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1 Killed, 3 Injured in Firefight at Border between Crimea and Ukraine – Reports

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1 Killed, 3 Injured in Firefight at Border between Crimea and Ukraine - Reports

A group of saboteurs from Ukraine has attempted to break through the Crimean border, Politnavigator reported on August 7, citing local sources. According to the report the group of Ukrainian saboteurs came across the border checkpoint and engaged Russian servicemen in a firefight. According to Politnavigator’s report, one Russian border guard was killed and few others wounded. The Russian Life News TV channel said that one person was killed and three were wounded.

Further reports said that the fighting erupted at a border checkpoint in the Krasnoperekopsk region of the Russian peninsula on August 7 morning.

The enhanced border security was introduced in Crimea.

It’s interesting to note that the incident followed major anti-terrorist exercises of the Russian National Guard and Airborne Troops in the Crimean Peninsula. It allows to conclude that the local authorities realize the high level of terror threat from the Ukrainian direction.

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I would appreciate further analysis and opinions on this development.
My own feeling, which is no more than a personal opinion, is that if
anyone starts messing with Russian territory then the scale of
reaction will be extreme. President Putin can be said to have been
restrained and cautious up to now. But an attack on Russian territory
will trigger something so terrible that it can hardly be imagined.


I believe West has figured out a way to start WW3.

Jacek Wolski

IF WW3 starts, then its ‘game over’. No coming back and no winners. In the mean time, its nice to speculate ‘what if’


Putin’s government stupidly allowed NATO forces and their terrorist/militant proxies to creep right up to the Russian borders with recognition of the illegal Ukrainian coup junta, “truces”, “Minsk agreements”, etc. Now they have begun directly testing Russian border defences, in preparation for the coming attack.


Looks like we are going to eventually find out if nukes really work.


Ultimately the only reason for hope that we don’t end up as nuclear toast actually seems to be intervention from outer space. See http://www.ufohastings.com https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=B__akc_6710

Joseph Scott

Well, military commanders would need to obey certain orders for that to happen. From all I can tell, opinion of the State Dept., CIA and foreign policy establishment amongst senior military officers is at a very low level. That the State Dept. and CIA have been arming IS and Al-Nusra is becoming more and more widely known amongst US military and security circles, and that information is not well received. That the CIA is behind terrorists attacks here in the USA is also making it’s way through those circles. With the way things have been going, I wouldn’t be surprised if elements of the military began to disobey orders at some point. The DIA has already tried to thwart some CIA operations quietly. Although the US military has done some terrible things in it’s time, they, like militaries everywhere have done so under the notion that they were doing it for their country, not for some Globalist elite. But the elites have gotten so careless and arrogant that it’s getting hard to deny the obvious. People who used to dismiss all the evidence as ‘conspiracy theory” are beginning to see it finally. They’d like to blame it on the “Democrat” half, but the fallacy of one party involvement is beginning to show. Not everyone of course. Many people enjoy being blind. But enough in the right places that I don’t think you can be too certain of the necessary final steps being taken.


Americans are attacking on all fronts to start WW III as a cover-op. Someone must be labeled as a culprit for the downfall of Western civilization manly for the the collapse of the Western economic system. And, certainly, the one must be found somewhere in the East: in Russia, China, Iran or elsewhere. I consider the break-out of a new global clash inevitable. The problem is timing only.

chris chuba

I hope it doesn’t come to that but IMO if it does happen the trigger will be an attack on Crimea instigated by President Hillary Clinton. This is the greatest danger facing us now. The foolish Neocons will get a new lease on life if she is elected and this is the place where their lack of grasp on reality is the most dangerous.

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