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10 Pounds Of High Powered C-4 Explosives Disappear From California Military Base

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Military officials are scrambling to recover 10 pounds of Composition C-4, after the high-powered explosives vanished from Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base in Southern California, according to ABC 10News, citing ‘sources with close military ties.’

10 Pounds Of High Powered C-4 Explosives Disappear From California Military Base

The explosives disappeared during a long training exercise two weeks ago, and are believed to have been stolen.

The unit’s commanding officer is considering extending the training exercise until the explosives are found, sources said. They also confirm the commanding officer messaged subordinate commands about a monetary reward for any information leading to the discovery of the C-4.

The base would not confirm any details with ABC 10News. Capt. Zachary Colvin, with the Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command, told this station that “the ongoing investigation into this incident is being handled by NCIS and the affected units.” –ABC 10News

A NCIS Public Affairs spokesperson told ABC 10News “Out of respect for the investigative process, NCIS does not comment on or confirm details relating to ongoing investigations.

Retired Captain Kelly Mayer – a former firefighter and bomb-technician with 23-years of eperience, told the outlet that one pound alone could blow up a vehicle when detonated, adding that C-4 is one of the most powerful explosives to be manufactured.

For reference, here’s 10 lbs of C-4 exploding.


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cechas vodobenikov

sold to one of tommy’s BLM/LGBT RETARD “moderate” benevolent democratic al Qaeda terrorists or traded to jens for LSD

Alejandro Bonifacio

or worst: sold to mexican narco idiots

johnny rotten

Hey, the chickens are returning to the roost, you sent your boys around the world for the purpose of brutalizing innocent civilians so you should have expected them to continue that job upon their return.

Just Me

US has been committing terrorism and murder against the most defenceless poor people in the world and now faces the same at home. Karma is a bitch!


biden is a pedophile joke and america is sinking like the titanic


yeah and semi-senile as well. what a friggin larf. and when he’s fully senile then harris will step in and she’s been nursed by the jews since day one of her run for power and glory (sad thing is there is no glory for politicians from thedisunited states of exceptinal morons).

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

10lbs is nothing. And it takes — at a minimum — 4lbs of C4 to make an effective car bomb.

Peter Moy

No cause for concern. A 10 pound bomb is kindergarten play time size compared to big ones that are detonated in other countries. If it were 200, 300 or 500 pounds of something like ammonium nitrate, then it would be in the international league. More important is that the US is getting ready for a big football game on Sunday. Remember years ago when Mercedes Benz cars were pretty popular as car bombs? Only a Mercedes explodes like a Mercedes. Man o man, those were the days my friend.

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