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2 Russian Paramedics Killed 1 Injured In Aleppo. Ministry of Defense Says Militants Hand Exact Coordinates for Attack

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2 Russian Paramedics Killed 1 Injured In Aleppo. Ministry of Defense Says Militants Hand Exact Coordinates for Attack

Photo: @LizziePhelan/Twitter

A female Russian paramedic has been killed and two more have been injured in a militant shelling of a Russian mobile military hospital in the Syrian city of Aleppo, the Russian Defense Ministry said on December 5.

UPD 16:49 CET: 2nd jnured paramedic died from wounds in the hospital

Spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov told jouranlists that the incident took place earlier today between 12:21 and 12:30pm local time.

“As a result of the direct hit of the reception ward, one female Russian military medic was killed [and] two medical specialists were severely injured,” he said.

An uknkown number of local residents attending medical appointments were also injured during the shelling.

“It is beyond doubt that the shelling was conducted by the ‘opposition’ militants. Moscow understands who gave the Syrian militants the coordinates of the Russian hospital right at the moment when it started working,” Konashenkov said, adding that the defense ministry attributes the blame for the incident to “terrorists and their patrons in the US, the UK and France.”

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Daniel Martin

If I where apart of the U.S coalition of chaos i would’ve expect a retaliatory strike in the next couple of hours just like the one,when the Russians took out the foreign operations room in Aleppo killing over 30 Israeli,U.S, British, French,Turkish, Qatari and Saudi intelligence officers with a cruise missile attack from the Mediterranean Sea.


Truly the last hospital in Aleppo attacked.

John Whitehot

Anglo-american whores, zionist masters and jihadist slaves – that’s just the way they operate, that’s what they are. An abomination, just like nazifascism, that will be buried under the shit of the whole universe.

Rest In Peace to the fallen medics. You will be forever remembered among the just and the good.

Michael Drysdale

simple russia should now kill some more military advisers from the militant side… i know this attack was a tit for tat attack for russia targetting the military advisers in aleppo

Boris Kazlov

How do you know? Just your gut feeling, your gut is full of $h!t


Russia fights this war on behalf of all us and they have done so at a huge cost, with the deaths of their courageous women and men. My sincerest condolences to the families and communities for your loss. I am deeply saddened that their lives were lost while they provided selfless comfort and care to other sick and injured victims of this war. May they rest in peace. In gratitude for their great sacrifices but also with deep shame, as I know my government, Canada, is opposing a swift resolution to this proxy war.


Very droll; Russia, or its bourgoisie, fights its war for its own interests.

Boris Kazlov

Thes pseudo marxist response is BS, Russia fights this war as the continuation of the Chechen -Dagestan war on islamic terrorism. How can Russsian bourgeouisie benefit is an unexplained mystery.

Michael Drysdale

how do you know this boris? is it your gut feeling. prick

Gary Sellars

Russians fight with honour, but Yankistani jackals don’t know the meaning of the word…. Filthy beasts in human form….

Real Anti-Racist Action

As everyone already knows, Israel is in full swing and providing militant everything to harm Christian-Russians and Monotheist-Syrians as much as possible. Their is no piece of information they would not share and give to terrorist if it helps them harm Mother-Russia or Syria or Iran or Germany or Greece.

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