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At Least 2 Killed, Several Injured In Mass Shooting Incident Near Christmas Market In Strasbourg (Videos)


UPDATE: According to fresh data, 2 people were killed, 11 were injured as a result of the attack.


On December 11, at least one person was killed and up to 10 others injured in a mass shooting incident in the French city of Strasbourg, according to local media. The French Interior Ministry called on public to remain indoors and described the sitaution as a “serious security event”, which occurred at the Kleber Square located right in Strasbourg’s old city.

The situation is developing.



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  • FlorianGeyer

    This is what happens when FUKUS countries use proxy terrorists of the worst kind imaginable to further the Geo Political aims of NATO and Israel :)

    When FUKUS are too cowardly to spill their own blood to aid the US Coalition of Terror, the Wahabi’s lash out at everyone :)

    Its sad for those innocents who get butchered but that’s what happens when NATO nations flirt with the prostitutes of terrorism.

    This will be a problem for decades to come I think in Europe.

    • You can call me Al

      Well, yes, but simply put, this is what happens when you “let in well over a million, uneducated, low IQ, gimps, with limited or zero skills and education; who have no respect for life itself and that have cultures which include rape, extreme violence and murders as the norm. Just to add insult to injury, the majority are from a different religion that is incompatible with Christianity and their disdain and hatred of later is legendary.

      Most of these gimps now in Europe ARE NOT refugees, but opportunists, social security scroungers, health and other economic immigrants -> being led into Europe by our bought whores known as politicians to enact an ongoing social experiment that will lead to the death of Christianity and all things held dear.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Very true Al.
        And more arrive every day.

        If Hitler had used Proxy Refugees to invade Britain he would have easily won :)

        • Felix D (TUPPERWARE PARTY)

          If Churchill had allowed a few million “refugees” in, certainly!

        • You can call me Al

          Hey FG, in those days many Brits supported the Nazis, including some of the Royals.

          If we could only invent a time machine to take us back….. for me there would be NO USA (as we know it) surviving for a start; France, at a whim, I may eradicate them……… your turn.

          • FlorianGeyer

            It is true to say I think that the controlling Judaeo/Zionist cult since the 19th century has as much influence within Christian populations as Rome did at the height of her power.

            Most cults have had some policies that I think were justified.
            However I struggle to think of any such policy within Judaeo/Zionism that has any justification. Today or yesterday.

            Perhaps this is why Jews have largely been reviled for thousands of years.

            There is little to applaud rats and virus’s for either.

    • Ronald

      Not only Europe, any where.
      In Bangladesh the Saudis opened 650 Wahhabi schools last year at a cost of one $ billion. Bangladesh has an extremely poor population whose only way out is to boat down to Myanmar, Thailand or Malaysia. These Wahhabi schools offer an other way, jihadists ready to die for 50 bucks a day, “anything, any time, any where” the ‘Company Logo’.

  • Albert Pike

    Sorry – screaming girls -like in an Ariana Grande concert- are usally a fake – this time a ‘Macron Rescue Fake’…

  • H Eccles

    From the comments posted so far, some of you talk as if you’ve never heard of a false flag event.

  • viktor ziv

    As per MSM wing following was said;
    1. gunman was born in Strasbourg (as if abolishing open door immigrant politics)
    2. gunman did two Years in jail due to terrorism (only! in some countries a man will do more time in jail for smoking marijuana!!!)
    3. gunman was on watchlist because of terrorism (and yet police discovered his apartment loaded with guns and grenades – some watchlist)
    4. gunman is some sort of French Rambo due to the fact there is a manhunt on single man (usually there are more simultaneous attacks, remember those lone wolf attacks that ended up with killed attacker as well)

    Also there is some reading between the lines, that the attack could have been thwarted if police was in full force in Strasbourg. AKKA, if there was no “vest” protest in Paris, terrorist act wouldn’t happen.

  • Macron needs a distraction from yellow vest revolt.
    And he needs to play a role of ‘tough and successful leader protecting people” as well.
    And he needs martial law.
    And he needs gunban.

    What a coincidence in Strasbourg appeared a gunman.
    I’m smelling a false flag orchestrated by deep stat & secret services.

  • Alex B

    False Flag organised by Macron. Evil. He must go.
    Enemy of the people!


    Macron’s chickens have come home. To roost!

    • Benoit Balderacchi

      Uncle Joe well know how to solve problem with this “french” moderate rebel we have to deal with since decades: deportation !

      The moderate imams of Al-Azhar “university” advise us long time ago: by your democratic laws we will conquer you, by the laws of sharia we will dominate you.

      The matter can only be solved by the uncle Joe or Al-Sissi way. Islamic world understand nothing but the strength. Given the curiculum vitae of the killer, in model countries like Iran, he would have been hanged before starting to kill our citizens at random.


    Just a “Moderate Rebel” The very sort armed, trained, funded and equipped by Macron and FUKUS, then loosed on the Syrian people.