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MAY 2021

100 Chinese Servicemen For Second S-400 Regiment To Be Trained In Russia: Report

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100 Chinese Servicemen For Second S-400 Regiment To Be Trained In Russia: Report

Sergei Malgavko/TASS

About 100 Chinese military servicemen will undergo a training coruse to get the skills needed to operate the S-400 air defense system in Russia in the period from March to June, the Russian state-run news agency TASS reported on March 5 citing a military-diplomatic source.

According to the report, these service members will operate a second regimental set of the S-400 system, which is set to be delivered to China in the second half of 2019.

“About 100 military servicemen from the People’s Liberation Army of China will undergo instruction at a Russian training center in the operation and combat uses of the second regimental set of the S-400 system, to be provided to China in the second half of the year,” TASS quoted the source as saying..

A first regimental set of the S-400 system was delivered to China in 2018. In December of the same year, China successfully used the S-400 system against ballistic and aerodynamic targets during a live-fire drill.

China has become the first foreign customer of the S-400 system. Under the Chinese-Russian countract, Beijing should get a total of two regimental sets of the S-400.


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  1. Sinbad2 says:

    Everybody is preparing for the American attack on the world.

  2. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

    China does not need the S-400 system. Venezuelan, Iran and Lebanon needs the S-400 system. Quickly to I might add. All three are secluded to be attacked and invaded with the next new administration coming into power in two years when the Democrats take over.

    1. Daniel Miller says:

      well why dont they pay for them?

    2. Alberto Garza says:

      venezuela will fall i dont care if they have the s-2000000 they have an enemy within called socialism it has brought misery and poverty like it always does

  3. Barba_Papa says:

    2 regiments seems kinda low for a country the size of China. Considering that China could easily use and deploy dozens of that number I reckon that 2 regimental sets were the absolute minimum that China had to buy from Russia in order for it to turn a blind eye to the inevitable Chinese knockoff to appear that would really equip the PLA air defense units.

    1. Daniel Miller says:

      umm no the reason why they bought only 2 is that it costs alot to buy the S-400

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