have a slice of irony cake. :-)


Irony Cake is excellent for ones mental health as well after years of being labelled as a Conspiracy Theorist :)


Trump did his ‘civic duty’ by opening his mouth and that is as far as it will go. The very last thing the US wants is to start shit with Turkey…not because they fear them, but because it will disrupt NATO and further the Russia/Turkish collaboration. Erdo is crazy enough to attack US forces, because he thinks he can get away with it.. Erdo just keeps dangling Incirlik in front of NATO. Putin must be laughing his ass off.


What does TSFA stand for?

Jacek Wolski

These Shit Faced Arses


LOL..sounds about right.

dez nuts

Only 10,000? They will get mopped up.

Henk Poell

Comments on this topic are just speculations, because nobody here knows:
1) What promises which world leader made to whom before the operation.
2) Who is going to betray whom.
3) What those world leaders are discussing today.
4) What they will discuss tomorrow.
What we see on the ground is the result of things nobody here knows… We can only read everything and in a few months give a medal to whoever got it right. And that might be pure luck.


To shorten is.. what exactly all these so called leader were discussing behind door..!


It is interesting to see that they only named kurdish controled areas. The area controlled by the government was not mentioned.
This could indicate the post syrian war politic solution picture. I think turkey and their backed rebels are ready to have a political solution. After they are done with the kurds there could be hope for peace.


So, according to this man, there will for months be no assault. He said after Afrin was taken.

Also, the numbers do not add up.

TFSA claim here 22k total. It is known some faction have opted out. Let us assume the rest, dubious, is correct. Ergdogan claims 25k TFSA, so a discrepancy of 5k and that is assuming 100% of them are involved and nobody guards the Azaz colony.

Reality means 22k minus 2k opting out minus say 10 to guard and defend Azaz colony, so 10k for the Afrin assault. Given the SDF numbers of some, after reinforcements, 35 to 40k, it does not look good for Erdogan.

Lastly, it is even possible SDF will not wait to be attacked. Sometimes it is better to gave the initiative. That way, SDF can choose time and place.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Why do all of you fall for the US-Turkey plan that was made at the beginning as they had planned from day one to destroy the SDF and hand over this area to a Sunni Islamic state. People there was no intention of making a Kurdish state especially when you look at well known CIA media fronts supporting Turkey. Shocked at how truly naive a thought process really goes on in your heads, in this there are no good guys or bad guys mentality , that is only distraction as all sides have ambitions here . Assad’s is to restore the safety of the Syrian people, the Kurds ambitions have been used against them and always will be they are useful tools.

Well let’s look at US-Turkey’s ambition it hasn’t changed which is to create a Sunni Arab state and using Radical Salafi and Wahhabi foreigners is what they intended from the beginning.Their plan to be honest never changed so their is no plan B as this was their goal and to get the stupid public behind their idea which by judging some remarks they have succeeded.

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