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1,000 Additional Troops: Trump And Duda Sign Declaration to Increase US Presence In Poland

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1,000 Additional Troops: Trump And Duda Sign Declaration to Increase US Presence In Poland

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On June 12th, Polish President Andrzej Duda visited Washington and met with US President Donald Trump to praise and strengthen relations between Poland and the United States.

Among other things, the two leaders signed a declaration for Poland to provide basing and infrastructure for 1,000 more US troops to be deployed in the country.

“As stated in the joint declaration, the United States and Poland continue to enhance our security cooperation.  Poland will still provide basing and infrastructure to support military presence of about 1,000 American troops.  The Polish government will build these projects at no cost to the United States.  The Polish government will pay for this.”

Trump said that he had always liked Poland and because of that, one year ago President Duda asked him if the US would consider a further deployment and he said he would.

“I’ve just liked Poland. So when the President came and he asked me whether or not we’d consider this, I said, “I will consider it.”  And now, because of his leadership, we’re able to do that.  And that’s fine with me.  That’s great.  Great people.”

Finally, Trump said that he and a delegation are to visit Poland in September, and he’s expecting that the Polish president has something interesting “in store.”

On his part, Duda said that there were permanently approximately 4,500 US troops in Poland, who switch on a rotational basis, but the presence was permanent.

“And today, we signed a document and further cooperation: a Joint Declaration on Defense Cooperation Regarding the United States Force Posture in the Republic of Poland.

This is of a breakthrough character because it moves us to another era.  So far, we can say that the Americans were testing the situation in Poland: how it looks, how it feels; what about logistics; whether it is possible to stay in Poland and to successfully attain the goals and implement the tasks of defensive nature.

I think that the commanders of U.S. Army are convinced that this is simply possible.  And today, the documents speaks about this enduring presence — the presence which is a fact and which will stay there.”

He further said that the 1,000 troops are differentiated, that the troops in question are special operations forces, there are logistics troops, as well as a division headquarters. Duda recalled that currently a missile defense facility was being constructed at Redzikowo.

Later on, Duda was asked whether he saw Russia as an ally or adversary, to which Trump exclaimed “Boy, was that a set-up question.”

I would very much like Russia to be a friend of Poland because it is our great neighbor.  It is a country much bigger than Poland, with a bigger potential than Poland in every single respect — except for one, perhaps.  I believe that we have got more courage in us — that we are braver, more courageous, and are able to fight until the end, irrespective of everything.

This is actually what we demonstrated in World War Two, at the Battle of Monte Cassino. We demonstrated that in the Warsaw Uprising.  We demonstrated that in many other places around the globe where Polish soldiers died to make sure that Poland is free after the Second World War.

This, unfortunately, did not happen.  We found ourselves under the Russian occupation.  But even then, for almost 20 years, after World War Two, there was this anti-Communist, anti-Soviet underground, which fought against the Soviets, and those people were murdered.  Today, we call them “Unbreakable Soldiers.”  We commemorate their memory, although they were dug underground to make it impossible for anyone to find their remains and so that they couldn’t have graves built.”

“And in 1919, the Soviet Russia attacked Poland.  It wanted to grab Poland’s territory and bring communism to the west of Europe.  It was us who stopped Soviets at Warsaw in 1920.

By the bravery of Polish soldiers, we defeated them during a great battle.  And then we chased them back to the east.  And then they took their revenge on us in 1939 by attacking us, together with Nazi Germany, and murdering our officers in Katyn.”

He said that Poland was interested in friendship, but the historical reality and the current situation made it difficult, according to him.

“So, madam, as you can see, this friendship is a very difficult one.  Today, we are in the following situation: Russia attacked Georgia.  Then, in 2014, it attacked Ukraine.  And these are facts.  These are facts which belong to the recent history.

We would like Russia to be our friend, but unfortunately, Russia again is showing its very unkind, unpleasant, imperial face, and we do not want to be part of Russia’s sphere of influence.”

From the remarks of Duda, it becomes pretty apparent that Poland is a strong and courageuous state that contributed alot to the fighting of Nazism in the WW2. A few examples:

  • Using the Sudeten crisis in 1938, Poland captured Czechoslovakia’s Zaolzie region. Around the same time, the Nazi Germany annexed the Sudetenland, in western Czechoslovakia;
  • After the start of the Nazi Invasion [Semteber 1, 1939], Poland was fully defeated by the Nazis after a month and five days of “resistance” [October 6, 2019].
  • The country’s government didn’t officially and completely surrender, but it fled the country shortly after the Nazi invasion and for years attempted to have a “government in exile” from London in the UK. In comparison, the cowardly Russian officials remained in Moscow in 1941, even when the battle was raging near the USSR capital;
  • Poland was involved in the Nazi death camps, which, of course, Poland strongly refutes nowadays;
  • The Red Army, which the Polish president accuses of so much, actually liberated the country from Nazi occupation;

Taking into account this series of “successes” of the Polish state prior and durig the World War 2, it becomes clear why Warshaw is interested in the increasing US military presence on its own soil. Courageruous remarks may once again appear to be not enough if a real war brokes out in Europe.


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The Polish President Andrzej Duda is not a christian rather a Jew.

El Mashi

He is a Catholic, and easily manipulated by Israel.


Duda does not care of his nation and of his country. He is a corrupt leader.

Saddam Hussein

Poland acting like a cuck as usual.

Black Waters

What a traitor.


doomed. a nuclear desert.

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