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1,000 ISIS Members Remain In Syria And Iraq: US-led Coalition

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1,000 ISIS Members Remain In Syria And Iraq: US-led Coalition

Members of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces

Only about 1,000 ISIS members remain on the battlefield in Syria and Iraq, the US-led coalition’s spokesman Army Col. Ryan Dillon told Military.com on December 26.

“Up until today, we had an estimate of less than 3,000,” Dillon said, according to the website. “But the latest estimate we got today was, there’s about 1,000 across Iraq and Syria.”

As the influence of ISIS decreases in Syria and Iraq, the US has less and less excuses to keep the military presence in the countries. The US administration has already started setting ground for the post-ISIS military activity in the region claiming that it will participate in the stabilization of Syria and Iraq.

In Syria, the main effort of this “stabilization” will be to turn an area controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces into an independent enclave to use it as a tool to pressure the Damascus government as well as the Iranian-Russian-Syrian coalition in general.

In Iraq, Washington seeks to limit the influence of the Popular Mobilization Units that have close ties with Iran.

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Jonathan Cohen

So then hurry up and wipe out their territory! It’s not over until I see no black on Southfront maps. The less strength they have the faster you all should be moving against ISIS territory. That goes for both SDF and SAA, though SDF has less excuse since SAA is also fighting HTS.


It looks like the metamorphosis is in full swing only 1000 IS to change to “Syrian New New Army”, they cannot allow all these people to organise themselves into another PMU…


The entire region will be much more stable with your meddling little paws USA


K24 reports Iraqi sources are fearing IS will take Hawijah again.

KRG will just let them. They are no longer interested whether IS is taking over the whole of Iraq outside their lands.

Will we see a repeat of 2013/2014?

Setarianism of Iraqi government towards sunni and kurds ending in takeover of most of sunni Iraq?


Where is America & Western-Europe hiding the rest ? Ameica claimed that there were around twenty six Thousand ISIS members left some months ago.


Well, USA is just saying that right now Israel-USA-NATO are supporting only 1,000 terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Maybe many of the other passed to be SDF members.

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