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1,000 Pro-Iranian Militia Fighters Deployed to Palmyra


1,000 Pro-Iranian Militia Fighters Deployed to Palmyra

A column of Safir jeeps with Kata’ib Hezbollah flags in Iraq

Over 1,000 pro-Iranian militia fighters have been deployed to Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra in order to help secure its surrounding area, pro-Iranian media outlets and social media accounts reported.

According to reports, the deplyoed fighters are belonged to the Iraqi groups:

  • Kataib Imam Ali;
  • Kataib Hezbollah;
  • Liwa Abu Fadl al-Abbas.



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  • dorin

    they should have been more discreet with the Hezbollah flag. It would only stress Israel more.
    Iranians are not playing smart with the Hezbollah conection.
    It seems only Russia is a true and serious (trustworthy) player in Syria and … the kurds, who fight for their own lands.

    • The thing is, not matter how discreet they tried, it is a large secret that is in the air anyway.
      It’s not like Israel would be blind and have no idea.
      So this shows solidarity with civilians that their is a plan to actively protect their lands from conquest.
      Besides, Basij forces are just a civilian militia anyway. Like the Minute Men in America who defeated the UK-Empire.
      They are civilian volunteers, you cannot hide a civilian army who is actively engaged in large scale combat.
      Also, Assad said himself, if it were not for these forces and Iran, Syria would have fallen over a year before Russia ever lifted a finger to help.
      It is thanks only to Iran that Lebanon is not apart of Zionist-Israel today.
      And thanks to Iran that Iraq is functioning.
      And thanks to Iran that Syria is still in the fight, or their would be over 1.5 million dead in Syria today.
      What you said is logically like saying
      “Russia should have been discreet with their air-force, as this will aggravate Israel”
      How is Russia suppose to bomb targets on medium scale and keep it a secret?

  • Barry

    I am guessing they are securing Palmyra so SAA and HA can attack Deir ez zor.